Singapore Travel Guide 2024

Singapore has been in the top ten list of the most visited cities in the world for years. Our small yet beautiful island deserves it as the city has everything to satisfy any need of visitors: a green and safe environment, cultural diversity, delicious food, world-class shopping malls, the latest fashion and electronics, vibrant nightlife, cheap and convenient public transport, and many more.

You are reading the most comprehensive Singapore travel guide [2024 Guide], which covers everything you need to know to have a satisfying trip. Scroll down to discover them all.

How to Get from Changi Airport to City Centre?

You can ride a taxi, airport shuttle bus, MRT train or limousine. Find out which one is the most suitable option for you.

What are recommended Airport Transfer Services?

We’ve gathered the top reliable transport services in the country to get you from the airport to your hotel with zero fuss.

Where to Exchange Money in Singapore?

Here are all the most reputable currency exchange centres and money changers for you to get the best exchange rates.

What to See and Do in Singapore?

Here are the top attractions for first-timers, families and culture fanatics to enjoy.

How to Eat Like a Local in Singapore?

Eat what locals eat. Here are all the local all-time favorite dishes to enjoy in Singapore.

Where to Eat Like a Local in Singapore?

Locals love to have their daily meals at food courts and zi char houses.

Where to Have Vegetarian Food in Singapore?

From upscale to affordable, from buffet to a la carte, from Chinese style to Indian style, here are all the vegetarian options Singapore has to offer.

Where to Have Halal Food in Singapore?

From fancy international buffets in five-star hotels to budget-friendly a la carte meals at individual restaurants, there is plenty of Halal food to enjoy.

Where to Shop in Singapore?

Whether you want to shop at an Orchard luxury mall, a factory outlet mall or a street market, Singapore has got you covered.

What to Buy in Singapore?

Here are the best products to bring home as a souvenir for your loved ones.

What to Do at Night in Singapore?

Singapore has one of the hottest and most vibrant nightlife scenes in Asia. Discover it here.

What to Enjoy More in Singapore?

Massage and beauty sessions can make the brilliant extras for a more satisfying trip.