5 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to Discard Bulky Items

Best Disposal Services in Singapore
Best Disposal Services in Singapore
Image: Singapore Waste Disposal

For healthier living and a clean environment, decluttering your home now and then is critical. Nevertheless, finding time to have a detailed clean-up on your own might be challenging, considering the busy schedule most of us have in Singapore. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this because there are plenty of disposal service providers in Singapore who can do this job for you.

If you’re looking to dispose of bulky items or old appliances, furniture and other belongings, these service providers can help you do responsible dumping. In addition, they will ensure that these items are removed, handled, and disposed of following the environmental laws.

Our experts have identified the 5 best disposal services in Singapore [2022 review] in the following list. So you can have a quick look to select what suits you the best!

1. GSX Moving

GSX Moving Image: GSX Moving
  • Best for
    Lowest cost with no hidden expense and GST
  • Address
    GSX Moving Pte Ltd. Vision Exchange 2 Venture Drive #24-01 (S)608526
  • Phone
    +65 8833 0050
  • Website
  • Email
  • With over 15 years of experience, GSX Moving is one of the trusted partners for the disposal and handling of bulky items. The company claims to have the most advanced and safest arrangement for relocating, disposing, or recycling waste.

    The team at GSX Moving will be accommodating and responsive to understand your specific needs. You only have to give them a call, and they will handle everything on their own, from getting a confirmation on the quotation to complete disposal and recycling of the materials.

    Besides regular waste disposal and recycling services, GSX Moving is also a reputed name in house moving services. To surpass their customer's expectations, they offer several complementary services free of cost.


    • GSX Moving is among Singapore’s most professional waste disposal services for handling heavier items and furniture.
    • GSX Moving guarantees the lowest cost with no hidden expense and GST, unlike most other service providers operating in the same sector.
    • The staff at GSX Moving is professional and expert in handling the most complex relocation and waste disposal tasks for both commercial and residential structures.
    • The company also offers the safe removal of hazardous materials using special boxes to ensure secure disposal.


    • Residential relocation services
    • Waste disposal services
    • Commercial relocation services
    • Special item relocation services
    • Warehouse relocation services

    2. LS House Movers Singapore

    LS House Movers Singapore Image: LS House Movers Singapore
  • Best for
    Transparent pricing and wallet-friendly prices
  • Address
    406A Fernvale Road 11-35, Singapore 791406
  • Phone
    +65 6797 8818
  • Opening hours
    24 hours daily
  • Website
  • Email
  • If you are looking for a storage and disposal service that is efficient and affordable, LS House Movers Singapore is highly recommended.

    LS House Movers Singapore is a deeply rooted moving company in Singapore with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. You can trust them to dispose of your unwanted items with the least hassle and worries, whether for residential or commercial purposes.

    LS House Movers Singapore is manned by a team of reliable and trustworthy professional experts, as constantly mentioned by their satisfied customers. Their disposal service is also accredited and compliant with local rules and regulations.


    • LS House Movers Singapore is available 24/7. Just call them anytime to schedule your appointment at your most convenient time.
    • LS House Movers Singapore offers transparent pricing and wallet-friendly prices. So disposing of your items does not need to cost a fortune!
    • You can get an instant quotation when you call LS House Movers Singapore or visit their website.
    • With LS House Movers Singapore, you can expect prompt and on-time service. You are no more waiting around for workers who do not show up on time!
    • LS House Movers Singapore has earned excellent customer feedback, often highlighting its above and beyond customer care service.
    • LS House Movers Singapore’s roster of past clients includes big companies in Singapore, adding to their level of trustworthiness.


    • Storage and disposal service
    • Residential moving
    • Office moving
    • Warehouse moving

    3. Move Move Mover

    Move Move Mover Image: Move Move Mover
  • Best for
    Upfront price quotations with no hidden charges
  • Address
    #05-35 3 Soon Lee Street, Singapore 627606
  • Phone
    +65 8332 5196
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Sun 7:00 – 23:00
  • Website
  • Email
  • If you are wary of disposal companies who charge outrageous fees or who cancel bookings at the last minute, then Move Move Mover is worth a try.

    Move Move Mover was founded in 2019 with the vision of becoming the most professional and reliable moving service provider for both residential and commercial clients in Singapore. As such, the company was built on the foundation of honest, hassle-free, and responsive service.

    Aside from furniture disposal, Move Move Mover also recycles bulky items such as pianos, hospital beds, gym sets, and fish tanks.


    • With Move Move Mover, you get what you pay for. Service fees are quoted upfront and there are no hidden charges.
    • You can easily book their service online. Simply enter your address, items for removal, and preferred date and time of appointment.
    • You can book services as soon as the following day after your call or online transaction.
    • The customer service team is very responsive and will accommodate your concerns even after office hours, on weekends, and on public holidays.
    • The moving team is professionally skilled and well-trained in the proper handling of different types of furniture.


    • Residential Furniture Disposal Services
    • Commercial Furniture Disposal Services
    • Secure Items Disposal Services
    • Special Items Moving and Disposal Services
    • Disposal Services
    • Recycling Services
    • Furniture Delivery and Moving Services
    • Storage Services

    4. Greenway Environmental

    Greenway Environmental Image: Greenway Environmental
  • Best for
    Innovative and advanced waste management methods
  • Address
    6 Tuas South Street 8, Singapore 637003
  • Phone
    +65 9186 1627
  • Website
  • Email
  • The team of seasoned management professionals at Greenway Environmental takes pride in their services. They put honesty and environmental integrity above all while handling the waste disposal process at your homes or offices.

    The staff's passion at Greenway Environmental also pushes them to test out new and innovative waste management methods, which makes them stand out from the crowd. Due to the same reason, they are among the companies who have been trusted by many for their most responsible waste handling services.

    The passionate and qualified staff at Greenway Environmental will always be responsive to your individual needs. No matter the type or size of waste to be handled, you can completely count on them for their safe removal and disposal.


    • Greenway Environmental is best known for its innovative and advanced waste management methods, which makes them unique among other service providers.
    • When it comes to customer satisfaction, the team at Greenway Environment will go above and beyond to ensure that the customers are getting what they desire.
    • Due to efficient recycling and disposal operations, the process is cost-saving for the customers, even for the large volumes of waste.
    • All waste handling procedures at Greenway Environmental are compliant with NEA’s Environmental Pollution Control Act, Environmental Public Health Act, and MOM’s Factories Act.


    • Waste collection and disposal services
    • Product destruction services
    • Loading and transportation services
    • Recycling services

    5. Tidy

    Tidy Image: Tidy
  • Best for
    Comprehensive variety of services
  • Address
    29, Tuas Ave 8, Singapore 639244
  • Phone
    +65 9234 4800
  • Website
  • Email
  • Whether you're planning disposal to declutter your home or looking for services for an organization-wide project, Tidy might be the best place to consider. The company offers a comprehensive range of services to select from, which will help you to treat every kind of trash.

    The team at Tidy is capable of handling organic, inorganic, and recyclable waste in all forms. If you're planning to relocate, the company will also be available to help you get rid of old furniture and out-of-order appliances that might not be suitable to move into your new home. The services are also available to safely dispose of e-waste and confidential products with complete privacy and responsibility.

    Tidy also owns an extensive fleet of vehicles, and you should not expect any problem even with a large amount of garbage. Thousands of positive reviews on their social media profiles show their high-quality services.


    • Tidy offers disposal services for commercial and residential projects with the capability of moving and disposing of waste responsibly.
    • The company offers a comprehensive variety of services, and depending upon your need, you can request them to dump almost everything safely.
    • Unlike most other service providers, Tidy manages its disposal and recycling services, which will make the whole process less stressful for you.
    • The company also owns a large fleet of vehicles, including containers and trucks, making them suitable for bulk trash disposal.
    • The representatives at Tidy will be available for your services 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


    • Disposal and recycling services
    • Self-disposal services
    • Waste transportation services
    • Furniture disposal services
    • Bulk disposal services for commercial and residential projects

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