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  • 10 New and Upcoming Attractions in Singapore

    Whether it is rides that get your adrenaline shooting, green spaces that connect you to nature, unreal shopping experiences, or museums that engage your mind, Singapore has it all and more. Here are some new, not-so-hyped, and about-to-open attractions in 2017.

  • The 10 Best Things to Do in Singapore

    Singapore is a city of many contrasts.

    It is small in size but big in surprises that are hidden in every nook and cranny.

    The city attracts the rich to come and play yet it is also endearingly claimed as the second home of simpler folks.

    Historical shophouses and pre-war buildings stand strong against the backdrop of modern skyscrapers and architectural wonders.

    The gustatory delights range from the exquisite creations of classy restaurants to the tasty treats of hawker stalls.

    Shoppers can splurge on luxurious stuff at high-end shops or haggle for a good bargain at the street markets.

    The diversity of Singapore’s attractions is evident in the following list of top 10 things to do. Choose what tickles your fancy or dive into an adventure that you have never done before. The choice is yours!

  • 10 Best Spas for Foot Reflexology in Singapore

    Tired travelers need foot massage. And locals also need this as a quick way of getting relaxed.

    Foot reflexology is the natural approach to addressing common health problems, by applying pressure to specific points on the feet that are linked to different organs. This practice has grown significantly over the world, and can help in treating anxiety, headaches, and enhancing general wellbeing.

    You can make your pick from the list below, a guide to the best foot massage services in Singapore.

  • Best Ways to Get from Singapore Changi Airport to City

    How to get from Changi Airport to city? This question will surely come to your mind shortly after your airline ticket(s) is booked.

    Changi Airport, which is located at the eastern end of Singapore, is one of the busiest airports in Asia. Let’s take a look at all the options available for visitors to travel from the airport to a central location or hotels.

    After getting through those transporting ways, you will know exactly which transport modes suit you better. Because the pros can cons and all the details, including ticket fares, operating hours, travel time, and service schedule, will be listed for your consideration.

    And most importantly, our experience about locality is infused into the article so that you can get some pieces of advice from people have been living in Singapore for many years.

  • Best Ways to Get Around in Singapore

    Singapore, a small island nation in Southeast Asia, has one of the most cost-effective public transport networks in the world. The transport system is fast and efficient due to the country’s systematic, extensive, and comprehensive network of roads.

    This system will whizz you to most places without fuss. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) strictly controls and monitors the growth and use of private vehicles to minimize traffic and curb road congestion.

    If you’re going to set foot in Singapore for the first time, the following guide to transportation will help you figure out the convenient transport modes to get around the city comfortably.

  • Top Things to Eat in Singapore

    Delicious foods always delight our days. Traveling to a new area in the planet, we are excited to follow the call of the best local dishes as they make our trips completed perfectly. Especially dishes with the local spirit, they are there for us to have a true feeling of the land we are exploring and the air we are breathing.

    Singapore has never ever confused travelers in choosing food for the day. As a culinary paradise, Singapore offers myriad of local and international restaurants at different classes. But we are sure that you are looking for the most authentic flavors of the city, served at the places local people eat everyday.

    In this article, we introduce top favorite food of Singaporeans and best places to eat each type of them. All places are highly recommended by local foodies.

  • The 7 Best Souvenirs to Buy in Singapore

    Do you want to bring home something “uniquely Singapore” to be reminded of special moments you have experienced in Singapore? There are a wide variety of Singapore famed products that you can gift yourselves or your family and friends.

    For your best convenience, we would share the 7 best Singapore souvenirs that you should consider, including the famous Singapore Sling, the premium Gold Plated Orchid, and the delicious Bakkwa.

  • The 5 Best Travel Agencies in Singapore

    Singapore’s best travel agencies truly understand the needs of customers. They not only offer great packages with charming hotels, delicious meals and comfortable transportation at reasonable prices but also guarantee journeys with hassle free. Therefore, a good travel agency is really an indispensable resource for making the most of our trip, our time and our money.

    If you want to explore new wonderful destinations but don’t have time to fully plan your trips, just pick up your phone and call one of the best agencies for the best packages toward your desired destinations.

  • The 5 Best Places to Buy Budget Souvenirs in Singapore

    Want to bring something Singaporean to family and friends at home, but do not have ample time and budget for this? If so, head yourself to Singapore’s popular budget shopping places like Mustafa Centre, Lucky Plaza, Peninsula Plaza, Bugis Street and Chinatown to be inspired by numerous types of souvenirs there and to complete the shopping trip within a couple of hours.

    Each of the above-mentioned budget shopping centers is home to plenty of wallet-friendly souvenir shops, which offer travelers various types of gifts with the most updated designs and items at wholesale prices.

    At most of the souvenir destinations, price is negotiable. Normally, the prices stated by the shopkeepers are already good. But you still can bargain to get better deals.

  • The 7 Best Places to Buy Consumer Electronics in Singapore

    Singapore is a shopping paradise for not only fashionistas but also electronics lovers. Millions of people flock to Singapore to buy electronics every year since this is the only place in the Southeast Asia offering the best and cheapest electronic goods.

    With diversified electronics shops and centers, you will definitely find the latest electronics goods to purchase and then bring them home with seven percent GST refund at Changi airport. Scan through our list to know where you should head yourself to to grab your wanted items.

  • The 5 Best Backpacker Hostels in Singapore

    Coming to Singapore, travelers have a wide range of choices for accommodation from luxury hotels, budget hotels to backpacker hostels.

    In Singapore, hostels are the best option to make use of the budget. Only offering facilities for basic needs like bed, bathroom, locker and breakfast, but this kind of accommodation is good and safe enough for travelers who want to save money for the journey of city exploration.

    This list presents you the 5 best backpacker hostels in Singapore.

  • The 5 Best Places to Buy Luxury Brands in Singapore

    For shopaholics and fashionitas, Singapore is a real shopping paradise in Southeast Asia. High and large buildings, full of sunlight from the glass window, open space, and the glare of fluorescent boutiques, these shopping malls are completely different from any shops or stores even though the stores are in the most fashion street in any Southeast Asia countries. Most of the top world-class brands are gathered here, showcased on the shelves, and ready to satisfy the shopaholics’ indulgence.

    The list below recommends the 5 best places to by luxury brands in Singapore for those who are label lovers.

  • The 5 Best Places to Exchange Money in Singapore

    To travelers, money exchange does matter. But it is not the matter with travelers in Singapore since our city provides a myriad of reliable licensed money changers, which offer superior exchange rates for most currencies.

    Those registered money changers spread from Changi Airport to any shopping malls nationwide. For your convenience, you can engage a service at the airport or the hotel you stay at. But for the best rates, make your way to one of the Singapore’s most reputable money changing hubs. They are The Arcade in Raffles Place, Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road, Mustafa Centre in Little India, People’s Park Complex in Chinatown, and Parkway Parade in Marine Parade.

    The above-mentioned hubs are also well-known as Singapore’s tourist attractions, easily accessible by public transport. So it is very commodious for travelers to do the exchange.

    And bear in mind that bargain should be done to get better exchange rates.

  • 8 Best Budget Shopping Places in Singapore to Shop till You Drop

    If you are a shopping lover, you should come to Singapore at least once in your life. Being one of the most vibrant shopping hubs in Asia with hundreds of shopping centres, Singapore is a fashion paradise for millions of tourists, who come not only to see the sights but also to get the most fashionable items.

    Singapore satisfies label lovers with plenty of world-class brands, but the country never forgets to offer price-sensitive customers trendy items on their budgets. In Singapore, budget does not mean out of fashion or low quality; it is quite possible for shoppers to find any desired items that suit their needs, tastes and wallets, in fact.

    So where can budget-conscious shoppers satisfactorily enjoy the shopping on their trip in Singapore? Eight most famous budget shopping places suggested below commit to offer various types of goods from fashion clothing, handbags, shoes to any kinds of souvenirs.

  • The 5 Best Museums in Singapore

    A museum is a place in which artistic, cultural and scientific values are collected, preserved, interpreted and displayed and Singapore’s museums are great art works boasting such respectful values of the national history. Each of the museums has its own values and different characteristics, which deserves to be one of your activities in Singapore.

    Here are the 5 best museums highly recommended for your trip.

  • The 3 Best Fish Spas in Singapore

    Doctor fish or fish spa has become more common for skin therapy nowadays, performed by “doctor fish” whose name is Garra rufa.

    To apply the treatment, put your feet in the tank of warm freshwater containing loads of Garra rufa fish. These doctor fishes gently nibble to provide foot massage by emitting micro vibrating sensation as well as getting rid of dry and dead skin and your feet get smoother and softer, accordingly.

    Listed are the highly recommended fish spas in Singapore that should be concerned.

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