The 5 Best Healthy Food Cafes in Singapore

Image: Onaka Restaurant

Nowadays, we humans are more seriously attentive to our health and we all know that eating right can help maintain a healthy weight and avoid hidden health problems. The only thing holding some of us back from eating healthily is that clean-eating foods are not always as delicious as the so-called sinful dishes.

If that is your reason so, think again. The large number of healthy food cafes mushrooming across Singapore in recent years reveals that more and more people have fallen in love with this health-friendly kind of foods. No doubt, only great innovations in culinary recipes have that life-changing power, making healthy foods taste better than ever.

You can explore by yourself with our list of the best healthy food cafes on hand.

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1. Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food

Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food Image: Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food


  • Small sized yet big on quality menu: Ci Yan offers a very simple menu, simply written on a black board in front of the restaurant. Only 4 to 6 dishes are listed on that daily changing menu under categories of brown rice sets, noodles and desserts. Although there aren’t many options, the deliciousness, healthiness and affordability are always there to make up the space.

2. Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar @ ARC (Closed)

Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar @ ARC (Closed) Image: Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar


  • Extensive menu: Onaka offers an extensive range of organic vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes, including a good selection of appetizers, mains, desserts and drinks. Infusing health-friendly cooking methods such as baking, steaming and sous- vide into creative recipes, Onaka makes the foods tasty and healthy.
  • Value-for-money set lunch ($28.00): Picking a set meal choice is a way to have delicious foods at better price when dining at Onaka. You can design your own food set by selecting your wanted entree, main and dessert.

3. Real Food @ Somerset (Closed)

Real Food @ Somerset (Closed) Image: Real Food


  • A relaxing healthy food cafe at bustling Orchard: Real food with its spacious room is a good place for an escaping moment at Orchard. Visit the place for a leisure meal at the dim-lit, modern dining area or just for a coffee with friends at the in-house bookshop.
  • Delicious organic vegetarian foods: Real Food has a wide menu of organic vegetarian fare with a good blend of Western and Asian dishes, freshly prepared and full of flavors.

4. The Living Cafe & Deli

The Living Cafe & Deli Image: The Living Cafe & Deli


  • Creative and tasty raw foods: The Living Cafe spotlights raw foods on its menu. Making raw ingredients flavorful is an art, and the chefs at this restaurant can make their food creations an art piece through jazzing up vegetables with delicious home-made sauces. Besides greens, protein options like chicken and salmon are added to the menu to satisfy other dietary needs.
  • Wonderful selection of desserts: Raw dessert is another highlight at The Living Cafe. You will be certainly melted with its beautifully presented and delicious sweet offers.
  • Kid-friendly dining place: In its spacious room, there is a playing section for kids to have some fun while enjoying meal.

5. Sunny Choice Cafe @ The Rail Mall

Sunny Choice Cafe @ The Rail Mall Image: Sunny Choice Cafe


  • Tasty vegetarian foods at affordable prices: With $10 diners can pick any food item on the restaurant’s menu. The delicious dishes are freshly prepared in Chinese, Korean or Western style, using organic ingredients and served in generous portions.
  • High-tech ordering system: At Sunny Choice, diners can place orders efficiently through the Samsung tablet provided at each and every tables.

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