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Laundry Cares

  • Laundry Cares Image: Laundry Cares
    • Skirt: $5.00
    • Dress: $10.00
    • Blouse: $4.00
    • Trousers: $4.00
    • Evening dress: $20.00
    • Wedding Gown: $50.00

Laundry Cares is a local professional laundry business with a full range of dry cleaning and laundry services. They are committed to providing the utmost of standards and customer service. With their tagging system, Laundry Care excel at managing your laundry in ultimate care and detail from the moment it leaves your door.

What people like

  • Routine schedule for your peace of mind: With Laundry Cares, you can schedule daily, weekly and monthly laundry orders, so you never have to run out of clothes! It is extremely flexible and no commitment is required.
  • 24 hour easily accessible services: Book your order online. For express laundry service, order via phone or SMS, and a specialist will contact you as soon as possible!
  • Affordable package options and free islandwide delivery: Need to wash an entire rooms textiles, but worried about breaking the bank? Laundry care offers 4 pc, 6 pc and 8 pc packages to clean all those curtains without worrying about costs.
  • Seasonal promotions: Want to wash those heavy winter clothes after your holiday to cold weather country and before storing them away? Check out their updated promotions page to find unbeatable laundry deals!


  • Wash
  • Dry
  • Dry clean

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