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A powerful force on the hip-hop dance stage” The Guardian

Dance like anything is possible.

Be inspired by this international award-winning all-star breakdance crew, ILL-Abilities, comprising seven of the world’s best differently-abled dancers. No Excuses, No Limits takes audiences on a journey of each dancer’s story through dance, music, audience interaction, working towards an understanding of the limitless possibilities that any person can hold.

Having performed in over 25 countries and reached more than 1 million audiences globally, ILL-Abilities makes its way back to Singapore with its latest production, No Excuses, No Limits. This motivational showcase sold out 10 sessions at Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., USA, and will be one that you probably have not experienced before!

ILL-Abilities is a play on the word “ill”, inspired by its usage in hip hop culture to describe something in a positive manner. Rather than meaning “sick” or “unwell”, the “ill” in ILL-Abilities refers to the incredible, amazing and intricate talent of its crew members, who strive to inspire and spread positive thinking through their optimistic attitudes, personal stories and unique dance moves.

This programme is presented as part of da:ns focus – EveryBody, a weekend of dance with inclusivity, diversity and participation; and we encourage everybody and every body to experience dance.

14 Apr 2023, Fri, 8pm

15 Apr 2023, Sat, 2pm & 8pm

16 Apr 2023, Sun, 2pm

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