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  • Go Red For Women Luncheon 2019

    As we celebrate the success of ladies around us this upcoming International Women’s Day, let us also not forget to spare a thought for their precious hearts.

    Together with the beloved ladies in your life, join us for a series of educational heart health talks over a 4-course healthy luncheon!

    The first 100 successful registrants will receive an exclusive Go Red for Women cushion cover.

    Health Talk Topic 1: The Heart Truth in Women
    Speaker: Assistant Professor Chan Wan Xian, Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, NUHCS Programme Co-Director, Women’s Heart Health Programme, NUHCS

    Heart disease and stroke remain the No. 1 killer of women in the world. Certain heart diseases are more common in women compared to men. Heart diseases in pregnancy are unique disease entities in women. In addition, very few women are aware of the impact of heart diseases on women and the importance of early prevention. Early prevention can simply start with our daily lifestyle.
    Let’s get together to understand heart diseases in women and be updated on the risk factors involved!

    Health Talk Topic 2: Living a heart-healthy lifestyle
    Speaker: Ms Janice Chen, Senior Occupational Therapist, Department of Rehabilitation, NUHCS

    In the busy-ness of modern life in Singapore, it is often easy to neglect to do things which we know are good for us and for our health. In this session, we will discuss some tips and strategies to make and sustain small positive changes toward a heart-healthy lifestyle.

  • Singapore World Water Day Roadshow

    March 22nd is World Water Day! This date was designated by the United Nations to raise awareness on the importance of water.

    In Singapore, World Water Day is celebrated throughout the month of March. A series of roadshows will be held in various locations around Singapore. If you are a water saver, just go to any roadshow location and bring your Singapore Power bill to receive an exclusive Singapore World Water Day premium.


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