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Roses Only’s Valentines Roses

  • Roses Only’s Valentines Roses

The quintessential flower of enchantment, roses run a gamut of emotion. From the depths of passionate romance to the whimsical excitement of friendship; the fluidity of the rose guarantees it a place in the heart of most, everyone.

roses valentine day 2019

Roses Only’s authentic Valentines collection portrays the regal elegance of the rose in a manner that guarantees a transcendent floral experience. Celebrate the season of love with a curated selection of roses for that will fan those embers of romance into life, and keep it burning all night long…

roses valentine day 2019

At Roses Only, their flowers are groomed to portray floral mastery. Nurtured by the worlds best growers in the Ecuadorian mountains, each rose reaches an impressive 65cm-75cm in length within their 15-week growing period before being distinguished by color and character. Each stem is then carefully arrayed in our elegant, signature gift boxes which, never fail to secure a transcendent first impression. Around here, quality is no mere coincidence.

roses valentine day 2019

Key delivery information during Valentines:

  • No address changes are possible once the order is submitted.
  • Deliveries will be made between 8am-6pm.
  • No special delivery times can be requested.
  • Special delivery requests cannot be made during valentines day periods.
  • Valentines period is from Feb 1st > 15th Feb

For more delivery information and placing order, visit Roses Only website.

Use this code “BESTROSES10” for 10% off on all Roses Only’s Valentines Day selections. This promotion is valid from now till 10 Feb 2019.

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