Paramount Construction

Paramount Construction
Paramount Construction
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    Acoustics, high impact and fire-rated partition walls
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    2 Yishun industrial street 1 North Point Bizhub #04-28 S(768159)
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    +65 8877 8643
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  • Be it your office or home, Paramount Construction is a one-stop solution for all your false ceiling and drywall partitions’ needs. They got a whopping 4.7-star rating from their customers, which indicates the professionalism, honesty and excellent workmanship in their job.

    With Paramount Construction, you can get an all-in-one package for your home renovation because they are also expert in other refurbishment services as well.


    • Transparent and straightforward pricing: Unlike other operators for which you want to get a quote from their staff, Paramount Construction has published the prices on its website. All you need is an area estimation that is to be worked on and you can get an estimated price on your own. This transparency comes with a guarantee that they maintain very competitive cost without any compromise on the material quality.
    • Provides essential electrical wiring services: Besides standard false ceiling and drywall partition, Paramount Construction is also an expert in electrical cabling works, which is complimentary to false ceiling. This becomes the need of every home or office that is looking for a renovation. Due to these additional services, Paramount Construction is a one-stop solution for all home or office revamping needs.
    • Provides acoustics, high impact and fire-rated partition walls: Paramount Construction has a skilled engineering and material sourcing team. You can trust them for any technical considerations in the divider walls to be installed in your home or office. Be it is a requirement for fire, sound or impact proofing, they are always ready to amaze you with the material’s quality they use.
    • Responsive customer care staff: No matter you are reaching their crew on social media pages, Google reviews, email or phone, they will always impress you with their response time and friendly behaviour. You can also get non-obligatory consultation for your home renovation needs.

    False ceilings

    • Standard false ceiling
    • Office grid ceilings
    • L-Box ceilings

    Drywall services

    • Standard drywall partition
    • Acoustics drywall partition
    • High impact drywall partition
    • Fire-rated drywall partition

    Other services

    • Tiling and flooring work
    • Painting works
    • Electrical works

    For each service, the starting prices are listed below. It is important to note that price charge depending upon the quality and for complete details, you may visit the pricing section on their website:

    False ceilings

    1. Standard false ceiling: Starting from $2.50 per square meter
    2. Office grid ceilings: Starting from $2.80 per square meter
    3. L-Box ceilings: Starting from $9.00 per square meter

    Drywall services

    1. Standard drywall partition: $2.50 per square meter
    2. Supply and install doorframe: $80 per square meter
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