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    75a Killiney Road, #02-01, Singapore 239529
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    +65 6520 9378
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Promising as-new carpets after every service, Carpet Doctor is the go-to carpet cleaner for clientele in Singapore. By following a vigorous protocol using cutting-edge cleaning technology, your satisfaction is guaranteed, every time.


  • Highly-rated carpet cleaning service trusted by international businesses: With the likes of Marriott and Civil Service Singapore utilizing their services, the Carpet Doctor is a renowned establishment with dozens of loyal clients. Global brand or tiny studio flat, Carpet Doctor will never compromise on quality, regardless of job scope.
  • Efficient service at reasonable prices: Carpet Doctor’s step-by-step cleaning procedure will deliver stunning results every time, at the fraction of the price. Charging only S$0.24 for a square foot, the company is a pocket-friendly solution to remove those tough stains and leave your carpet feeling brand new.
  • Top-of-the-line cleaning technology: Using an all-in-one hot water extraction tool, Carpet Doctor claims to use technology that is two times more effective than traditional methods. With reduced drying time, high speed rotating brushes and a built-in vacuum system, this machine will remove even the toughest of stains.


  • Vacuum
  • Stain Pretreatment
  • Extraction


  • Carpet size less tham 900 sqft: S$0.24 per sqft
  • Carpet size from 900 – 1099 sqft: S$0.23 per sqft
  • Carpet size from 1100 – 1399 sqft: S$0.22 per sqft
  • Carpet size from 1400 – 1799 sqft: S$0.21 per sqft
  • Carpet size from 1800 – 2599 sqft: S$0.20 per sqft
  • Carpet size from 2600 – 3499 sqft: S$0.19 per sqft
  • Carpet size from 3500 – 4299 sqft: S$0.18 per sqft
  • Carpet size from 4300 – 5099 sqft: S$0.17 per sqft
  • Carpet size from 5100 – 7999 sqft: S$0.16 per sqft
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