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  • 7 Best Cheap Spas for A Full Body Massage under $70

    After a long, stressful week at work, getting a massage is probably what is on your mind. It is the perfect way to rejuvenate your body, and reduce your stress.

    Feel like it will be too expensive to keep attending massage sessions? Think again! With these locations offering massages for under $70 [updated 2020], massages will soon become your newfound regular treat!

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  • 10 Best Spas for Foot Reflexology in Singapore

    Tired travelers need a foot massage. And locals also need this as a quick way of getting relaxed.

    Foot reflexology is the natural approach to addressing common health problems, by applying pressure to specific points on the feet that are linked to different organs. This practice has grown significantly over the world and can help in treating anxiety, headaches, and enhancing general wellbeing.

    You can make your pick from the list below, a guide to the best foot massage services in Singapore.

  • Best Facials in Singapore: 7 Salons with Deals under $150

    To our beauty, facials can do a lot. They give our skin a smoother texture, proper hydration, and a glowing complexion, just to mention a few. No one can deny the benefits that the right treatments can bring about. But don’t let those beauty sessions break your bank. It is best to look for facial deals from some of the top beauty salons in Singapore that can help you achieve both beauty and cost savings.

    Take a look at the list below for the best under $150 facial deals [updated 2021].

  • 5 Best Grooming Shops for Men in Singapore

    Guys, here’s something that cannot be said enough – mind your grooming habits. Ladies love waking up next to a well-groomed man – clear skin, hair in the right places, neat nails, and clean smell – best way to wake up.

    Then again, don’t do it for the ladies; do it for that extra boost of self-confidence. If a solid character can take you far, how much farther could you go if you looked good and felt good, too?

    No matter how busy life can get, never side step good grooming. Here’s our guide to the 5 best men’s grooming salons in Singapore.

  • 5 Best Spas for Men in Singapore: Facials and Massages

    In earlier decades, spas were almost exclusively a feminine concept. Men shied away from spas and all kinds of pampering in fear that it would make them less masculine. In the 1990’s, the term “metrosexual” was coined to pertain to males who were rather particular with their grooming and pampering needs. From then on, minds have been opened, and everyone realized that both genders needed – and deserved – good TLC every now and then.

    It is always a great idea to pop in the spa for a jolt of rejuvenation – here are the 5 best spas for men in Singapore.

  • 5 Best Couple Spas in Singapore with Deals under $240

    When most couple spa treatments and packages in Singapore have prices ranging from $500 to $1000, it almost feels unreasonable to break the bank for a few hours of indulgence.

    Unwinding with your loved one doesn’t have to be so pricey. Spend your time searching for the best deals to reward yourself with the needed quiet time away from the kids! We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best couple spas in Singapore [updated 2021], which all present unbeatable offers, such as packages starting for just $158 to $238!

  • The 5 Best Waxing Parlors in Singapore

    We all long for luscious, thick lashes and a heavenly head of voluminous hair. But hair anywhere else on our body? No thank you! Ladies, it’s time to whip that hair away and embrace the hair-free life. Rummage through the back of your drawers for that stylish pink bikini that you bought a few years ago and put it to good use!

    Make your pick from one of the 5 best waxing salons in Singapore [updated 2020]. As a plus, most of the recommended salons offer 20% off services for new customers – yay wax!

  • 5 Best Thai Massage Parlors in Singapore

    Beyond physical and mental benefits, massage is a way of enjoying life in Singapore. Immersing in Thai yoga massage, to many, is like eating a bitter fruit but people’s love for this way of life is always there, because of its exceptional final result.

    In Singapore, Thai massage lovers and adventurous life enthusiasts can get that simple pleasure through either of its two variations provided at most Thai massage parlors – traditional Thai massage and Thai aromatherapy oil massage.

    From HDB blocks to shophouses and hotels, Thai massage parlors are settled down to cater to customers’ needs from late morning to the closing time of Singapore’s shops. Though there are still some open till late night.

    With our list of the best Thai massage destinations [updated 2021], you will only be a few steps away from a transforming session that makes you refreshed from the inside out.

  • The 5 Best Hair Salons for Colouring in Singapore

    Whether you want your hair colour speaks your soul or just try something new to delight your days, ombre, platinum, dip-dyes and bright hues are the hottest colour trend for you to get inspired this 2016.

    Have you already had your right stylist for hair colouring? In this article, you may find your all time favorite stylist to stick with from now on.

  • The 5 Best Hair Salons for Perming in Singapore

    A beautiful perm must be an artwork done by a skillful hairstylist. But it is impossible to expect each and every stylist to produce equally good results for each task of cutting, colouring or perming. There is nothing to ensure that a stylist who does an excellent job in hair cutting can do the same thing with perming and vice versa. That is why we keep searching for stylists who are able to create naturally curled hair to introduce in this article.

  • The 5 Best Hair Salons for Men in Singapore

    Men, you know it is necessary to take more interest in your personal style and grooming. And looking for a sophisticated hairstylist to stick with is what you are doing?

    Many people believe that finding the right hairstylist is more important than a hair salon. Does it make sense when this article introduces you the five best hair salons? There is nothing to get hung about, these salons are home to the best hairstylists working in Singapore. Whether you are looking for a trim or a new hairstyle, they are there to fill you up with satisfaction and inspiration.

    Each hair salon has its own strengths. In this article, we try to highlight the best of each recommended salon for you to match them to your needs.

  • The 5 Best Nail Salons in Singapore

    Humans generally love beauty but women want more. We like to be top-to-toe beautiful. Yes, we deserve it. And this article is dedicated to the needs of those who are looking for a beauty service that can make your nails an art piece.

  • 5 Best Hair Salons in Singapore for a New Look

    Your hairstyle – your look, do you think?

    The best hair teams and the best hair products have the power to perfect your image.

    Herein are the 5 most reputable hair salons [updated 2021] that have consistently provided good haircut, colouring, perming, and treatments for years. Remember to make reservations in advance, especially on weekends as most of these hair salons are heavily packed.

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