10 New and Upcoming Attractions in Singapore


Whether it is rides that get your adrenaline shooting, green spaces that connect you to nature, unreal shopping experiences, or museums that engage your mind, Singapore has it all and more. Here are some new, not-so-hyped, and about-to-open attractions in 2017.

1. Urban Ski: Faux snow in real summer

Urban Ski: Faux snow in real summer Image: Urban Ski singapore

You could be looking at trying out something new or getting a head start on your ski holiday; either way, Urban Ski is the place for you. Bang in the middle of tropical Singapore are slopes that you can ski down, or learn to balance if you are a rookie! Urban Ski attempts to give you a feel of zooming down the Alps on a huge conveyor belt of synthetic snow so no need for your winter stuff.

Where: 9 Raffles Boulevard, 01-46/47/48/49, Singapore 039596

How much: Group price of S$80 per person

2. Parkview Museum: Contemporary all the way

Parkview Museum: Contemporary all the way Image: Parkview Museum Singapore

Another addition to Singapore’s already dynamic museum scene is the Parkview Museum on the third floor of the Parkview Square. This huge space with its high ceiling is perfect for the expansive contemporary art installations that it has been hosting.

Where: 600 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188778

How much: Free

3. Eco-Link @BKE: Walk on the wild side

Eco-Link @BKE: Walk on the wild side Image: Jnzl's

Full marks to this recent attraction for being as ‘eco-sensitive’ as it gets. The Eco-Link is a 62-metre long overhead bridge that is a safe expressway-crossing zone between the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and Bukit Timah Nature Park – for animals. You, as a tourist or local, can also step on it. Sign up for a guided tour, and catch a glimpse of the wild ones in real life.

Where: BKE, Singapore

How much: Free

4. Flight Experience Singapore: This is your captain speaking!

Flight Experience Singapore: This is your captain speaking! Image: Flight Experience Singapore

This is where all your fantasies of piloting an aircraft can be realised. At this HD flight simulator with extremely real visuals, you get to choose from thousands of airports to take-off and land at. Give it a shot, fly that Boeing for a bit, and be the captain for a day!

Where: 30 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039803

How much: S$175 onwards

Note: Book your tickets online with your HSBC Revolution Card and get 5x Rewards Points.

5. Learning Forest: A trip to Jurassic Park

When a century-old forest is restored into wetland and lowland forests, it is called the Learning Forest. There is a lot of knowledge to be gleaned from this this re-shaped patch of wild that is the size of 15 football fields. Observe native trees and a thick forest from a network of boardwalks and raised walkways, lie down on a rope bed and look up at the ancient canopy, and check out the over 700 species of plants and 100 types of birds. It is back to nature big time at the Learning Forest.

Where: 753 Tyersall Ave Singapore 257700

How much: Free

6. Windsor Nature Park: Walk the trails

Windsor Nature Park: Walk the trails Image: National Parks Board

Another park dedicated to Singapore’s abundant natural heritage, Windsor Nature Park is 75 hectares of greenery connected to the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

Visitors are treated to nature walks on trails that are lush with rare native plants or can explore artificially created marsh habitats developed in natural terrain and planted with reeds and other native growth. The park even has a sub-canopy walk and few freshwater streams that go through it. There are workshops for visitors who may be keen to know about the conservation efforts of Singapore’s natural heritage.

Where: 30 Venus Drive, Singapore 573858

How much: Free

7. Bungee Jumping at Sentosa: High on adrenaline

Bungee Jumping at Sentosa: High on adrenaline Image: AJ Hackett-isation

Come August and you can jump off a 50-metre tall tower on Siloso Beach. Alternatively, if you would prefer being suspended at high speeds on a Giant Swing, go down a tall tower, or walk across an aptly named Skybridge – you can do all of those too. A new and extremely exciting addition is the AJ Hackett-isation of Sentosa Island, high on adrenaline and fearlessness.

Where: Sentosa

8. Ethnobotany Garden: Garden full of traditional secrets

Ethnobotany Garden: Garden full of traditional secrets Image: National Parks Board

Late 2017 will see the opening of a 1-hectare garden full of ethnobotanical, medicinal, and economic plants used by indigenous South-East Asian cultures. Ethnobotany Garden will offer visitors workshops and guided tours focussed on the uses and benefits of this type of flora and how they can be applied to our lives.

Where: Singapore Botanic Gardens

9. Changi Airport Terminal 4: Land into retail heaven

Changi Airport Terminal 4: Land into retail heaven Image: Wikimedia Commons

One of the swankiest airports around the world is getting fancier by the end of the year. Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 will have over 80 retail outlets, a quarter of which will be new to the airport. Even if you are not flying out, it should be worth checking out the new stores, restaurants, and cafes in an area inspired by heritage styled Peranakan shop houses.

Where: 30 Airport Boulevard Singapore 819662

Get your shopping credit card ready! Back along your Citi Rewards Card or OCBC Titanium Rewards card to the airport, cause you’re going to want to get your 10x rewards on your retail spends!

10. Forested area in Sentosa: Treat for nature lovers

Forested area in Sentosa: Treat for nature lovers Image: Wikimedia Commons

This one is planned for the near future, with no dates yet. It will be a new forested area with interesting attractions on the slope connecting Imbiah Lookout to Siloso Beach. Sounds like a plan worth looking forward to given that the brief for this attraction is ‘innovative concepts that are interactive, skill-based in nature, and competitively priced’.

Where: Sentosa

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