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Artmake has Japanese roots, which means that quality and safety are essential factors as each beautician has the necessary medical licenses to practice eyebrow embroidery. This enhances its credibility as one of the best eyebrow embroidery salons in Singapore. Artmake is also known for its proprietary six-step approach detailed below.


  • Six-step approach for the desired result: Before defining your eyebrows, Artmake artists go through six steps. These include checking your face shape and bone structure, facial expression, checking your natural eyebrows, confirming with you the desired shape, sketch, and make adjustments until you are entirely satisfied.
  • Combined technology for well-defined brows: Artmake strives to achieve a balanced look. To do so, its artists combine both powder and stroke technologies.
  • Medical standards followed by doctors and nurses: Artmake comes from Japan, a country in which this practice requires medical certifications. This ensures safety throughout the entire process, ranging from the pre-treatment drug supervision to the consultations after the procedure.


  • Japanese eyebrow embroidery


  • Eyebrow amg custom order from $350 to $1000
  • Eyebrow amg stroke from $300 to $850
  • Eyebrow amg powder from $300 to $850

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