Earth Body Massage and Bodywork

Earth Body Massage and Bodywork
Earth Body Massage and Bodywork
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    Signature Regain Myofascial Release Massage and Bodywork
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  • EARTH BODY, founded in 2016 by Ms Sasha with the belief that positive energy can benefit a person's mental and physical well-being. As a certified massage therapist, she strives to incorporate this philosophy into her practice and promotes the healing power of touch.

    If you need to release the tension from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Earth Body has the right therapy for you.


    • Signature Regain Myofascial Release Massage and Bodywork: Earth Body’s signature is therapy and treatment that loosen tight fascia tissues, relieve body aches and pains, improve digestion and blood circulation, reduce stress, and rejuvenate the body while uplifting the mood. This therapy is highly recommended for individuals suffering from frozen shoulder, sciatica/low back pain, whiplash, plantar fasciitis and amongst other musculoskeletal disorders.
    • Self-curated massage and bodywork techniques: Drawing on her knowledge and experience from her studies and training, Sasha curated her own technique that help alleviates restricted movement, eases muscle pain, and improves mobility. The result is a relaxing therapy akin to a zen massage.
    • A globally trained therapist: Sasha received her training and qualifications in Singapore and the USA and continues to collaborate closely with her mentor and peers in the industry.


    • Standard prices for Signature Regain Myofascial Release Massage and Bodywork are as follows:
      90 mins – S$250
      120 mins – S$300
      150 mins – S$350
    • Signature Glowy Scrub: Add-on S$75
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