Own Your Voice Show – Tea Talks: Defining Your Own Success

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Let’s be honest. Since young, we’ve been taught how to be successful — study hard, get good grades, get a good job, and you’ll live a good life. Maybe you’ve had dreams of pursuing your passion, but you’ve been told it’s unrealistic and impractical. After years of following the blueprint of success you were taught, you’re just not happy. Here’s a message for you: it’s never too late to design your life. It’s never too late to define what success means to you, and live it fully. In this episode of the Own Your Voice Show, you’ll hear stories from guests who have defined their own success despite being told that they were “impractical” or “too young” “too old”. You’ll be led through an activity where you’ll start defining your own success, and receive tips you can apply right away after the show.

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