1 Assist Agency

1 Assist Agency
1 Assist Agency
Image: 1 Assist Agency
  • Best for
    Elderly care services
  • License
  • Experience
    7 years
  • Placement volume
    232 – Better than Industry Average 35
  • Retention rate
    63.36% – Better than Industry Average 49.41%
  • Performance records
    October 2020 to October 2021
  • Address
    170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
    #03-63k Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
    Singapore 588179
  • Phone
    +65 6463 0419
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Fri: 11:00 – 20:00
    Sat & Sun: 10:30 – 18:30pm
    Closed on PH
  • Website
  • The partnership of 1 Assist Agency with the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC) makes this the best choice for elderly care services. Having a large diversity in terms of skillset, the agency assures high-quality services for any specialized requirements.

    You may find them higher on their placement fees; however, the staff’s skills and their dedication will completely justify that. You can access them during any day of the week as they are open during weekends as well.


    • Diversity of skills: You got multiple requirements of skillset in your upcoming maid? This is an easy-peasy deal for 1 Assist Agency. They can quickly filter out all your needs of assorted nature to offer you their best maids.
    • Operates during weekends: Except for public holidays, 1 Assist Agency is always available for your services, even during the weekends. They can help find your next maid for any day of the week, and you should not worry about your schedule of looking for a maid during the weekend.
    • Competitive rates: Although the agency has fairly higher placement fees, the agency fees are very nominal compared to what others are charging. So, if you are tight on your budget, this might be an option to consider.
    • Specialized in elderly care: 1 Assist Agency has a partnership with the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC) and they would be your first stop if you are exploring a helper for the same purpose. Their collaboration with AIC is an additional assurance that the maid they provided will not disappoint you with their services’ quality.


    • Work permit application /Issuance/Cancellation/Renewal
    • Passport Renewal
    • Direct Hire Service from Helper Country for ExSpore helpers only
    • Home Leave Arrangement
    • Maid Pickup/Repatriation Service

    Indonesia package with 3 replacement within 9 months:

    • Agency fee: $588 (fresh helpers); $788 (experienced helpers)
    • Placement fee: $2500 – $3850

    Myanmar package with 3 replacement within 9 months:

    • Agency fee: $388 (fresh helpers); $688 (experienced helpers)
    • Placement fee: $1800 – $3500

    Philippine package with 1 replacement within 6 months:

    • Agency fee: $688 (fresh helpers); $688 (experienced helpers)
    • Placement fee: $2200 – $3000

    PROCESSING FEE: $160 to $835

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