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Comfy Homes
Comfy Homes
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    General home cleaning
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    33 Ubi Ave 3, Vertex #06-34, Singapore 408868
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    +65 9790 1222
  • Opening hours
    Daily from 8:30am to 9pm
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  • Comfy Homes is the solution you'll want to resort to when needing general cleaning of your home or office. The company has been offering housekeeping services since 2002, acquiring satisfied Singaporeans and property management businesses along the way. So, if you are after efficiency and thoroughness, Comfy Homes will meet your demands without fail.


    • A wide range of cleaning services: Comfy Homes’ maids specialize in interior and exterior housekeeping. Whether you need cleaning from floor to ceiling or targeted cleansing, you can’t go wrong with them. Mopping, dusting, window cleaning, linen changing, and vacuuming are some services the housekeeping company offers.
    • Hassle-free regular cleaning service: Many people have a headache when the time for house cleaning comes. If you are one of them, give Comfy Homes a call, and you will have your house or apartment sparkling cleaned regularly. And rest assured that one of Comfy Homes’s managers will meet and brief you thoroughly at the first session.
    • Dedicated cleaner for your house: Comfyhomes also provide the same helper all the time unless you request a change. This can ensure that you will not need to waste time and effort on briefing a different helper each week. However, if you wish to change, they also have free unlimited replacements.
    • Easy booking is another benefit the Comfy Homes cleaning service has for you. You can text them or make a quick booking via their website. Given that you need to speak with the operator, their phone lines are open every day from 9am to 6pm.


    • Standard cleaning services: vacuuming, windows cleaning, bed linen changing, kitchen cleaning, furniture dusting, garbage refusal, toilet cleaning, ironing, and mopping.

    Regular cleaning:

    • Once a week, 4 sessions a month (four hours per session): S$388 per month on weekdays and S$418 per month on weekends.
    • Twice a week, 8 sessions a month (four hours per session): S$748 per month (weekdays) and S$758 (one weekday and one weekend session)
    • Thrice a week, 12 sessions a month (four hours per session): S$1,118 per month
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