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  • Job Opening: Admin Assistant – EDS Innovation

    1) Answer and direct phone calls
    2) Maintain contact lists /email
    3) Order office supplies – stationery / grocery
    4) Develop and maintain filing system
    5) Maintain office supply inventories
    6) Coordinate maintenance of office equipment
    7) Arrange courier services – dhl etc..
    8) Open letterbox, distribute mail
    9) Must be willing to run errands to other office nearby – internal mail, bank , auditors
    10) Well verse in Mandarin
    11) Singaporean and PR need to apply

    1) Minimum 2 years of experience.
    2) Proficiency in MS Office ( MS Excel, Word )
    3) Flexibility
    4) Those without experience can be considered

    Company website:

    Please send your resume to

  • FortyTwo

  • Pizza Delivery

  • Yoon Salon: A Leading Hair Care Spot

    With a team that has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the beauty industry, Yoon Salon is one of Singapore’s well-known hair salons. The salon is equipped with ultimate quality – from their incredibly experienced team of stylists, to the products they carefully select for your unique requirements.

    This hairdresser service strives to provide customers with the highest level of professionalism, no matter what you are in the salon for. The team is dedicated in combating the most troubling hair issues, and caters for everyone to help you attain your dream goals.

    With the dozens of five-star reviews that showcase their talent, it is no surprise that this establishment has successfully branched out with three conveniently-placed outlets across the Little Red Dot.

    Looking for your next professional beauty fix? It’s time to spend some me-time and indulge in the ultimate pampering treat. Whatever the occasion, here’s why you should book your next appointment with Yoon Salon:

    1. Only Use Top End Premium Hair Products:

    This establishment only uses the highest quality hair care products that are a perfect fit for your individual needs. The wide variety of products they stock and use during appointments are all gentle, effective, and are free from harsh chemicals that may trigger scalp irritability and breakouts. Their stylist will first assess your hair type and fine-tune the products they use during your visit to your own requirements – whatever your hair type may be. All the products they use are nourishing, moisturizing, and leave your locks and your strands with an enviable shine.

    And the shine doesn’t end here. The experts will also provide advice on how to maintain your new look at home – by recommending the right products for your unique texture and requirements.

    2. Feature a Team of Styling Experts:

    Your tresses are in safe hands with the stylists found at any of the outlets. This is not your standard wash or cut – the visit is comprehensive from start to finish to provide you with the most beneficial experience. The knowledgeable team personalize every individual service to suit your unique needs. If you are not sure what you are looking for, they can also lend their recommendations to help you achieve enviable results and newfound confidence in your new look. The years of experience and pedigree the team carries is evident from the get-go. They handle each client with ultimate professionalism, sophistication and care. Once you enter the salon, you are in excellent hands. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

    Yoon Salon Review

    3. Offer an Extensive Range of Beauty Services:

    Whatever the service you are looking for, this hairdresser has got you covered. Their lengthy list of services includes blow dry, colouring, perming, rebonding, scalp treatment, bleaching, and much more. The haircutting service at this spot is also unmatched. First the team helps you choose the right cut to flatter your features. After your assessment, let the stylists skillfully snip away to transform your old look into something magnificent. They are also skilled in cutting children’s hair, so you can share a pampering session with your little ones.

    No matter what you choose, the stylists at this salon will deliver with utmost skill and talent. The team is dedicated to personalizing your dream style to complement your natural features.

    4. Competitive Prices for an Affordable Makeover:

    Interested in one of their premium services? Grab a beauty-bargain and get your first session for only $28. You can book in your first session with any of the following:

    • Premium Hair Cut
    • Premium Rebonding
    • Premium Perming
    • Premium Colouring
    • Premium Creative Colouring
    • Premium Hair Shaping
    • Hair Defrizzing Treatment
    • Hair Regrowth Treatment
    • Premium Bleaching
    • Premium Wash and Blow

    All you have to do is fill out the details on their website to redeem the offer. Very few establishments provide this incredible deal – which is what makes the offer even sweeter. And once you give it a try, you’ll be hooked. Maintain your new look with frequent appointments – without your wallet suffering the consequences. The services provided here are competitively priced for you to get the best bang for your buck and a luxurious experience at the same time.

    5. Boast Dozens of Five-star Reviews:

    Yoon Salon has quickly accumulated a multitude of positive testimonials – with high praise received from their loyal clientele. Customers also particularly enjoy the insightful advice that the stylists provide them with to care for their new look at home. And it’s not just about the staff and the treatments. Customers also love the relaxing, eloquent ambience this establishment provides. From the minute you set foot into Yoon, you are greeted with warm welcomes and 100% attention. Five stars from start to finish. You deserve it.

    6. Exceptional Service Quality and Attention to Detail:

    Ever had a sloppy haircut? Or patchy coloured areas? Rest assured that this will never happen here. The stylists’ aim is to always send you home feeling fabulous with your new look – no matter how long it takes. With a strong eye for detail and top-notch service quality, you can trust any team member at any of their outlets to help you achieve what you are looking for – and more. No matter how daring or staple, the team will ensure that you always leave happy. Precision, creativity, and top-class sums it up in a nutshell – need we say more?

    Yoon Salon Reviews: Final Thoughts

    If you are searching for the ultimate hairdresser to help you achieve your dream style, look no further. With the comprehensive A to Z service, their highly trained stylists and their mission to always put you first, you’ll choose no other place after you experience this one. To book your first appointment and avail of the introductory offer, visit their website and fill out a form to secure your first slot. After you experience the luxury of Yoon Salon, you won’t be going back anywhere else.

    Yoon Salon Outlets
    @ Midpoint Orchard
    220 Orchard Road, #01-02
    Midpoint Orchard, S(238852)

    Opening hours
    Weekday: 11am – 9pm
    Weekend | PH Eve | PH: 11am – 9pm

    Phone: (65) 6235 3816

    @ Queensway Shopping Centre
    1 Queensway, #02-29 Queensway
    Shopping Centre, S(149053)

    Opening hours
    Weekday: 11am – 9pm
    Weekend | PH Eve | PH: 11am – 9pm

    Phone: (65) 6261 0913

    @ Havelock II
    2 Havelock Rd, #01-04
    Havelock II, S(059763)

    Opening hours
    Weekday: 11am – 9pm
    Weekend | PH Eve | PH: 11am – 9pm

    Phone: (65) 6223 0224

  • Paul Immigrations Reviews: A to Z support in Singapore PR application

    Well established in 2016, Paul Immigrations is renowned as a leading immigration consultancy firm in Singapore. They have consistently maintained a 5-star status over the years due to their professional, efficient, and thorough services – provided by their team of over 100 well-trained employees.

    Within just four years, this agency has helped a multitude of people obtain Singapore PR and quickly accumulated a sizeable happy client base.

    With a strong mission statement that they stand for, the firm strives to help foreigners settle and establish their futures in Singapore with the least hassle possible. They provide numerous support mediums, including professional assistance and valuable insights to ease their client’s process into settling in Singapore.

    Paul Immigrations SingaporeImage: Paul Immigrations

    Interested in obtaining a Singapore PR? Here are the reasons why Paul Immigrations is one of the best PR consultancy agencies in the country:

    1. Hassle-free and Time-saving Services:

    Submitting for PR approval has never been so simple. With this successful firm, everything is at the click of a button. From their user-friendly e-Service portal and a helpful support team, you can easily navigate your application for a seamless submission. If you are still stuck, there are also customer service experts to guide you through the e-Service portal to minimise the time you spend applying for a PR.

    The support you receive from this business is unmatched. From the beginning to the end, you will be led through the entire process to ensure you don’t miss anything important and have all the information you need for a successful application.

    2. Experienced in Dealing with Complex Cases:

    Even for the most complicated cases, the expert team hired at this establishment will not let you down. Due to the firm’s expertise in policy knowledge and professional case management, they can handle almost all cases effectively to solve any issue. Even if you’ve faced multiple PR rejections, you can still utilize the exceptional service at the firm to assist you in successfully reapplying.

    As their end goal is helping you obtain a PR, they have adopted a strategic approach in handling complicated cases to ensure nothing affects your PR. Simply leave the application in their hands and trust their process.

    3. Backed by Thousands of Satisfied Customers:

    Within four years, their exceptional strategy has successfully helped over 15000 clients in immigration services. The multitude of positive testimonials on the website proves their reliability, expertise, and efficiency in handling PR requests.

    For a majority of the applicants that used this firm, they received approval in just 5-6 months. 5-star testimonials can be found from a variety of clientele, including professors, working professionals, homemakers, family members, and more. Almost anyone can be eligible for a PR application at this business. If you are not sure of your eligibility, their website offers a handy evaluation tool to assess your likelihood of approval.

    4. Full Expertise in PR Policies and Legalities:

    It can be tedious and challenging to understand the ins and outs of legislation and PR applications. Let Paul Immigrations do it all for you! Their team of specialists can offer you expert insights through years of experience in the field to improve your chances for approval.

    As well as their paid services, they kindly offer a variety of free helpful tips on their website to help you better understand the application process and how to obtain a PR successfully. They include sections on mistakes to avoid when applying, writing the perfect cover letter, and a FAQ section to answer all of your concerns with regards to PR enquiries.

    5. A Structured Procedure for A Swift PR Application:

    From organising all your necessary documents to preparing additional documents and crafting personalised cover letters, Paul Immigrations handles the A to Z of your PR application in a strategic method.

    Firstly, an Immigration Consultant (IC) will conduct a call with you to assess your eligibility to apply. They will also gather essential documentation and information to get you started and analyse your chances of approval.

    After the first round of interviews, the IC will meet you in person to confirm that you are carrying the correct work pass and review your profile. Additionally, they will analyze your profile in further depth to improve the PR application outcome.

    Then, the Immigration Specialists (IS) will handle the case from now on. Their role is to gather all the necessary documents to support your application. The IS will then advise the client if further documentation is required, or if there is an issue with any material they have received. The documents are checked for compliance according to the PR requirements.

    On behalf of the client, the IS then completes the PR form based on the client’s profile and documentation. An expert writer will create a personalised cover letter that matches the client’s profile and strengthen their chances of obtaining a PR.

    After the form has been completed, the IS will guide the client to submit the application online.

    Once this has been submitted, the client will receive an answer in around 4-6 months with regards to if their PR was approved or rejected. The IS will be with the client every step of the way to ensure the correct course of action is taken where necessary.

    6. Honest, Transparent, Informative, and Accurate Process:

    The experts employed at this firm are committed to providing 100% open advice and information at all times, to keep you in the loop with your PR process. From gathering assessing your eligibility to apply to gather all the necessary documents with detail and accuracy, you can rest assured that the entire process is designed to keep you 100% informed with your PR progress. The experts will also make sure you understand the whole process from beginning to the end and answer any concerns you may have.

    Paul Immigrations Reviews: Final Thoughts

    Paul Immigrations is a reliable PR consultancy agency in Singapore. From their professional expertise to their support network and structured application procedures, you can trust this firm to handle your PR request for you with no hassle or fuss.

  • Exciting Line-Up Awaits At SITEX 2019’s Augmented Gaming Zone

    SITEX 2019, Singapore’s only consumer lifestyle IT exhibition, returns from 28 November to 1 December at the Singapore Expo, Halls 5 and 6. With an exciting line-up at the Gaming Zone, this year’s edition is primed to pique the interest of gamers, gaming and technology enthusiasts and digital artists.

    Aimed at engaging a wider audience from varying skill levels and ages, the revamped and augmented Gaming Zone will have something for everyone. With free-to-play gaming experiences ranging from mobile and consoles to arcade classics and esports tournaments, even the little ones can join in the fun. Attendees can also look forward to participating in digital arts workshops offered by the East Asia Institute of Management (EASB). James Boey, Executive Director of SingEx Exhibitions, said, “The Gaming Zone at SITEX 2019 has been carefully curated to promote inclusivity and provide interactive experiences for visitors from all ages and backgrounds. We want to attract families, avid gamers and designers to enjoy a full spectrum of gaming opportunities and digital art at the exhibition. Through the various new initiatives in place, we are confident that visitors will be thoroughly engaged at this year’s Gaming Zone—a true reflection of SITEX’s longstanding concept of a ‘Digital Playground’.”

    “SGTech is committed to bringing tech to the community. Hence, we have revamped the Gaming Zone at SITEX 2019 to be more interactive and inclusive, allowing us to bring gaming closer to the masses. This year’s show also introduces engaging content in the form of digital art workshops. With the updated format of SITEX, we provide a good platform for providers of consumer electronics to connect with consumers in a novel way,” said Wong Wai Meng, Chairman of SGTech.

    A Myriad of Gaming Experiences

    Whether you’re a professional gamer or a parent looking for some family-friendly activities during your weekend outings, SITEX 2019 is the place for you. This year’s inclusive Gaming Zone will allow attendees from all walks of life to experience the different types of games that will be on showcase during the four-day event.

    SITEX 2019 have announced an interesting line-up of games that will be available for everyone to engage in at the Gaming Zone’s FreePlay Area.


    Leading gaming brand MSI have announced their involvement at the 2019 edition of SITEX. Stand a chance to win some attractive prizes at the MSI Carnival Zone by taking part in the MSI Gaming Triathlon Challenge 2019. Suitable for the young and old, players will face off in three separate 1v1 game challenges randomly drafted out of a pool of 10 games which include golden classics like Tetris and Puzzle Bobble and modern day favourites such as Street Fighter V and the newly released FIFA 20.

    For mobile gaming fanatics, get your hands on PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile exclusive PUBGM X Vivo Premiums that will only be available at SITEX. In addition, battle it out with a game of PUBG Mobile and experience vivo’s gaming smartphones while you’re at it.

    Be transported back in time as the updated Gaming Zone plays host to arcade classics like Columns, Bomberman, Mario Kart, Metal Slug X, and old school “versus” fighting games such as Super Street Fighter II. Traditionalists will be able to enjoy consoles from yesteryear including SEGA Saturn, Nintendo Entertainment System, Neo Geo, and the original PlayStation, among others.

    The 2019 edition of SITEX will also look beyond the world of technology to bring together a community of “offline” gamers. Gallant Games, a game store in Singapore, will be participating in the exhibition this year. Avid gamers can expect to meet with like-minded and fellow enthusiasts through the different card and board games that Gallant Games will be bringing in, including popular table top role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons as well as miniature wargames Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

    Level Up Your Game

    Gaming enthusiasts and professional gamers can power up at SITEX 2019 with the latest gaming gadgets and accessories from custom gaming computer company Aftershock PC and home-grown gaming chair company Secretlab.

    Dell will also be showcasing their latest Alienware Aurora Desktop R9. The new Alienware Aurora Desktop R9 is an absolute delight for gaming enthusiasts. Strengthening the “Legend” design identity, the aesthetically designed exterior,available in the two variants Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon, complements the powerful performance. This latest gaming sensation comes with an unmatched thermal design that is equipped with the innovative PSU swing-arm, allowing airflow through the side vent, thereby efficiently reducing CPU temperatures to ensure a stable performance and higher overclocking—resulting in higher frames per second while gaming. For the uninterrupted and lightning speed gaming experience, the desktop also boasts enhanced network connectivity solutions.

    Digital Art Attack

    On top of the chance to participate in digital arts workshops, attendees will also be privy to the inaugural Digital Arts and Technology Battle Arena competition. Jointly presented by EASB and SITEX, the competition seeks to attract top talent from Singapore and around the region. EASB and Lionheart Studio are offering over S$380,000 worth of study grants and scholarships at the School of Design, Media & Arts to 30 finalists across three categories: Game Design & Development, Digital Game Prototype; Digital Art Champion and the Ultimate Speed Painter Contest. More details on the competition requirements and guidelines can be found at

    For more information and updates about SITEX 2019, please visit the official website at or the social media pages.

    Official Facebook: SITEX – Your Digital Playground
    Official YouTube Channel: SITEX SingEx
    Official Instagram: @sitex2019

  • Create Your Signature Fragrance at the Brand New Scent-OSA Experience

    Nestled in the lush gardens of Sentosa, the Perfume Workshop introduces ‘Scent-OSA’ to the mix, attracting both tourists and locals alike. With a wide array of therapeutic orchid aromas intertwined with a personalised digital experience, this is the ideal new tourist attraction or couple activity in Singapore.

    Scentosa Perfume Workshop ReviewImage: Scent-OSA

    As soon as you enter this slice of paradise, the workshop area will grab you right in. First, you begin by watching an excellent video projection to learn more about the orchids of Singapore. You’ll discover the ins and outs of the oil extraction process and how these gorgeous flowers turn into a therapeutic perfume.

    Once you’ve watched the video, you will be invited to take a perfume personality test, specifically designed to help you curate your perfect scent. Once you’ve taken the test, your results will be distributed along with five scent categories: fresh, woody, citrus, floral, and oriental.

    With these results, you can then begin to make your personalised perfume with the guidance of a knowledgeable employee. The finished product will be unique, one-of-a-kind, and ready to be worn on your skin or given as a special gift to a loved one.


    • Unique tourist activity
    • Couple activity
    • Girls day out
    • Mother-daughter activity
  • Kaplan Logistics

  • Exped Moving Services

  • The Trio Movers

  • Astro Maxicab Singapore

  • A1 Handyman Singapore

  • Zealous Mover

  • Henderson Security

  • Inter Great

  • Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals

  • Local Service: Aircon Service

  • Singapore Carpet Cleaning

  • Top 5 Reliable Handyman Services in Singapore

    DIY is great, but when some tasks are larger and more complex, calling a handyman can make your life so much easier – and gets the job done in half the time. Don’t know which service provider to trust? Leave the big task to safe hands with any recommended handyman services [updated 2021] below, and you won’t be disappointed.

  • ServisHero Singapore

  • NTUC Income Home Services Referrals

  • Joydom Engineering : Handyman Service

  • Fixwerks

  • LS Handyman Singapore

  • Roses Only’s Valentines Roses

    The quintessential flower of enchantment, roses run a gamut of emotion. From the depths of passionate romance to the whimsical excitement of friendship; the fluidity of the rose guarantees it a place in the heart of most, everyone.

    roses valentine day 2019

    Roses Only’s authentic Valentines collection portrays the regal elegance of the rose in a manner that guarantees a transcendent floral experience. Celebrate the season of love with a curated selection of roses for that will fan those embers of romance into life, and keep it burning all night long…

    roses valentine day 2019

    At Roses Only, their flowers are groomed to portray floral mastery. Nurtured by the worlds best growers in the Ecuadorian mountains, each rose reaches an impressive 65cm-75cm in length within their 15-week growing period before being distinguished by color and character. Each stem is then carefully arrayed in our elegant, signature gift boxes which, never fail to secure a transcendent first impression. Around here, quality is no mere coincidence.

    roses valentine day 2019

    Key delivery information during Valentines:

    • No address changes are possible once the order is submitted.
    • Deliveries will be made between 8am-6pm.
    • No special delivery times can be requested.
    • Special delivery requests cannot be made during valentines day periods.
    • Valentines period is from Feb 1st > 15th Feb

    For more delivery information and placing order, visit Roses Only website.

    Use this code “BESTROSES10” for 10% off on all Roses Only’s Valentines Day selections. This promotion is valid from now till 10 Feb 2019.

  • Washing Machine Pro

  • Jforce Employment Service

  • Top 5 Reliable Security Services in Singapore 2020

    For the ultimate peace of mind, put your safety in the hands of the most trusted security agencies in Singapore [updated 2020]. All accredited by large bodies, such as Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Association of Certified Security Agency (ACSA), the following security firms have been providing excellent security service to a diverse pool of clientele, from large organizations to small stores, as well as personal support.

    Read on to discover the most suitable security service for you, and how to get in contact with them.

  • APRO

  • Deep Security

  • Securus

  • GCM Safety & Security

  • Rightmen Security Services

  • Greenwood Plumbing

  • DW Aircon Servicing Singapore

  • Reliable Painting

  • Local Service: Locksmith Service

  • Friendly Singapore Plumbing

  • 10 Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Singapore in June 2018

    Singapore is buzzing with activities this June, including the coming of the Box Office’s hit musical, The Lion King. Two international music bands, Air Supply and Boyce Avenue, are also visiting the Lion City to the delight of their young and old fans. Gastronomic dishes await food lovers at the Yummy Food Expo. And Garfield’s 40th birthday bash is where the young and those young at heart can find their piece of fun.

    Haven’t found your cup of tea? Read on to get it.

  • Local Service: Plumbing Services

  • Local Service: Electrical Services

  • 10 Events in Singapore to Fill Your May 2018 with Excitement

    May is definitely the month to express love and to enjoy some sweet time with Mom. For an unforgetable Mother’s Day, why don’t you take your special lady to the “Songs for Mothers with Love” concert at Esplanade Concert Hall?

    If one single event is not enough to excite you the whole month, then you can enjoy life to your heart content with many more activities in this list.

  • [Giveaway] 6 boxes of roses (worth $99.95 per box) from Roses Only

    In celebration of Mother’s Day 2018, we are giving away 6 boxes of 12-stem roses (worth $99.95 per box) from Roses Only.

    1. Week 21st Apr to 27th Apr: Follow this Facebook post
    2. Week 28th Apr to 4th May: Follow this Facebook post
    3. Week 5th Apr to 11th May: Follow this Facebook post


    • Offer is not valid with any other promotions.
    • Offer is non exchangeable for cash or any other items.
    • Voucher can only be used once and will expire on 13/5/2018 (12PM).
    • Delivery (delivery charge of $9.95 applies) or self collection must be completed by 13/5/2018 (12PM).
    • In the event of any dispute, the decision of the management is final. No further correspondence will be entertained.
  • Floristique

    Love the spring field where many different types of flowers are blooming? You can’t find that kind of treasure in Singapore, but you can definitely get a fresh flower bunch with “just picked” look here without flying anywhere. All you need to do is visit Floristique’s online store and pick your love. This florist has a wide selection of flower bouquets, all are of the free style for you to choose from.

    Their business is merely online, but it is so personal. Just discuss with Wendy, the florist at Floristique, through email, phone (+65 9853 4620) or WhatsApp about your needs, she will try her best to make both you and your Mom happy. With Floristique, anything can be customised, from flowers, bouquet size to wrapper and even ribbon.

    Shopping with them means you can enjoy free delivery. They are among a few florists that offer free same day delivery this Mother’s Day. Another great reason to place an order with them is that they reward you as a reader of our page with a 5% off discount (quote MOTHERDAY).

  • Floral Garage

    Floral Garage is the florist for those who like variety when shopping. Whether what you want is more bouquet designs, more flower types, more price tags or all, they have got you covered. Their e-commerce store is like a tree in bloom, covering with more than a hundred of bouquets of carnations, gerberas, hydrangeas, lilies, roses, tulips, cymbidiums, and sunflowers.

    Want something different this Mother’s Day? Find inspiration in their vegetable bouquets and boxes. A colourful bunch of fresh fruits and veggie to surprise Mom, why not? She may surprise you with a mouth-watering bowl of salad later.

  • 10% Off Fish Spa at Alleviate Fish Spa

    SPECIAL OFFER: Alleviate Fish Spa offers 10% discount for’s readers. When you are visiting Alleviate Fish Spa, show them a snapshot of this page to enjoy the discount.

  • Oasis Aircon

  • SG House Cleaning

  • 10 Worth-Attending Events in Singapore in March 2018

    It’s going to be one eventful month in Singapore this March with a full calendar of activities for everyone!

    Dial down the rising heat in the Merlion City with the Disney on Ice’s 25th anniversary celebration. Peppa Pig is also coming to entertain the young and old while the American Ballet Theatre will perform the beloved classic, Swan Lake. Don’t miss the amazing i Light Marina Bay light show which will run from 9th March up to 1st April.

    Read on for more information on what’s going on in Singapore this March 2018.

  • Salon Infinity

  • Hair Inc

  • Helpling Singapore

  • Fratini La Trattoria

  • Mum’s Kitchen

  • Mezza9 Sunday Champagne Brunch

  • Socool Pte Ltd

  • Golden Village Zen Zone 2017 : Lunchtime Naps

    On weekdays from 12pm – 1:30pm, enjoy a snooze on luxurious, plush Gold Class recliners at GV Suntec City & VivoCity Gold Class®! Add-on lunch option for only $8 nett.

    The Deal: Nap $10 nett (In-cinema only). Includes free flow water and eye mask (while stocks last).

    Where: Gold Class Suntec City & VivoCity

    When: Mon – Fri from 2 March – 31 May except PHs, 12pm – 1.30pm

    Lunch Option @ $8 nett (Lounge only). 4 choices to choose from:
    – Angus Beef Burger
    – Creamy Pesto Fettucine
    – Thigh Grilled Chicken Thigh
    – Smoked Salmon Salad
    Free flow soft drink & juice (Coke, Sprite, Iced Lemon Tea, Coke Zero and Pink Guava).

    Terms & Conditions

    • Sessions for Zen Zone are only available from 2 March to 31 May, Monday to Fridays only. (excluding public holidays (14 April Good Friday, 1 May Labor Day and 10 May Vesak Day)
    • There will be no screening of movies.
    • Tickets are available for purchase on Tuesdays for the following week’s Thursday to Wednesday sessions.
    • Lunch valid for dine-in at the Gold Class® lounges only

    For more information, follow this link.

  • 5 Best Car Grooming & Polishing Services in Singapore

    Great car grooming and polishing can make all of the difference when it comes to first impressions – there’s nothing that says polished and professional like a well-cleaned, serviced, and groomed car.

    The attention to detail and great service of car grooming and finishing services is noticeable at first glance, making these services a good choice for you if you’re picking up an important client, going on a first date, or just using a car for any special occasion.

    But which services in Singapore are best for you? In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 of the top services in the city for car grooming and finishing, so that you can find out which one will best suit your needs.

    See also: 5 Best Budget Car Rental Services in Singapore


  • Max Polish: Mobile Car Groomer

  • GroomWerkz

  • WrapStyle Singapore

  • Revol Carz Makeover

  • Ace Gt

  • 5 Best Cheap Car Rental Services in Singapore 2021

    Although we can travel almost everywhere in Singapore using our sophisticated public transport system, we still love to rent or lease a car for convenience, business purposes, or just a simple reason – moving in style.

    And renting a car in Singapore is pretty easy because there is a myriad of car renting service providers including top-tier international companies like Budget or Hertz. However, renting from these famous names can cost you quite a bit more than renting from local services.

    Luckily, Singapore has plenty of lower-budget car leasing services, so if you’re looking to get into a smaller, somewhat less luxurious car at a great price, you’ve got many options. We’re going to take a look at five of Singapore’s best budget car rental services [updated 2020] and talk about the benefits, renting information, and cost of each choice.


  • My Car Rental

  • Alltrust Leasing

  • Eazi Car Leasing & Marketing

  • Asia Express Car Rental

  • The Library Bar

  • Jigger and Pony

  • Anti:Dote Bar

  • Manhattan Bar

  • 28 HongKong Street Bar

  • The 5 Best Waxing Parlors in Singapore

    We all long for luscious, thick lashes and a heavenly head of voluminous hair. But hair anywhere else on our body? No thank you! Ladies, it’s time to whip that hair away and embrace the hair-free life. Rummage through the back of your drawers for that stylish pink bikini that you bought a few years ago and put it to good use!

    Make your pick from one of the 5 best waxing salons in Singapore [updated 2020]. As a plus, most of the recommended salons offer 20% off services for new customers – yay wax!

  • Cecilia Westberry

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