TGIF Music Station 周5音乐站: Reminiscing School Days! 我的少年时光

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Featuring Singapore’s favourite performing artists and rising stars, join us for good local music performances at TGIF Music Station!

With a new year beginning and school re-starting, we’re opening 2024’s first TGIF Music Station with the theme “Reminiscing School Days!”, where artiste will performs songs that remind them of their school years.

We have Music-In-Law, Arya Yunata, Christy Mai, Dawn Yeoh and Bonnie Loo in the lineup to give us a glimpse of their time in school, from from friendships and young love to school life in general. Let music be a source of motivation for youths to persevere through their schooling years as it had done for generations before!

Performances will be in hybrid format with live performance at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and, online at the following platforms:

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s Facebook Page 

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre TikTok Channel @SingaporeCCC

Cross Ratio Entertainment’s Facebook Page

YES 933’s Facebook Page

YES 933’s TikTok Channel @yes933

8world Entertainment and Lifestyle’s Facebook Page

KKBOX’s Facebook Page

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