Julia Gabriel Centre

Julia Gabriel Centre
Julia Gabriel Centre
Image: Julia Gabriel Centre
  • Operation
    >31 years
  • Level
    Primary school
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  • Address
    583 Orchard Road
    #04-00 Forum
    Singapore 238884
  • Phone
    +65 6733 4322
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  • Julia Gabriel Centre uses a unique method, EduDrama, to instil English Language skills into its students. This is a program that incorporates performance, language, music, and other activities in the learning process.

    The centre was founded by Julia Gabriel and other educators in 1990. Julia Gabriel was the brain behind the ‘EduDrama’ method.

    The late Julia Gabriel held a Master of Education and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of South Australia amongst other impressive credentials. The school is still guided by her teaching philosophy.


    • Learning centres are welcoming, fun, and warm with child-friendly décor.
    • The tutors are skilled in the fields of voice, drama, early education, language, and others.
    • The EduDrama method of teaching engages children through drama tools such as mime, theatre, dramatic poetry, and others.
    • Critical thinking is placed a strong focus on.


    1. Early Learning Programmes

    • The target group is 6-month old infants and children between the ages of 1 and 4.
    • The centre provides a safe and secure environment for infants to progress through their developmental milestones. They play and learn in a language-rich environment.

    2. Drama and Communication

    This is a fun program that offers children an opportunity to learn through role-play, reading aloud, and the use of sound and rhythm. As they progress, they improve in problem-solving and communication skills. They also develop creativity.

    3. Readers and Writers Programmes

    • This programme is for children aged between 18 months and 12 years.
    • The pre-school children learn the foundations of writing and reading which prepares them for primary school.
    • Older children are helped to develop a love for reading and writing.

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