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The 5 Best Thai Restaurants in Singapore

  • The 5 Best Thai Restaurants in Singapore Image: Jai Thai

Thai cuisine is renowned for its distinctive flavors, which are a mix of spicy and sour tastes. Basically, Thai cuisine relies on four fundamental taste senses: sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. In fact, the secret to all Thai food lies in the subtle differences in the proportions of ingredients used which can add layers of flavor and aroma.

In this article, you will find the best Thai restaurants to enjoy the addictive Thai cuisine at wallet-friendly prices.

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1. Nakhon Kitchen at Hougang Street

  • Nakhon Kitchen at Hougang Street Image: Nakhon Kitchen


  • One of the most affordable casual Thai restaurants in Singapore: Most of the dishes listed under categories of Chicken, Pork, Vegetables, Rice and Noodles are reasonably priced at S$6.00. For seafood dishes, the prices range between S$10.00 and S$12.00. It could be said that Nakhon Kitchen beats every Thai restaurant in giving diners the best deal for delicious Thai foods.
  • Great food served fast: No matter how many dishes are ordered, they all will be served at your tables quickly after you are seated. This is because orders are made while diners are in the queue and the staff is efficient in taking orders, setting the tables and delivering the foods. At Nakhon Kitchen, most people are willing to queue and consider the quick service as a compensation for the long queuing time.
  • Extremely spicy Tom Yam Soup: A bowl of clear Tom Yam soup at Nakhon Kitchen is a reward for those who love spicy foods. In its extremely spicy soup, there is a generous amount of fresh chosen ingredients like seafood and chicken. The distinctive aroma of lemongrass and the sour taste will knock you out from the first spoon.

2. Ah Loy Thai Restaurant

  • Ah Loy Thai Restaurant Image: Ah Loy Thai Restaurant


  • Addictive Butter Calamari: Butter Calamari is one of the signature dishes of Ah Loy Thai, which usually runs out soon. As its name would suggest, the dish is prepared in the way that calamari is deep fried to a light, golden crunch then coated with butter and spicy chilli sauce. The sauce makes this dish more heavenly.
  • Menu is simple, yet it offers equally good dishes: Ah Loy Thai has a very small menu, which could be listed on one page. Nonetheless it is also an advantage because this kind of menu enables the chefs to keep things under control to deliver consistent and equal quality to each dish on offer. Besides Butter Calamari, other dishes like Pandan Chicken, Tom Yum, Green Curry, Pad Thai, Thai Crispy Mango Chicken, and Pineapple Fried Rice are all delicious.

3. Jai Thai Restaurant on Purvis Street

  • Jai Thai Restaurant on Purvis Street Image: Jai Thai Restaurant


  • Comprehensive menu with around 100 dishes: Jai Thai’s expansive menu will certainly make diners be spoilt for choice. Besides the Thai favorites, diners can also find many dishes that you are hard to find anywhere such as Thai Penang curry with chicken, beef or prawns.
  • Individual set menus that are value for money: Jai Thai offers six dazzling individual sets for diners to choose from. Tom Yum Set (S$7.80), Green Curry Set (S$7.80), Pad Thai Set (S$6.80) and Beef Noodle Set (S$6.80) are for those who prefer to have a sufficient portion of their favorite to satisfy their craving. For people who like sampling some of the specialties in the restaurant such as Thai Spring Roll, Thai Green Curry Chicken, Fish with Chilli Sauce, Pandan Chicken, Mango Salad and Tofu Green Curry, try Pineapple Rice Set (S$9.80) or Olive Rice Set (S$9.80). In addition, a dessert of the day and a choice of drink will also be included in each of these sets.
  • Vegetarian options available: Unlike most other Thai restaurants, Jai Thai offers a delicious and flavored vegetarian menu with around 30 items listed under categories of Appetizers, Soup, Bean Curd, Vegetables & Salads, and Rice & Noodles.

4. Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant

  • Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant Image: Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant


  • 24/7 Thai foods: This never-sleep culinary destination is always ready for your Thai food fix. You won’t be alone even at your late night visit since this casual eatery always has a bustling air with a great number of customers anytime.
  • A Thai street exciting atmosphere right in Singapore: Known as Singapore’s Little Thailand, Golden Mile Complex is home to Thai eateries, Thai super market, Thai grocery stores and Thai fashion shops that mainly cater for the Thai community in Singapore. This bustling exciting place really makes you feel you are in Thailand. If you want to taste authentic Thai food in a typical Thai street atmosphere, with Thai fellow diners at other tables, Diandin Leluk will catch your eye.

5. Joe’s Kitchen

  • Joe’s Kitchen Image: Joe’s Kitchen


  • Extensive menu with dishes adjusted to suit local palates: Joe’s Kitchen features a very large menu with hundreds of dishes listed under categories of appetizers, salads, soups, beef, chicken, pork, omelettes, tofu, prawns, crabs, fish, vegetables, rice & noodles, desserts and beverages. Food spiciness level is kept minimal that is suitable for those who cannot take spicy food well.
  • Awesome Stuffed Chicken Wings for fans of Thai finger foods: Joe’s Kitchen appetizers are often praised by local foodies, especially the stuffed chicken wings. The exterior of the wings were fried to crisp golden brown perfection with fillings made up of minced chicken meat mixed together with bits of chestnuts and sweet corn kernels. The mid-section of the chicken wing is nicely deboned, so this finger food dish won’t make your hands messy.

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