F9 To A1 [Maths, Science, Chemistry & Physics]

F9 To A1 [Maths, Science, Chemistry & Physics]
F9 To A1 [Maths, Science, Chemistry & Physics]
Image: F9 to A1 Academy
  • Operation
    22 years
  • Level
    Primary & Secondary
  • Class size
    1-1 & Small Group
  • Trial lesson
    Free trial lessons
  • Teaching modes
  • Number of centres
  • Phone
    +65 8188 8009
  • Website
  • F9 To A1 [Maths, Science, Chemistry & Physics] has consistently produced F9 to A1/AL1 results every year since 2004. Parents can refer to their website to peruse the before-and-after science results of their students, F9 to A1/AL1 Results which they have been collecting annually since 2004. Personalised one-on-one lessons catering to the unique learning needs of each and every student address the needs of individual students, unlike normal classroom tutorial teaching. Programs include PSLE, GEP, and Olympiad lessons for primary students from P4 to P6. For Sec1-4 students, O-Level, IP, and special entrance exam courses into prestigious institutions are available.

    F9 to A1 Specialist graduated with a Masters in Engineering degree & awarded two scholarships from NTU and GlobalFoundries.

    For over 20 years, Singapore's only F9 to A1 specialist has been helping struggling science students comprehend Science, Chemistry, and Physics using the most stimulating and refreshing teaching styles. The effectiveness of his teaching methodology has been proven over more than 2 decades, as clearly demonstrated in the yearly F9 to A1 result slips of his students and testimonials from doctors & school teachers. Singapore’s top-rated science tuition centre has consistently produced F9 to A1 results and signed testimonials from parents since 2004. Many of his students are now successful doctors and dentists, including Dr Jonathan Tan & Dr Tan Shee Ying.

    Parents and students have the opportunity to experience the uniquely successful science teaching techniques of our F9 to A1 specialist through free trial lessons. F9 to A1 Specialist is so confident both parents and students will enjoy and benefit from his proven teaching techniques, he has made it compulsory for parents to attend the free trial lessons with their children to witness the success of his F9 to A1 teaching methodology!


    • Free trial lessons available: F9 To A1 Specialist has made it compulsory for parents to attend the free trial lessons, with the aim of allowing both parents and students to observe and appreciate the distinctive and efficient science teaching methods that have been responsible for producing countless AL1s and A1s since 2004.
    • 20 years of teaching experience: For the past 20 years, Singapore’s one & only F9 to A1/AL1 Specialist has consistently produced F9 to A1/AL1 results every year! Testimonials personally signed by school teachers and surgeons are available on his website, attesting to the highly effective teaching methodology.
    • 1-1 customised learning: Singapore’s Only F9 to A1 Specialist understands all students have different learning needs. As a result, 1-1 tailored lessons are effectively structured according to individual students’ learning needs.


    • After improving from F9 to A1/AL1, students have gained significant confidence in Science, Chemistry & Physics and even started to enjoy those subjects.
    • F9 to A1 Specialist has helped thousands of students improve from F9 to A1 since 2004.
    • F9 to A1 Specialist’s ability to identify a spectrum of methods to help weak students, from different backgrounds, improve from F9 to A1/AL1.
    • Free trial lessons for Parents (compulsory) & students prove how effective & interesting the lessons are & why students manage to improve from F9 to A1/AL1 every year since its inception from 2004.

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