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The 10 Best Air-con Services in Singapore 2020

  • The 10 Best Air-con Services in Singapore 2020

Air conditioning is an important part of our Singaporean life. We need cool and refreshed air to ensure the comfort for our body all day long.

So make sure that your air conditioners are maintained regularly. Or the currently occurring problem is fixed promptly.

Just through a phone call, you can have an experienced staff from a reliable aircon service company come to your house and give a right treatment to your ventilation system. To get things done in fast and effective manner, you may need a list of 10 trustworthy aircon service providers [updated 2020] to rely on when needed.

We have done that for you. Scan through our Highlights, which can be seen below, to find a company that suits your needs.

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1. DW Aircon Servicing Singapore

  • DW Aircon Servicing Singapore Image: DW Aircon Servicing Singapore


  • Over a decade of experience in the aircon industry: Well respected in the field, DW Aircon Servicing Singapore is driven by their high standards, top-of-the-line technology, and the going the extra mile to exceed expectations. They operate under statutory requirements and are licensed to perform any residential or commercial aircon task.
  • Highly skilled to fix any aircon issue: From advanced aircon repair issues to small servicing problems, DW Aircon Servicing Singapore’s technology-driven service and experienced technicians will attend to any aircon crisis – and will not leave until it is resolved.
  • 30-day workmanship warranty: With any installation, repair, or service, DW Aircon Servicing Singapore throws in a 30-day warranty in case something goes wrong, to put your mind at rest.
  • Wide network of channels for easy and quick reach: DW Aircon Servicing Singapore aims for customer convenience and can be contacted quickly via phone, online form, web chat, Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger.

2. Socool Pte Ltd

  • Socool Pte Ltd Image: SoCool


  • 24/7 aircon servicing: Need aircon servicing in the evening or on weekend? SoCool got you covered. Their aircon specialists are available 24/7, to ensure your air conditioner issue is taken care of at your convenient time and as quickly as possible.

  • Expertise in dealing with all aircon brands: Whether your air conditioner is a popular Mitsubishi model or a non-popular Midea or Gree unit, rest assured that an experienced technician will service it the right way.

  • Offering 90 day warranty on service workmanship for all services.

3. Marvellous Aircon


  • Competitive service rates: Marvellous Aircon will provide you with the fairest and lowest quotation with every service. Need to service a couple of units, but worried about the price? Marvellous Aircon allows you to service your first unit at $40, and any subsequent unit for just $15. There are also multiple unit deals for a chemical wash service, and aircon overhaul.

  • 24/7 on-demand aircon service: Staffed with a 24/7 help desk team, Marvellous Aircon are willing to assist you with any queries at any time. Whether you are dealing with a faulty unit, or would like to enquire about their prices, you can do so at any time by giving the team a quick call or message.

  • Broad aircon expertise: Whatever the brand, service, or query, Marvellous Aircon will do their best to accommodate for your needs, as they are experts in dealing with various brands and service requests.

4. City Cooling Engineering

  • City Cooling Engineering Image: City Cooling Engineering


  • Highly trained technicians experienced with multiple brands: Regardless of the make or model of your unit, the skilled engineers at City Cooling Engineering will do their best to fix the issue with complete professionalism, knowledge, and reliability.
  • Honest pricing with upfront quotes: City Cooling Engineering provides accurate pre-set prices before beginning the task, meaning that you will never experience hidden charges or additional costs. Their wallet-friendly prices start from just S$35 for one-unit standard service.
  • Swift and prompt service with free consultation: Need to get a new aircon installed? Need an emergency repair? City Cooling Engineering offers fast turnaround on submitted quotes and will analyze the unit for free to discuss the scope of work involved, with no obligations to pay or continue.

5. AireControl

  • AireControl Image: AireControl


  • Extensive service vehicles and technician teams: Require speedy air-con service? Rest assured that AireControl has you covered. Equipped with 17 service vehicles and staffed with more than 20 skilled technicians, AireControl is able to assist any air-con related needs shortly.

  • Specialized in electronic circuit board repair: As AireControl actively trains technicians on new and advanced skills, they are currently the only company that provides air conditioner circuit board repair (PCB). Instead of spending extra money on a replacement unit, simply allow AireControl to repair the PCB for a fraction of the cost!

  • Highly experienced in handling Toshiba air conditioners: AireControl is working as the sole service agent for Toshiba train’s air conditioners use in SMRT trains. This means they are an expert in installing and repairing Toshiba units.

  • Regular valuable promotion programs: This company tries to remain competitively priced, which helped them build a large customer base. They have also won people’s heart through their frequent valuable promotions. Don’t forget to check their website for a chance to grab a discount or deal that helps you save cost.

6. Airple

  • Airple Image: Airple


  • Good prices on chemical cleaning and chemical overhaul: Their chemical cleaning prices start from $80 per unit, going down to $60 per unit when there are 3 and above that need to be taken care of. Chemical overhaul prices of serving 1, 2, and 3 units is at $140, $268 and $360 respectively.

  • Troubleshooting for just $50: Any calls for troubleshooting will be quickly assisted by Airple Aircon’s technician teams. Transportation fee is included in the above mentioned price.

  • Frequent promotions: Don’t forget to check their website to find a deal whenever your air-cons need help. Their current promotion offers chemical wash at $60 per first unit while it is $120 for chemical overhaul service.

  • Workmanship warranty: 30-day warranty against water leakage on chemical cleaning jobs and 90-day warranty on their chemical overhaul works.

7. Cold Max Aircon Services

  • Cold Max Aircon Services Image: Cold Max


  • 90-day guarantee on repairs: Cold Max is so confident in their skills, they throw in a 90-day guarantee on all aircon repairs for your peace-of-mind. They also include a 180-day warranty on all parts used, so you are never out-of-pocket if things go wrong.
  • 24/7 emergency aircon services: Whatever your aircon emergency, you can leave your issue to Cold Max. Simply call their 24-hour hotline at any time of the day and expect the problem to be resolved within 24 hours.
  • Continuous staff training and development for 5-star services every time: By encouraging technicians to develop their skills, you are guaranteed a top-quality service from the well-trained staff at all times. Cold Max’s bilingual technicians are fluent in English and Chinese/English and Malay for your convenience.

8. Helpling Aircon Service

  • Helpling Aircon Service Image: Helpling


  • Simple booking via app or website: With just a touch of a button, fill in your postal code, preferred time and date, and Helping will find you an aircon servicing provider in a matter of minutes. No laptop? No problem! Download their Helpling app for your convenience.

  • Dedicated customer care line: Got any questions or concerns? The Helpling customer care team can be reached through live chat on the website or via the app. The customer service team is supportive and will do their best to find a solution to your query.

  • Honest competitive pricing: What they quote is what you pay - with no added extras. Helpling doesn’t charge transport fees, and often run promos on their website to make things a bit more wallet-friendly. For a high-quality service at an unbeatable price, Helpling is at the top of the list.

9. GoodCool Singapore

  • GoodCool Singapore Image: GoodCool Singapore


  • 15 years of aircon servicing experience: GoodCool Singapore boasts a specialist team of trained technicians that have the expertise to match. They offer a wide variety of services to suit your aircon needs. Renowned for their prompt and professional service, you can trust GoodCool to fix any issue you have with your aircon without burning a hole in your wallet.

  • 90-day warranty for all services provided: Don't worry about your aircon faulting after having it fixed! GoodCool offers 90 days of warranty on all their services for your peace-of-mind. Simply give them a call if anything goes wrong in the first 3 months - and you'll be their top priority.

  • Affordable yearly contract maintenance plans: Avoid emergency aircon breakdowns with their cost-effective servicing packages - to have clean, pure air trouble-free all year. Starting from $160 for two units 3x per year, you can have regular servicing to ensure everything is running smoothly and catch any faults before they cause an issue. These packages include a full year of warranty for any water leaking issues.

10. Local Service: Aircon Service


  • Proven track record with aircon servicing: Proudly leveraging on their great experience, Local Service: Aircon Service is one of the leadings in the industry. With highly trained technicians bringing forward a wealth of knowledge to each job, your aircon units are in safe hands with Local Service.

  • Affordable prices and discounts for multi-units: Because cost can creep up quickly if you need many units serviced, Local Service is competitively priced, and they reduce the rate in correspondence to the number of units that require servicing. Therefore, whether you need all the units in your home, or perhaps in your company HQ building, serviced, Local Service will slash the price to ease the costs on you.

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