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  • Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2021

    Street Light-Up 23 Jan – 12 Mar 2021 : 7pm – 12mn (Daily) (Along New Bridge Road, Eu Tong Sen Street and South Bridge Road)

    This year\\\’s Street Light-Up will feature sculptured lanterns of oxen, pomelos, pineapples, blossom trees, gold coins and ingots, and more, combining traditions with modern design that will enthral visitors.

    Chinese New Year Short Films 29 Jan – 28 Feb 2021 (Chinatown Festivals Facebook and Instagram pages)

    Enjoy three specially produced short films featuring renowned Chinatown merchants such as Bee Cheng Hiang, Kele and Spring Court. The short films will bring the audience through a journey on the preparation of various Chinese New Year delicacies and how these delicacies came to be associated with the festival and its traditions.

    29 Jan: Spring Court

    14 Feb: Bee Cheng Hiang

    28 Feb: Kele

    Chinatown Chinese New Year 2021 Online Activities 24 Jan – 28 Feb 2021 (Chinatown Festivals Facebook and Instagram pages)

    A series of online activities and giveaways to learn about and celebrate Chinese New Year and its traditions. There will also be Pineapple Tart Making Virtual Workshop with Kele (24 Jan) and an online photo collage activity in early February for some family-bonding fun! Stay tuned to the Chinatown Festivals Facebook and Instagram for details on the photo collage activity. Note: The Pineapple Tart Making Virtual Workshop is now full.

    360 Virtual Tour and Heritage Trail Late January/ Early February – (Chinatown Festivals website –

    The Chinatown 360 Virtual Tour is back for a second edition, featuring the Chinatown Chinese New Year Street Light-Up as we celebrate the Year of the Ox. In addition, you can also enjoy the virtual Heritage Trail within the 360 Virtual Tour, where our volunteer guides will bring you through various points of interests in Chinatown while sharing the culture and heritage of this historic precinct.

  • #PLQRoamForGnomes Christmas QR Hunt

    Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) has collaborated with local artists, artistes, influencers and designers like Oon Shu An, Jeremy Jiang and Andy Yangsookit, as well as staff of The Social Kitchen to hand-paint gnomes which are presently being displayed at its vast outdoor gardens.

    There are over 50 gnomes hiding all around PLQ, each representing the artists, influencers and designers’ well-wishes for the community as gnomes are a symbol of good luck and finding treasure. They will only be available until 3 January, so come down to PLQ and snap your selfies with them while you can!

    Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook pages for location clues.

    Looking to save some time and money? Grab to PLQ now with promo code PLQ3OFF to enjoy $3 off a GRAB ride with minimum $6 nett spend. Meanwhile, don’t forget to redeem a $10 Lendlease voucher when you spend $150 ($130 for Lendlease Plus members).

    Photo credit: Oon Shu An, actress and host

  • Pucky Christmas Music Parade at 313@somerset

    Join in the Pucky Christmas Music Parade at 313@somerset this Christmas.  313@somerset has transformed into a magical and whimsical Pucky babies-land paradise with decorations inspired by the Pucky Christmas Music Parade blind box collectible series.

    Created by popular Hong Kong-based artist Pucky, the loveable Pucky Babies have made their debut at 313@somerset in their first-ever Singapore mall collaboration to win the hearts of all ages and create a joyous wonderland. Shoppers can spot life-sized installations of the Pucky Christmas Babies around the mall, as well as a 2.8m tall Pucky Sleeping Baby taking centre stage.

    Shoppers can redeem a special edition Pucky Christmas gift wrapper with every $60 spent, limited edition Pucky pouches by spending $150 at the mall, and many more Pucky rewards!

    Get the full list of promotions here.

    Shopping Made Easy

    Doing your shopping at 313@somerset just got easier with the 313 x Rely “Shop Now Pay Later” shopping experience.  Available till 11 Feb 2021, shoppers can split their shopping purchases into four interest-free payments, paying only 25 per cent of the total price at the point of purchase through the Lendlease Plus App.

    Best bit?  There are also instant rewards to be earned with min spend of $60 in a single transaction at 313 x Rely Shop Now, Pay Later participating stores.

    More details can be found here.

  • It’s time to Jalan Jalan with Chingay!

    The highly anticipated annual Chingay Parade will return as a spectacular digital showcase in 2021! Anchoring the digital Chingay 2021 programme is the concept of co-creation with the community campaign, ‘Jalan Jalan with Chingay’, which showcases the diverse local and community talents, and unveils the ‘hidden gems’ amongst us.

    By sharing your creative works through activities like ‘We’ve Got Talent!’ or virtually designing a Chingay float and costumes that signifies hope or reflects our unique multiculturalism, to singing as one community, you can stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as a 3D2N staycation, Lazada e-vouchers worth S$4,000 and a whopping cash prize of (up to) S$16,500!

    More information about the ‘Jalan Jalan with Chingay’ activities and contests are available below.

    D:2 Dance Competition Vol. 1 If you love to dance, D:2 Dance Competition Vol. 1 is the platform for you to express your creativity by fusing Singapore’s local dance cultures in the form of dance genre and styles! Submit your dance videos at by 20 Dec 2020 and stand a chance to win a total cash prize of S$16,500!

    Sing With Me! Let your voice be heard at Chingay 2021 as we sing to the song \\\’As I Believe\\\’ as one community – signifying our hope and strong belief of a brighter future together. Submit a video of yourself singing alone or with your family and friends crooning to ‘As I Believe’ at by 31 Dec 2020, and stand a chance to win 3D2N staycation and attraction tickets (worth more than S$2,000), or get featured in the Chingay 2021 Special Webcast/Telecast on 20 Feb 2021

    We’ve Got Talent! Jumping on the TikTok trend lately? Why not use those talents and submit a one-minute recording of yourself and your friends doing something creative – from dancing to singing, or even pulling a jaw-dropping (but safe) stunt? Share your submissions on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #ChingaySG2021 #WeGotTalent2021. Profiles submitting these entries must follow and tag @PAssion Chingay Club on Facebook or @ChingaySingapore on Instagram! Lucky winners will walk away with a 3D2N staycation (worth S$1,000) and Lazada e-vouchers (worth S$4,000). Submit by 31 Dec 2020 for a chance to get featured in the live webcast/telecast on 20 February 2021!

    Let’s Build A Float! As Chingay 2021 is going digital, there won’t be any physical floats. Build your own Chingay float on the Chingay website and jazz it up using your favourite apps or software! All submissions are to be made via Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #ChingaySG2021 #ChingayFloat included in the post. Remember to follow and tag @PAssion Chingay Club on Facebook or @ChingaySingapore on Instagram! Lucky winners will walk away with a 3D2N staycation (worth S$1,000). Submit by 31 Dec 2020 for a chance to be featured in the live webcast/telecast on 20 February 2021!

    Sew (So) Stylo! Love fashion and playing dress-up? Create a stylish Chingay costume on the Chingay website or use the printable materials provided to do so! All submissions are to be made via Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #ChingaySG2021 #SewStylo included in the post – don’t forget to follow and tag @PAssion Chingay Club on Facebook or @ChingaySingapore on Instagram while you’re at it. Lucky winners will walk away with a 3D2N staycation (worth S$1,000). Submit by 31 Dec 2020 for a chance to be featured in the live webcast/telecast on 20 February 2021!

  • Chingay 2021 Webcast and Telecast

    The highly anticipated annual Chingay Parade will return as a spectacular digital showcase in 2021!

    Featuring captivating performances through a blend of old and new cultural performances, traditional and emerging art forms, the 49th edition of Chingay promises a feast for the eyes with exhilarating laser shows, and provides a platform for community engagement with its engaging co-creative programmes.

    Themed ‘Light of Hope’ – Singapore’s inaugural digital Chingay will be aired live on television, online and social media channels on 20 February 2021, 8pm – 9pm. In its new digital format, audiences will now be able to tune in from anywhere and everywhere for the first time in 49 years.

    Chingay 2021 continues to be a platform to showcase and promote the dynamism of Singapore’s unique multiculturalism. Over 2,000 performers and 150 organisations will join hands with PA to delight audiences with a new, refreshed digital programme that seeks to elevate the Chingay viewing experience.

    Anchoring the Digital Chingay 2021 programme is the concept of co-creation. A community engagement campaign entitled ‘Jalan Jalan with Chingay’ will showcase the rich diversity of local and community talents, and unveil the ‘hidden gems’ amongst us. Selected submissions from the following programmes will be featured as part of the Digital Chingay 2021 line-up.

  • Parents Webinar: Understanding Games, Gamers & Game Addiction

    Jointly organised by the Media Literacy Council (MLC) and SOOS OIO, this webinar on gaming and gaming addiction is back for its second edition! After a successful first run, the second edition will build on parents’ understanding of gaming and gaming addiction while addressing any further concerns they may have. The webinar will take place on Saturday, 21 November at 10 am via Zoom.

    SOOS OIO is a social enterprise that uses gaming to empower youth through workshops and friendly competitions in the community. This webinar is one of the projects supported by the MLC through its Better Internet x Youth Call-for-Proposals (CFP) initiative, which aims to support digital literacy community initiatives that promote online safety, responsibility and civility.

    The 3-hour webinar will consist of sharing sessions from gaming industry experts from SOOS OIO, an expert from the MLC, and youth psychologists on gaming trends, what makes it popular among children, its benefits and pitfalls, and how to identify and curb gaming addition.  

    Gaming as a topic is of particular interest now as youths spend more time on their devices amid extended periods of stay-home and safe distancing measures. How can parents harness gaming as a tool to enhance their child’s overall development? Understanding gaming and its potential effects can help parents better manage children’s gaming habits, and will also serve as a bridge to building greater understanding between parent and child.

  • #ConnectingForPeace

    Imagine 40 million people meditating for world peace all around the world, connected in a peace chain to activate inner peace. Heartfulness in partnership with the United Nations (U.N.) invites you to the inaugural #ConnectingForPeace event, a International Day of Peace 2020 event with a guided meditation session on Facebook Live and Youtube Live, to unite in spirit through the heart, sharing the same aspiration and hope for world peace beyond beliefs, gender or background. The initiative is completely free for participants, focused on building a community around meditation in order to experience the unity of human beings around the world.

    Registration at

    Facebook Live –

    Youtube Live –

  • Webinar: CyberAware Panel Discussion

    Jointly organised by Tamils Representative Council Youth Wing (TRCYW) and Mental ACT Ltd, this webinar on cyber bullying will take place on Sunday, 13 September at 4pm.

    TRCYW is a branch of the Tamils Representative Council that hopes to unite Tamil-speaking youths aged between 17 and 30 with a common goal of personal and community development, while Mental ACT is an organisation that aims to destigmatize mental health and promote psychological wellbeing in the Indian community.

    The one-and-a-half hour webinar will consist of sharing sessions from mental health experts and advocates from Touch Cyber Wellness (TCW), Mental ACT Ltd. and the MLC on the psychology of cyberbullying, the consequences for its victims and what youths and families can do to stop cyberbullying in its tracks. In the weeks leading up to the webinar, the organisers will also be releasing a three-part video series based on anecdotes from cyberbullying victims. The videos will focus on topics like degradation,
    cyberstalking and troll accounts and impersonation.

    Cyberbullying can harm our mental health and self-esteem, with virtual harassment having real consequences. How can youths and parents navigate this landscape, protect themselves from cyberbullying and prevent cyberbullying in the first place? This webinar will share resources and tools that participants can use to protect themselves from cyberbullying, as well as show the impact of cyberbullying on bullies and victims.

    *Update as at 4 September: The session will feature a pre-recorded panel discussion instead, which will be uploaded on 13 September, 7pm. Those who are interested in reaching out to the panellists are invited to send in their questions via the Instagram poll which will be posted on TRCYW’s and Mental ACT’s Instagram stories on 3rd, 7th, 9th and 12th September.

    The recording of the panel discussion will be uploaded on these platforms:

    • Facebook
    Media Literacy Council –
    SINDA –
    Mental ACT –
    TOUCH Cyber Wellness –

    • Instagram
    TRCYW –
    Mental ACT –

  • R-CADE: Recycling Right

    Are you recycling right? Step into the Sustainable Singapore Gallery and be transported into a ’80s style retro arcade where recycling is the game-changer.

    Join us at playing the fun arcade-themed games, visit our informative exhibitions and learn more about the recycling efforts in Singapore. Take on the role of a material-recovery officer and sort through waste at the life-size conveyor belt! Not only that – you will also get to learn how your carbon footprint is generated, and ways you can reduce it.

    Will you be contributing to the growing pile of trash on Singapore’s only landfill, Pulau Semakau? Or will you be slowing it down by recycling right?

    Sign up here:
    **Do note that registering here on this website does not equate to registering for the event. Please use the registration link above.

  • Healthy Chinatown

    Healthy Chinatown (保健牛车水)” is an event initiative held by #ChinatownSG to help visitors stay well whilst they tour around the Chinatown precinct, held on 21-22nd March 2020.

    Enjoy a throwback to the past showcasing Chinatown’s rich heritage with Traditional Street Games, Health/ Beauty and Trishaw Tours, and even participate in a free Coffee Workshop by Nanyang Old Coffee, with events and happenings ongoing from 2pm to 7pm.

    In addition, gain insightful tips from an informative Herbalist Sharing health talk by Thye Shan Medical – explaining how to potentially build your immune system using herbs, and applying suitable oils for specific ailments. Register online now at $2 to receive a complimentary enhanced wellness Goodie Bag (worth $10).

  • Families Go Green!

    A collaboration between Sustainable Singapore Gallery (SSG) and Central CDC, “Families Go Green!” will be SSG’s upcoming flagship event on 23rd November

    This upcoming event specifically targets families as we believe that family is the primary unit of change and influence. We hope to help family members understand their crucial role in supporting and committing to the green movement as a family unit, and promote tight family bonds through family-friendly activities and participation in challenges that require team effort.

    The main highlight of the event will be the National Family Upcycling Challenge where teams consisting of 2 to 5 members will compete to create an upcycled product with a mystery box that is filled with materials that are often simply discarded. Teams will also have tools to assist them with the creation of the upcycled product. Teams stand a chance of winning shopping vouchers!

    There will also be a variety of other activities at the event such as:
    1. UPmarket by CDC
    2. Green Warrior! Inflatable Obstacle Course
    3. Food Trucks
    4. The Sustainable Singapore Gallery
    5. Upcycle Workshops
    6. Up Your Game! Carnival Games
    7. An Instagram Giveaway

  • Go Red For Women Luncheon 2019

    As we celebrate the success of ladies around us this upcoming International Women’s Day, let us also not forget to spare a thought for their precious hearts.

    Together with the beloved ladies in your life, join us for a series of educational heart health talks over a 4-course healthy luncheon!

    The first 100 successful registrants will receive an exclusive Go Red for Women cushion cover.

    Health Talk Topic 1: The Heart Truth in Women
    Speaker: Assistant Professor Chan Wan Xian, Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, NUHCS Programme Co-Director, Women’s Heart Health Programme, NUHCS

    Heart disease and stroke remain the No. 1 killer of women in the world. Certain heart diseases are more common in women compared to men. Heart diseases in pregnancy are unique disease entities in women. In addition, very few women are aware of the impact of heart diseases on women and the importance of early prevention. Early prevention can simply start with our daily lifestyle.
    Let’s get together to understand heart diseases in women and be updated on the risk factors involved!

    Health Talk Topic 2: Living a heart-healthy lifestyle
    Speaker: Ms Janice Chen, Senior Occupational Therapist, Department of Rehabilitation, NUHCS

    In the busy-ness of modern life in Singapore, it is often easy to neglect to do things which we know are good for us and for our health. In this session, we will discuss some tips and strategies to make and sustain small positive changes toward a heart-healthy lifestyle.

  • Singapore World Water Day Roadshow

    March 22nd is World Water Day! This date was designated by the United Nations to raise awareness on the importance of water.

    In Singapore, World Water Day is celebrated throughout the month of March. A series of roadshows will be held in various locations around Singapore. If you are a water saver, just go to any roadshow location and bring your Singapore Power bill to receive an exclusive Singapore World Water Day premium.


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