John Robertson’s The Dark Room (Comedy Night at The Projector)

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Comedy Night at the Projector is back after a winter break!

Can you survive the world’s only live action videogame and win £1,000? Comedy Night at the Projector kicks off 2023 in a huge way with John Robertson’s The Dark Room!

Welcome to The Dark Room – the world’s only live-action, text-based adventure game. It’s strange, insane and addictive – it’s a choose-your-own-adventure, so choose it.

How do you play? The audience is trapped in a retro videogame with a sadistic end-of-level boss. Choose your options, survive the abuse simulator that is the improv comedy overlord John Robertson, and escape to win £1,000 – or, be brutally murdered by the rest of the crowd…

Now, will you:

A. Find The Light Switch

B. Go North

C. Abandon Hope

The Dark Room has been performed to crowds of thousands at comedy and gaming festivals around the world, including Insomnia Gaming Festival, London Film & ComicCon, Sci-Fi Weekender, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, FringeWorld Perth, Leeds International Festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest, and to millions online on his Twitch Partner channel.

So kick off the new year and see if you can take the money, but more importantly, if you can FIND THE LIGHT SWITCH, in The Dark Room!

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