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  • 7 Best Bowling Centres in Singapore to Knock down Some Pins

    Book your lane at a bowling centre is one of the exciting ways to spend your weekend with family and friends. Many even choose to celebrate birthday there to have all together: Sport, food, laugh, and warm hugs. This list will be helpful for when you are looking for a venue for those kinds of fun moments with your loved ones. So bookmark it for your later use.

  • 5 Best Old-school Pubs in Singapore for a Dose of Nostalgia

    Although the world of old-school bars and clubs have been quickly replaced by modern-sleek lit-up contemporary spots, some of us still crave the ambience of a snug, classic pub for a nostalgic pint of ice-cold beer.

    Fear not, Singaporeans! Old-school traditional spots are still in business, and are extremely popular for the ultimate authentic day/night break. Time-travel to the top 5 old-school pubs in Singapore, and engross yourself in the antiquity and traditional ambience. You’re bound to find a new Sunday favorite!

  • 5 Best Gay-friendly Nightspots in Singapore

    Whether you are stopping by Singapore for a quick visit or are an expat or local, Singapore’s gay-friendly nightlife scene will surely have something in store for you. Most gay bars and clubs in our city are populated along the famous Neil Street of Chinatown, so enjoying a bar hopping night is an ease. You’ll find everything from laid-back bistros & cafes, to hardcore fist-pumping nightclubs.

    Not sure where to go? Read on to discover the 5 best gay bars in Singapore! Included in the mix is a well-loved, diverse beach-club, for the ultimate summer party!

  • 7 Best Cocktail Bars in Singapore for a Shake-me-up

    Ready to explore a more quiet yet sophisticated side of Singapore nightlife? With 2 cocktail bars in the World’s 50 Best Bars list, our city boasts a delightful profusion of alcoholic beverages. Allow these top 7 marvelous spots to lure you in, and reward yourself with a drink or two after an exhausting day at work.

  • 7 Rooftop Bars with Great Views and Beers in Singapore

    It is not difficult to find a rooftop bar in a modern city with thousands of skyscrapers like Singapore. Away from the air conditioning area, it is intensively pleasurable to feel cool blows and enjoy the icy cocktails in a rooftop bar. Either to capture the whole cityscape at the highest building for an on-top-of-the-world feeling or to have a fondling touch of the wind over the shoulders at enough high level, it is a great experience in life.

    Herein we suggest the 7 best rooftop bars in Singapore [2021] with their typical features for you to enjoy the diversity.

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  • The 5 Best Sports Bars in Singapore

    There’s no better place to catch local and international sporting action than in a sports bar where exciting and animate atmosphere is multiplied by the presence of the crowd of sport lovers.

    No worry if sports matches are not your cup of tea. Just spend time with your friends at a sports bar because great beers are something that is always available at those places.

    Check out these 5 best sports bars in Singapore [updated 2020] for yummy food, cool atmosphere, and friendly service. Playing a game of pool or just sitting back, and watching the cricket on large screens, it is up to you.

  • 7 Best Nightclubs in Singapore to Dance ’til Dawn

    After dark, Singapore instantly transforms itself into a vibrant entertainment hub. And busy modern executives change their formal clothes to revel in the hustle and bustle of the nightlife. Bursting through the night is a way of living life to the fullest.

    And live-wire revelers in Singapore can find their places of entertainment in plenty of nightclubs where they can drink and dance until sunrise. Besides popular clubs at Crystal Pavilion, Mohammed Sultan, and Clarke Quay, where else in Singapore can clubbers let themselves melt in a party ambience with either live band performances or a mixture of songs played by DJs through powerful PA systems?

    Let find out the answers with our list of the 7 best nightclubs in Singapore.

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  • 5 Best Singapore Live Music Bars for a Great Night Out

    It cannot be denied that exploring Singapore at night is extremely interesting. Whether you want to chill out at a cozy bar or sing along with a band, there is a wealth of entertainment waiting for you after the sun goes down. Here are some recommendations of places that offer great music, appetizing meals, and a guaranteed unforgettable night out.

  • 5 Best Cinemas in Singapore for Blockbusters and More

    Watching movies is extremely popular in Singapore, and in the past years there has been a remarkable increase in cinemas equipped with cool air-conditioning, comfortable seats and state-of-the-art digital visual and audios systems. Therefore, it is no wonder that Singapore is considered to have the highest movie-going rate in the world.

    If you are looking for the best possible place to hang out and have fun, the following list suggests some of the awesome destinations. To us, choosing a cinema should be as important as choosing a movie. Here are our picks for the 5 best cinemas in Singapore you can add to your priority.

  • The 5 Best Salsa Dance Clubs in Singapore

    Evolved from Cuban social dance forms, Salsa has become a popular dance in different cultures. Uniquely, Salsa comes to the heart of Singapore’s young generations acquired as a “vertical sex dance” that connects the youth to their Mr. or Ms. Right. Salsa club is an ideal place for dancing, for fun, and to meet a lifelong partner, indeed.

    So, why don’t head yourself to the following most popular salsa clubs in Singapore to spoil yourself in charming steps of salsa and great socializing chances.

  • The 5 Best Museums in Singapore

    A museum is a place in which artistic, cultural and scientific values are collected, preserved, interpreted and displayed and Singapore’s museums are great art works boasting such respectful values of the national history. Each of the museums has its own values and different characteristics, which deserves to be one of your activities in Singapore.

    Here are the 5 best museums highly recommended for your trip.

  • 7 Best Karaokes in Singapore to Have Fun with Family and Friends

    KTV is a good channel to express your soul through songs and to connect to people. It is an important part of Singapore’s colorful entertainment.

    A KTV place is just perfect for groups of friends, families, and professional companies to have fun together.

    Scan through our list of 7 best karaoke places in Singapore and pick out a studio that all in your group will love.

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  • The 3 Best Fish Spas in Singapore

    Doctor fish or fish spa has become more common for skin therapy nowadays, performed by “doctor fish” whose name is Garra rufa.

    To apply the treatment, put your feet in the tank of warm freshwater containing loads of Garra rufa fish. These doctor fishes gently nibble to provide foot massage by emitting micro vibrating sensation as well as getting rid of dry and dead skin so that your feet get smoother and softer, accordingly.

    Listed are the highly recommended fish spas in Singapore that guarantee you a fun and relaxing experience.

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