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The 10 Best House Movers in Singapore 2020

  • The 10 Best House Movers in Singapore 2020 Image: Red Sun Movers

These days moving is a part of the everyday life of individuals. And many people have found that they always suffer from fatigue and unwanted problems arising from the moving process like damages or losses. As a result, moving is a stressful life event overloaded with thousands of small details that need attention.

With our list of the 10 most reliable moving services [updated 2020] on hand, you will only be a few steps from having a hassle-free moving experience.

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1. TheLorry

  • TheLorry Image: TheLorry

What people like

  • Service is always available when required: TheLorry has partnered with more than 350 lorry and van drivers across Singapore that have proper licenses and experienced in moving services to provide the service promptly and efficiently. You won’t have to wait one to a few weeks to have your stuff moved, as that wide network of moving drivers will definitely have one available for you whenever you need it. This service is really good for people with urgent or unplanned moving need.
  • Vans and lorries of different sizes to choose from: You can opt to book a van if you just have items within a room (less than 500kg) to move. Book a 10ft lorry (max weight of 3000kg) to transport things of a medium load house to a new address. Those have not so much stuff to move will benefit a lot from this.
  • Instant quotation: It means you will receive the price quote within 30 seconds on their website and mobile app. Just fill out the order online: choose the moving vehicle with, select the locations of your original and new addresses, and indicate the date. Then get the quote immediately.
  • Fixed and transparent prices: Good news is that the instant quote you get is not the estimate. It is the real and fixed price. For example, a 14ft lorry with driver to move stuff from an address on Tiong Bahru Road to an address on Orchard Road (4km) and gets informed that the charge is $80, it means all he has to pay is $80.
  • Convenient moving packages: Without the headache of worrying what vehicle is needed for your home moving, moving packages suitable for all moving based on sizes such as single room, 4 room HDB and larger homes. The moving packages provide a door-to-door solution for an easy moving experience.
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Use Promocode "THEBESTLORRY" to receive 15% Off each booking.

2. Rodex Movers

  • Rodex Movers Image: Rodex Movers

What people like

  • Over 40 years of experience in relocation: With decades of knowledge and experience in moving, Rodex Movers is popular for a reason. Plenty of large organizations, such as McDonald's, Singapore Police, Singapore Tourism Board, Mazda, Asus, trust Rodex Movers to handle the job – no matter how big or small.
  • Customer-oriented approach from A to Z: Rodex Movers ensures you are well-looked-after from the minute you give them a ring for your free quotation. They take pride in their friendly service and professionalism. With their exceptional customer service, they deliver more than just your furniture.
  • BizSafe accredited: Rodex Movers is well trusted for a reason. All their staff is fully trained and experienced to provide you with the least disruption and most efficient and safe service possible. They take great care in moving your house or office and carry insurance for your peace of mind.

3. Red Sun Movers

  • Red Sun Movers Image: Red Sun Movers

What people like

  • All-week service: Red Sun Movers will conveniently help you relocate on any day of the week, and even on public holidays. An extra cost may be administered for Sundays and public holidays. Regardless, the service is always reasonably and competitively priced.

  • Extra-secure steps for protecting furniture: Unlike many other moving services, Red Sun Movers uses both cardboard and stingwrap to protect your furniture during transport. With this company, you can be assured that all your items are in good hands, and will reach the agreed destination safely, with no damage.

  • Supporting the local community: Red Sun Mover takes pride in hiring local staff to support the community. All laborers can communicate in English, and are highly-trained to provide the most reliable moving service.

  • Immediate response to queries and questions: Red Sun Movers are fast in everything they do, including excelling at prompt communication. Simply submit a request on the website, and a staff member will respond almost immediately.

4. Cheap Movers Singapore

What people like

  • Cheap prices: This is among the house movers to check out when moving fee is your concern. Charge is from $400 per load which is the volume of their 14 ft truck (669 cubic feet).

  • Available on short notice: This is perfect for when moving is unexpected or when plan is not necessary because there are just a few pieces of furniture need to be sent to your new home. Same day moving service can be provided.

5. The Helping Hand Moving Service

  • The Helping Hand Moving Service Image: The Helping Hand Moving Service

What people like

  • Wallet-friendly prices which are among the cheapest in Singapore: Their prices are more reasonable than other companies, which are charged based on the company’s 14 foot lorry load. If you don’t have many items to move (less than one lorry load), contact them to get an exact quote.
  • Free carton boxes are provided: This mover will give you 20 free carton boxes for packing and also help you with the wrapping process.
  • Highly efficient moving team: The Helping Hand’s staff always comes in a team of 4 to 5 movers plus one supervisor to make sure the moving is done properly and quickly. Customers’ stuff, especially bulky items like bed frames, cupboards, massage chairs, fridges and washing machines, are carefully packed and well-handled during the whole moving process. Each member of the Helping Hands team, who is very polite and friendly, always tries their best to follow customer’s instructions in moving and arranging everything.

6. Vimbox Movers

What people like

  • Vimbox’s comprehensive range of moving services: Your every need of moving is covered by Vimbox, from residential to commercial, from domestic to international, and from common to bulky stuff.

  • Free dismantling and reassembling of general furniture: The company offers free disassembling and assembling for common furniture such as bed frame, cupboard and dining table. Their skilled staff members are able to dismantle and reassemble your items without waiting for customer’s instructions.

  • Secure and fast storage rental service: Their 60,000 square feet warehouse allows you to get your stuff moved in and stored on the same day as you make your enquiry. Just call Vimbox’s hot line, book an appointment and your items will have a secured place to stay as short as one day or as long as you want.

7. Exped Moving Services

  • Exped Moving Services Image: Exped Moving Services

What people like

  • Highly experienced mover, with hundreds of projects completed: Boasting a large team of well-trained movers, Exped Moving Services has accomplished more than 1000 moving projects with ultimate ease, expertise and professionalism.

  • Safe, secure, and reliable service: Exped Moving Services sticks to 5 core values - Expeditious, Excellence, Equality, Efficiency and Enjoyment - with every project, no matter how big or small. They will ensure that every move is done swiftly and safely, without any damage to customer goods or property.

  • On time delivery: Exped Moving Services is praised for their punctuality! You choose a moving time that is convenient to you and rest assured that they will be at your place on time.

8. The Trio Movers

  • The Trio Movers Image: The Trio Movers

What people like

  • Positive testimonials for their exceptional service: Carrying their core values forward into any task at hand, it is no surprise that The Trio Movers have earned dozens of great reviews for their quality work. The Trio Movers believe in being trustworthy, responsible and on-time, and handle any service with full integrity.

  • Transparent price with no hidden cost: Aiming to provide customer hassle-free moving experience with no surprises, The Trio Movers always give client honest with zero-obligation quotes.

  • One-stop-shop for all your moving needs: Whether you need relocation, furniture disposal or a handyman to drill that TV mount, The Trio Movers can complete any project required with ease. Simply contact them with your requirements, and they will try to accommodate as best as possible.

  • The company provides free boxes to their customer.

9. Kaplan Logistics

  • Kaplan Logistics Image: Kaplan Logistics

What people like

  • Competitive pricing and honest quotes: Kaplan Logistics always provides transparent quotations with no hidden fees. Simply give them a call or fill out their online contact form for a no-obligation and affordable quote.

  • Safety is always a priority: Leave your possessions in safe hands, and rest assured that Kaplan Logistics will move your items from A to B with zero damage. Not only do they handle your things with care, but Kaplan Logistics also use covered trucks to ensure safe transport.

  • Trusted amongst international clientele: Well established since 2007, Kaplan Logistics is the top pick for many large corporations in Singapore, including Pontiac Land, Emerson, Redstone, City Chain, and State Street. They take pride in their continuous collaboration with their corporate clients and have successfully gained their trust.

10. Shalom Movers

  • Shalom Movers Image: Shalom Movers

What people like

  • The company’s capability to provide smooth moving experience: People find it comfortable to work with Shalom’s helpful staff and are satisfied with the ways the moving stuff is handled. Particularly, your stuff will be carefully packed, especially the fragile items are bubble-wrapped to prevent damage, and then safely delivered via the company's covered trucks regardless of whether it rains or shines.
  • Reasonable and transparent rates: Every moving project is charged based on the number of pieces instead of the weight and there is no GST charge. Also, Shalom’s highly experienced surveyors always check customers’ stuff diligently before planning any move to ensure that you will be offered an accurate and transparent price.

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