5 Best Singapore Cafes for a Satisfying Pastry and Coffee Meal

Image: Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar

Who doesn’t love a leisure breakfast or weekend brunch with bread, pastry, eggs and coffee? This meal time is kind of ‘i-am-living-my-life’ moment. It is just simply light, joyful, and fulfilling.

So now you are hunting for the worth-checking out cafes for your next and next indulgences? You have landed on the right page. Singapore best cafes are just below.

1. Artistry

Artistry Image: Artistry


  • Soon-to-be popular Gibraltar coffee: It’s about to get mainstream in SG, so better grab your Gibraltar cuppa before everyone else does. It is prepared in a short glass and filled with a double shot of espresso and warm milk, giving an intensely rich flavour with nutty notes.
  • Innovative food items: Probably did this in an effort to live up to its artsy image. Take the Artistry Crab Burger as an example. Its buns are infused with squid ink so imagine a black pair of buns sandwich, the crispy crab meat with mayo, tomato, spinach, and sweet onion. On the side, regular fries or Cajun-style may accompany this dish.
  • Art pieces and performances to muse about: Apparently, those who love arts and crafts will fall in love with this place! Hanged paintings all over, performance artists breathe life into the café’s night scene, and poetry reading to soothe your soul. Without a doubt, Artistry does provide a safe haven for emerging artists and art lovers alike.
  • A place where talking to strangers is OK: A communal dining table is set up in the middle of the café, as though encouraging one another to develop a sense of camaraderie. Perfect for those who prefer going to cafes alone or if you just happen to drop by at the café to wait for a friend. Just sit back, relax and appreciate the fact that all of the people in the room share something in common with you; coffee, arts, culture, and food.

2. Forty Hands

Forty Hands Image: Forty Hands


  • Experience Australia’s coffee and brunch culture: From the coffee to the menu, everything is inspired by the Australian café culture. The quality third wave coffee is from Australia, and the food items are big on typical Aussie breakfast like sausages, French toast, salad, eggs benedict, and truffle fries. Interestingly though, the café also serves Singaporean favourites like kong bak pau and tau sar pau.
  • Serves coffee with a good balance level: Does not taste too strong, too acidic, nor leave a very bitter after-taste in the mouth. The coffee is just right, which might suit the palate of casual coffee drinkers well. But if ever you are very specific as to how your coffee should be extracted, you may ask that favour to the knowledgeable barista by the counter.
  • Good selection of white coffee drinks: A lot of coffee-holics find the café’s flat white, macchiato, latte and cappuccino a must-try! These blends are perfect for those who probably cannot take the full-bodied and quite sour after-taste of black coffee.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages: So if you opted to eat your brunch or dinner all the way here, a bottle of Jarritos Mexican soda or glass of Little Creatures Pale Ale might complete your meal. This sounds like Forty Hands is not just a small café after all, but it is also packed with international fusion cuisines, enabling to cater to tourists and expats.

3. Jimmy Monkey Café & Bar

Jimmy Monkey Café & Bar Image: Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar


  • Ironbark blend: This type of coffee blend may still be in its infancy stages in the country, but it has a promising future. At Jimmy Monkey, Ironbark is made of beans from Guatemala, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, and Peru so it is characterised by its full-bodied flavour and a lingering sensation in the mouth after each gulp.
  • Fulfilling and robust meals: Why wake up so early to prepare your breakfast if you can just hit Jimmy Monkey and have a full-blown brunch? Served in big portions, the Hulk, JM’s Breakfast Sandwich, toasted breads, and pastas can fill-up anyone’s empty stomach for the whole afternoon. Pair your meal with a cup of coffee, then you’re good to go!
  • Funky, quirky and tongue-in-cheek décor: Jimmy Monkey stuffed toy sits right at a small ledge atop the café as though putting y’all under surveillance. The café’s ceiling has also been stripped down to the core, exposing its wires and pipes so it does give off an industrial and raw vibe to the place. JM undeniably has character that many might appreciate for it looks whimsical just like the random toilet bowl and tissue roll installed at the open-ceiling of the supposed second floor.

4. Common Man Coffee Roasters

Common Man Coffee Roasters Image: Common Man Coffee Roasters


  • Fine selection of exquisite coffee: Take your place on the expansive bar-counter and watch skilled baristas in full swing while they brew that irresistible cuppa deliciously fragrant coffee to indulge your coffee cravings. Whether you choose the ever popular full-bodied Flat White or a silky, smooth and creamy latte, be assured that every sip is something to rave about.
  • A brunch place with a variety of heart-warming scrumptious food: Glorious breakfast delights such as Organic Eggs Benedict, Common Man Veggie Wonderland and Turkish Common Man Breakfast make this place simply rock. If you want to indulge in their hearty lunch options, dishes like Grilled juicy chilli boneless Chicken and Fish Burger will leave you thoroughly satisfied.
  • The most awesome Organic Eggs Benedict ever: Two perfectly poached eggs, oozing with heavenly yolk centres and served with tender flavoursome braised ox cheeks. Ox-cheeks gives this dish a unique twist and places it notches above other egg benedicts you have ever had. Served with a chive hollandaise sauce and perfectly toasted hand-made sourdough toast, this dish is a complete heart winner.
  • Turkish Common Man Breakfast: This colourful, vibrant platter looks as appetizing as it tastes. Cut your knife into crunchy nest of phyllo-wrapped soft-boiled eggs and you will be greeted by a sunny, gooey yolk that will simply tug at your heart. The dish is spiked by crispy feta and a serving of fresh hummus, whose richness is balanced by refreshing cucumbers and sweet tomatoes sitting by the side. Served with warm pita bread, this breakfast dish stands out among other mouth-watering delights.

5. Bread and Hearth

Bread and Hearth Image: Bread and Hearth


  • Awesome variety of fresh European styled bread and pastries: Don’t go by the size of this tiny bakery. It offers a dazzling selection of freshly baked bread, fluffy croissants, pies, tarts and pastries – warm, flaky and fresh from the oven. Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Cream Cheese Sesame, Bacon Focaccia and Fromage Twist are some of the particularly tempting bakes that you can’t get enough of. And if fusion is more your style, The Matcha Orange, with its intriguing blend of flavours will be a great choice.
  • Signature Le Croissant: This lovely croissant with its flaky and buttery texture will make you jump with joy. The finest honeycomb pockets within the layers are the result of the craftsmanship that goes into laminating and folding the unbleached flour. That’s why every bite is just so deliciously crispy, making this warm delight a real deal and as they say as European as possible.
  • A good spot to enjoy hearty breakfast with freshly baked delights and fragrant cup of coffee. The English Breakfast Set with fresh fluffy croissant, eggs and juicy pork sausages is an enticing affair not to be missed. Bacon Focaccia bread is another popular breakfast delight that leaves your taste buds happy and satisfied.
  • Flavourful, nutty, creamy coffees: Fragrance of fresh coffee wafts along the delicious aroma of breads and butter – enticing enough to make you pick a cuppa studded with stunning latte art. Fairy dusting of nutmeg powder on the top adds that subtle woody spicy flavor to the nutty, chocolatey coffees that are made by blending arabica and robusta beans.

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