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Chicken Up

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If you want to unwind with friends at a Korean fried chicken place, head yourselves to Chicken Up on Tanjong Pagar road. For the first-timer, a question might be raised is why we have to pay high prices just for fried chicken widely found in town. The answer lies in its excellent flavors and generous portions.


  • Fabulous chicken: At Chicken Up, the not-too-greasy, crunchy chicken skin and succulent, tender meat are what make the dish. Served piping hot on your table, Chicken Up’s crispy and lean version always makes people want more.
  • Wide variety of fried chicken: Yes, it is the true world of fried chickens with the presence of many attractive names like Spicy Up Chicken, Mild Up, Curry Up, YangNyum, Soya Chicken, Andong Stew, Popcorn Chicken and Suicide chicken. Each of them has the unique and tasty flavors that will certainly change your minds about fried chicken.
  • Chicken buffet: Available at $25 for all-you-can-eat chicken and additional $15 for all-you-can-drink beer. Chicken and beer lovers, this is one of your places.


  • Spicy Up
  • YangNyum
  • Popcorn chicken
  • Andong Stew
  • Soya Chicken
  • Ginseng chicken soup

SIDE DISHES: Complimentary salad and pickles are promptly served after being seated. Fishcake soup, cheese corn and truffle fries are featured side dishes complementing well with fried chicken and the beers.

BEVERAGES: Popular Korean drinks like Hite, Soju, Asahi and Maggoli are available.

ATMOSPHERE: Chicken Up is a cozy restaurant, offering diners two dining areas –  indoor air-conditioned seating and an alfresco outdoor venue. In nice weather evenings, outdoor seating with a vibrant street view is an ideal place to chill out. Indoor area is adorned with the displayed beers and soju and made lively by Korean MTVs shown on a big screen.

OPENING HOURS: Opened as late as 2am, Chicken Up offers chicken lovers choices of having their favorites for either dinner or supper.


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