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5 Best Satay in Singapore for Your Skewered Meat Fix

  • 5 Best Satay in Singapore for Your Skewered Meat Fix Image: Drew Douglas

Listed at number 14 on the World’s 50 most delicious foods, complied by CNNGo in 2011, satay is a must-try dish in Singapore. The satay dish includes skewers of grilled meat, sliced cucumbers, sliced onions, pressed rice cakes, served with thick, sweet, and hot peanut sauce on the side.

And herein are the 5 best satay places in Singapore which are highly recommended by local foodies.

1. Lau Pa Sat Satay

  • Lau Pa Sat Satay Image: Teroen Elfferich

Originally built as a wet market in the 19th century, Lau Pa Sat has been converted into a hawker centre where both local and Asian foods are sold. Located at Singapore’s Central Business District, Lau Pa Sat is always busy with the crowds of office workers at lunchtime. At night, a satay street is rapidly set up at the outdoor area of the food market, adding more bustle to the place.

What people like

  • The satay street of Singapore with more than 10 satay stalls: Lau Pa Sat satay street, an outdoor dining area belonging to Lau Pa Sat Festival Market, is the only satay street in Singapore. It only wakes up after dark, from 19:00 onwards, and lives energetically until the leave of the last diners. Its satay stalls provide diners with skewers of chicken, lamb, beef and pork from Chinese to Muslim style. Among those, stalls # 7, # 8 and # 10 are the standouts.

  • Lively street dining experience: As the city lights up, bustling atmosphere is started with swift setups of folding tables, plastic chairs and the starting of charcoal fires. The barbecue smoke carrying the irresistible aroma of the satay reveals the readiness of Singapore style barbeque party. Enthusiastic crowds will quickly fill up the place to make this night spot one of the Singapore’s most exciting street dining places to savor the best satay with cold beer.

  • Convenient location: Lau Pa Sat is located right at the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District and within walking distance from Raffles Place MRT station.

2. Chomp Chomp Satay

  • Chomp Chomp Satay Image: Kyle Lam

Chomp Chomp food centre is famous for delicious versions of numerous local dishes, especially satay, it is praised as one of the best satay in Singapore.

What people like

  • The satay is well marinated and juicy, and the peanut sauce is thick, sweet and not too spicy.

  • Besides satay, diners can enjoy other yummy Singapore street food like Hokkien mee, fried oyster, carrot cake, and BBQ stingray.

  • A good place for late dining

3. Chuan Kee Satay

  • Chuan Kee Satay Image: Richard Lee

If you are a satay lover, pay a visit to Chuan Kee Satay to try its pork satay which is probably the best pork satay in Singapore. Started as a family business in 1970s, this food stall has served yummy traditional Hainanese satay for almost 50 years and it is now run by an elderly couple.

What people like

  • Its pork satay, a nice combination of succulent pork meat and fat, flavorful spices, and tasty peanut and pineapple gravy

  • Chuan Kee Satay is well located at the famous Old Airport Road food centre.

  • Reasonable prices

4. Kwong Satay

  • Kwong Satay Image: awee_19

Introduced in the “Yummy King” show of Mediacorp TV food program, and featured in The Straits Times newspaper, Kwong Satay at Geylang is a well known satay stall in the island city. Its signature dish, pork belly satay is a must try dish for all satay fans.

What people like

  • The mouth-watering pork belly satay

  • Peranakan Satay sauce style

  • Lively and vibrant surroundings

5. Haron Satay

  • Haron Satay Image: TIng

Located at East Coast Lagoon Food Village, a relaxing spot at East Coast Park, Haron Satay is also known as Haron 30 Satay, a favourite destination to enjoy Malaysian Muslim-style satay of many Singaporeans. Its satay is always grilled to perfection making its meat very tender and juicy.

What people like

  • Consistent satay quality

  • Efficient staff and fast service

  • Surrounded by a long sandy beach and greenery trees to provide diners pleasurable and enjoyable ambience

  • Generous amount of meat per stick

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