The 5 Best Italian Restaurants in Singapore

Image: Otto Ristorante

Are you looking for an Italian restaurant that enables diners to enjoy the true Italian tastes and feeling outside Italy? You can certainly find plenty of those in Singapore where great Italian dishes are offered in a luxurious and stylish ambience for any of yours romantic dates or special occasion dining.

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1. Otto Ristorante

Otto Ristorante Image: Otto Ristorante


  • Great foods: Even Italian food connoisseurs believe that Otto is one of the best Italian restaurants in the world. Let dishes like Linguine Boston Lobster, Crispy “Suckling Pig”, and Spaghetti with Sea Urchin & Grey Mullet Bottarga prove this.
  • Great wine list: Otto presents to diners an extensive Italian wine list, from sparkling wine to white wine and red wine. Coming from many regions of Italia, those high quality wines are perfect to enhance fine Italian foods and dining experience.
  • Great service: A warm welcome from the restaurant manager, Paolo, and his staff sets off your enjoyable journey at Otto. Along the way, the service crew makes you feel pampered by gently satisfying any of your needs. Otto’s forthcoming chef does the best for your meal, he even comes out to recommend which dish matches best with others.
  • A decent list of cigars is on offer.

2. Basilico Italian Restaurant


  • Good value weekday lunch buffet: Basilico is famous for its weekday lunch buffet. For the price of S$50++, no other Italian restaurants in town offer such high quality buffet like Basilico does. The buffet spread is not huge, but the top-notch quality of antipasti and desserts makes it a steal.
  • Brilliant selection of antipasti: Designed for a perfect start for an Italian meal, but Basilico’s antipasti, to many people, is more than that. This restaurant’s antipasti taste so good that many diners are lost in its world and forget the mains. The presence of a beautiful selection of cold cuts, salads, cheeses, seafood, bread, olive oil and vinegars creates powerful pull while premium items like parma ham and rock melon highlights your meal.
  • Dazzling homemade gelatos for a perfect end: The dessert counter features an authentic array of Italian desserts for everybody to complete the meal. Want something excellent? The restaurant’s smooth, rich and creamy gelatos, praised as one of the best gelatos in Singapore, are there to make you melt.

3. Capricci

Capricci Image: Capricci


  • Value for money buffet lunch: You will experience an enjoyable lunch, which is beyond your expectation for a 15-dollar meal. Appetizers, salad, soup, pizza, pasta, and mains are included in the buffet spread. The price and food quality are what draw a large crowd of office workers at lunchtime.
  • Authentic pizza: The pizza selection is not very wide, but the quality is real. Capricci has some of the best pizzas in Singapore.
  • Relevant wine selection: The wine list is relevant at affordable prices with good wine and food pairing suggestions.
  • Efficient service: Its friendly and attentive service team know how to make every diner feel welcoming and pampered. If you want off-menu dishes, especially vegetarian items, they are willingly made for you. Pleasant service, indeed, but there is no service charge.

4. Pasta Brava Italian Restaurant


  • Fabulous pasta: At Pasta Brava, the pasta dishes live up to the restaurant’s name. Both popular pasta and homemade pasta are delicious, perfectly al-dente with a good balance of ingredients. In its wonderful pasta world, the standouts are definitely Ravioli filled with minced beef, served with a light gorgonzola cheese sauce, and Lasagna with tomato sauce, minced beef, parmesan and mozzarella cheese.
  • Reasonable prices: Ranging from S$20 to S$30 for pasta dishes, prices at Pasta Brava are reasonable for high quality and well-presented foods in a semi-fine dining setting. Besides, generous food portions and efficient service make it a satisfied and pleasant dining experience.
  • Wine list are extensive and relevant, sourced internationally.

5. Fratini La Trattoria

Fratini La Trattoria Image: Fratini La Trattoria


  • Fresh and seasonal Italian dishes served by Omakase-style: Fratini La Trattoria offers dishes according to ingredient freshness and availability. This means you are always served a dish that is in-season, garden-fresh, and bursting with Italian flavors. With top Italian chefs and only the finest authentic recipes, you are always well taken care of at Fratini La Trattoria.
  • Great value set lunch menus: At $45++ on weekdays, and $50++ on weekends, the lunch menu here is a show-stopper. Your tummy will be well satisfied after the elaborate 7-10 courses. Sit back, relax, and get ready for a never-ending line-up of Italian delights – a true foodie’s paradise.
  • Free-valet parking: Nothing is more irritating than searching for a parking space near your going-out spot for hours. This is why Fratini La Trattoria offers complementary valet parking, so you don’t waste valuable time looking for a spot! Instead, roll up to the restaurant, leave your car in good hands and savor the unique Italian dining experience.

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