ISOHomeCare: Painting Service

ISOHomeCare: Painting Service
ISOHomeCare: Painting Service
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ISOHomeCare is a comprehensive home care service based in Singapore. Beyond painting, they offer handyman services, electrical services, plumbing services, and waterproofing services, making them a fantastic choice if you’re renovating a home, apartment, or condominium and you need some serious help getting it done.

What people like

  • Easy online scheduling and payment: ISOHomeCare allows online browsing and checkout of services – getting an appointment is as easy as clicking “add to cart”. This makes them a very convenient choice.
  • Excellent service: Your home care professionals will help you understand every part of the painting process through great communication, including pre-painting site inspections, preparation and precautionary measures to protect furniture, and post-painting warranties.
  • 2-color painting at no extra charge: Interested in adding an accent wall to your home? ISOHomeCare offers two-tone painting at no extra charge – simply specify with your consultant when making an appointment.

JOB SCOPE & PRICING: ISOHomeCare offers HDB painting services, condo painting services, and landed property painting services, and accepts ad-hoc inquiries about small-scale or large-scale painting projects. See a list of services below:

  • 3 room HDB flat: $900-$1350
  • 4 room HDB flat: $1150-$1600
  • 5 room HDB flat: $1350-$1800
  • 5 room executive flat: $1450-$1900
  • Maisonette: Price quoted after a site visit
  • Condo: Quote based on the size of the condo and paint used

ADDRESS: 41 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Techpark, Singapore 416219

TELEPHONE: 65 6745 0150


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