The 5 Best International Buffets in Singapore

  • The 5 Best International Buffets in Singapore Image: Carousel Buffet Restaurant

Do you fancy a tasty buffet, let head yourself to an international buffet in a five-star hotel. The luxury ambience, world-class chefs, premium ingredients and excellent service quality will certainly delight your dining. Herein the five super international buffets in Singapore are strongly recommended for you to enjoy the best dishes of culinary arts from the East to the West.

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1. Carousel Buffet Restaurant at Royal Plaza on Scotts

  • Carousel Buffet Restaurant at Royal Plaza on Scotts Image: Carousel International Buffet


  • Excellent customer service: A great journey of dining experience starts from your booking at Carousel. You will be warmly welcomed at your arrival and then directed to a table with perfect setting. The staff will address you by name and respect every of your needs. Water is topped up regularly and plate clearing is done promptly.
  • An ideal place for celebrating birthday: With the wonderful service, Carousel is an ideal place for you to surprise your beloved on his or her birthday. A moment when all the staff make a circle, sing “happy birthday” song and perform a dance will make the birthday person heart-breaking, which adds a festive and heartwarming atmosphere to a memorable party.
  • Wide variety of foods: With its global-spanning menu, Carousel becomes one of the best international buffet restaurants serving a delectable selection of food. You can always find an amazing cold seafood counter as well as Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Mediterranean stations with plenty of dishes.

2. The Line at Shangri-La Hotel

  • The Line at Shangri-La Hotel Image: The Line at Shangri-La Hotel


  • Remarkable cold seafood counter with tasteful lobsters, crabs, prawns, scallops and mussels, presented on the ice bed. This counter is the star of the show, which is highly recommended for seafood lovers.

  • A never-ending array of inspiring desserts: If you go for a buffet meal at The Line, don’t forget to save room for dessert. Offering both local and Western-style desserts, The Line impresses diners with its wide selection of sweet items, ranging from nyonya kuehs to mousses, crepes, cookies, pastries, cakes and ice creams. Among them, lemon meringue tart, creme brulee, lychee sorbet and coconut ice cream are must-try items. They are sweets but not too sweet; you can consume them to your heart’s content.

3. Melt – The World Cafe at Mandarin Oriental Hotel

  • Melt – The World Cafe at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Image: Melt – The World Cafe


  • Wide variety of foods: With different buffet sections displayed generously and delightfully, Melt is the world of both eye and palate feast. At Melt, you can find the diversity of foods in the presence of multicultural dishes at its various food counters. Every section is worth a visit to whet your appetite – cold seafood, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, noodles, BBQ, carving meat, bread, pasta, salad, cheese, dessert and fruit ones.
  • Outdoor BBQ section: BBQ section is a feature that makes Melt different from other buffet places. Raw foods are displayed nicely for you to select and your BBQ plate will be brought to your table. At Melt’s BBQ station, you can experience flavorful food items that will be brought out best by grilling such as seafood, pork knuckles, wagyu beef, lamb racks, satays, sausages, and mushrooms. You can also get roasted suckling pig at this station.
  • Great tandoori selection: Fans of Indian cuisine love Melt because of its great selection of tandoori-style foods. Tandoori chicken, mutton, prawn and fish are perfectly baked and served with raita, chutney, naan and dahl.

4. The Dining Room at Sheraton Towers Singapore

  • The Dining Room at Sheraton Towers Singapore Image: The Dining Room


  • An exquisite ambience for a relaxing buffet dining experience: A serene atmosphere differentiates The Dining Room from other international buffets in Singapore. This is the only buffet place you can enjoy your favorites to your heart’s content without any waiting people or distracting noise from large groups of diners. But the most attractive ones are the beautiful garden with a waterfall outside that can be seen through the glass walls and the luxurious furniture indoor. Make a booking to get a table by the glass walls.

  • A place to have free flow of fresh oysters and salmon sashimi at affordable prices: Fresh oyster never comes cheap in Singapore; it doesn’t the matter to oyster lovers, however. To satisfy such, just make a booking at The Dining Room and enjoy endless flow of the best oysters as nowhere offers the better price for the same quality oysters in town. Another highlight at this international buffet is the super fresh and thick-cut salmon sashimi. You can also find high quality crayfish, prawns, scallops and mussels at the same counter.

  • Women Only Wednesday Promotion: On Wednesdays, ladies are entitled to enjoy a 50% off sumptuous buffet dinner at The Dining Room.

5. Plaza Brasserie at PARKROYAL Hotel

  • Plaza Brasserie at PARKROYAL Hotel Image: Plaza Brasserie


  • Wonderful selection of crab dishes during the crab season: Plaza Brasserie is where you can immersed yourself in a crab buffet. Chilli crab, black pepper crab, salted egg crab, butter crab, curry crab and XO sauce crab make your meal a real crab feast. Both fresh and huge mud crab and flower crab are used to create these tasty dishes.
  • A unique roti prata station: A prata counter with many creative and delicious flavors is a selling point of Plaza Brasserie. Banana, egg, chocolate, durian prata and more are freshly prepared at this counter. Among them, durian prata with high quality durian pengat is a standout.

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