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5 Best Wet Markets in Singapore to Immerse in Local Culture

  • 5 Best Wet Markets in Singapore to Immerse in Local Culture Image: Choo Yut Shing

To most locals, wet market is a destination for freshest produce while it is a must-see attraction for a cultural experience to tourists.

In Singapore, wet market is so-called because people clean the floors with water after washing vegetables or cleaning fish and thus it is often wet. However, a typical wet market is not totally wet. There are two sections in each wet market – the wet area and the dry area. Products such as meat, poultry and fish are displayed at the wet section while herbs, spices, grain, beans, dried noodles and dried seafood are on sales at the dry area.

Most of the wet markets open at 04:00 and close around noon. So the best time to explore Singapore’s wet markets is in the early morning as that is when the fresh produce is at its best.

For bargain hunters, Singapore wet market is one of your places.

So, just roll up your trouser cuffs and have an interesting experience with the 5 best wet markets in Singapore.

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1. Tekka Wet Market


  • Singapore’s most culturally rich market: Tekka Market is a place to be if you want to know more about Singaporeans and our way of living. Step into this most vibrant and colorful wet market, you will hear a hum of voices in various languages, from English to Hokkien, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Each of the ethnic communities still maintains their unique way of life with their culinary cultures, so this market is a place to observe and learn more about life in Singapore.

  • Almost anything for your grocery needs is available here: Being the largest wet market in Singapore with 284 stalls, Tekka Market offers fresh produce and dry goods for all kinds of needs, even groceries that could hardly be found at other markets like shark fins.

  • Long operating hours: While most of Singapore’s wet markets close around noon, Tekka Market opens till late afternoon. The longer it is, the more opportunities we have to fulfill our different needs.

  • A 3-in-1 destination: Situated at Tekka Centre, home to a wet market, a food court and a shopping area, Tekka Market is considered as a one-stop destination where you can buy grocery, have good foods, and do shopping without traveling from place to place.

2. Chinatown Wet Market

  • Chinatown Wet Market Image: Choo Yut Shing


  • A part of Chinese culture in Chinatown: Located in Chinatown Singapore, Chinatown Wet Market has a vibrant atmosphere of this ethnic neighborhood. You can find typical Chinese cooking ingredients like Chinese vegetables, herbs and spices and have chance to observe the way Chinese people doing business as well.

  • A place to buy live shellfish: Whether you want to find expensive stuff like crabs and lobsters or more affordable ones like cockles, clams and prawns, you can get them at Chinatown Wet Market. The array of big, live crabs and lobsters in plastic crates is impressive.

  • A market for exotic meats: Live frogs, eels and even turtles are meat ingredients in some special recipes of the locals. If you want to taste something different and delicious without learning any exotic recipes, you can try the popular frog porridge at these places.

3. Tiong Bahru Wet Market


  • A traditional market drawing international crowd: Tiong Bahru Wet Market is popular among international residents, especially expats living in Singapore. You will be impressed with a variety of Western fresh produce available there. Australian and New Zealand beef at half the price of the supermarkets’ is a highlight of this market.

  • A place to get flowers, especially orchids at reasonable prices: At one of the market’s entrances, there are a few floral stalls selling fresh cut orchids and orchid plants with a beautiful selection at reasonable prices. An orchid branch is offered at the prices from 40 cents to 1.20 Singapore dollars, depending on the varieties.

  • Breakfast, shopping, lunch, coffee and bookstores: If you want to spend a whole weekend day enjoying those listed things available at Tiong Bahru Estate, you can do it because Tiong Bahru Wet Market is in close proximity to the area's dazzling coffee shops, restaurants and bookstores.

4. Geylang Serai Wet Market


  • A market in a traditional Malay kampong house: Situated in the heart of the Singapore Malay community, Geylang Serai Market plays the focal role of a hub celebrating Malay culture in its way. After renovation, this market is dressed in a cultural suit - a traditional Malay kampong house. Together with Malay spices and foods offered there, the building’s pattern and structure say the celebrating word.

  • Offering ingredients for cooking Malay culture-rich dishes: This market is a source of ingredients for Malay Singaporeans to prepare traditional dishes. If you are looking for peeled and blended tapioca for making kueh, Geylang Serai Market is a place to check out.

  • Malay spices and Middle Eastern spices: Geylang Serai Market supplies all sorts of Malay spices and a variety of Middle Eastern ones as well. Visit BB Spices (stall 01-166) to get cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and many more.

  • Best Malay food: The second floor of Geylang Serai Market is home to hundreds of food stalls with main focus on Malay and Indian cuisine. This is the best food court to enjoy Malay dishes such as asam pedas stingray (spicy stingray), beef rendang (spicy beef), ikan terubok (fried fish) and goreng pisang (banana fritters).

5. Senoko Fishery Port


  • Venturing into another world of wet market: People may know typical wet markets in Singapore, but not everyone notices the existence of another kind of wet markets, different from what normally seen regarding location, operating hours and on offer products. It is interesting to make an outing to Senoko Fishery Port to take in the bustling picture of a wholesale market, supplying fish and shellfish to Singapore’s food scene. Embarking on this journey involves staying out late, but it is a chance to do things differently, observe and capture frenetic activities at a wet market while the dark of the night is surrounding.

  • Fresh seafood at wholesale prices: Venture and get freshest ingredients for a seafood barbecue. Does it sound good? Choose your favorite seafood after feasting your eyes on an amazing selection of sea creatures, and treat your beloved a seafood party in the afternoon. The good news is its wholesale prices.

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