10 Best Florists with Sure Love Flowers for Mother’s Day 2019

Image: June Florist

Mother’s Day is around the corner and you are thinking of a delightful bunch of flowers to put sunshine into the special day of your Mom? With our roundup of Singapore’s most thoughtful florists, you can find the perfect blooms with ease.

These florists are so excited to show off their floral bouquets and arrangements which are crafted with a variety of flowers our Singaporeans are fond of, from traditional carnations to all-time favorite roses, from cute baby’s breath to cheerful sunflowers, from vibrant gerberas to delicate eustoma.

All the gorgeous bouquets have made ready for you to bring spring to your Mom’s heart. Just browse through all the appealing options and pick the most-loved, the florists will help deliver the happiness right to your Mom’s doorstep. Some offer to do this free of charge. Some even give discount to your purchase. So, you have no excuse not to express love to your Mom this Mother’s Day.

1. Gift Flowers

Image: Gift Flower

Scan through the bouquet selection on the e-commerce shop of Gift Flowers and feel like you are standing amidst a well-designed flower garden. Their wide array of beautiful bunches please the eyes through artistic colour matching and harmonious flower combination. This is the collection for you to enjoy your Mother’s Day flower shopping time if you have a Mom appreciating the elegance.

With Gift Flowers, floral options for Mother’s Day go beyond just bouquets. Stunning flowers in boxes, their unique and best-selling products, are abundant in styles for you to send over a gift like no other. It is nice to receive flowers, but it is wonderful to get those beauties with a twist. So, why don’t you move in trend with this new gift idea and make the occasion refresh?

Those want to make Mother’s Day a super sweet time for Mom can pair the flowers with a chocolate box. Anything you need, just have it done online through their website, or through sending email to the team. Their staff are more than happy to discuss with you via phone if you wish to customize an order.

Let them complete your shopping experience by helping you deliver the happiness to your Mom with zero dollar charged.

2. Floristique

Image: Floristique

Love the spring field where many different types of flowers are blooming? You can’t find that kind of treasure in Singapore, but you can definitely get a fresh flower bunch with “just picked” look here without flying anywhere. All you need to do is visit Floristique’s online store and pick your love. This florist has a wide selection of flower bouquets, all are of the free style for you to choose from.

Their business is merely online, but it is so personal. Just discuss with Wendy, the florist at Floristique, through email, phone (+65 9853 4620) or WhatsApp about your needs, she will try her best to make both you and your Mom happy. With Floristique, anything can be customised, from flowers, bouquet size to wrapper and even ribbon.

Shopping with them means you can enjoy free delivery.

3. Roses Only

Roses Only Infinity Red Roses
Roses Only Infinity Red Roses
Image: Roses Only

If your Mom has adoration for roses, then Roses Only is the perfect florist for you this Mother’s Day. It is simply because they are the only flower shop in Singapore that centers their business on roses and sources these queen flowers from the best producers around the world.

What is so special about their flowers is that all the roses are the long-stemmed, exquisitely presented in elegant gift boxes. A touch of luxury is added into each rose box to make it a premium quality gift.

This year they introduce a great collection of Infinity Roses which are real, handpicked roses that will last for at least one year! These special roses are cut at their most perfect state and specially treated with Roses Only’s eco-friendly solution which allows them to transform into long-lasting roses that maintain their freshness and structure.

A box of 12 long-stemmed roses is already a nice surprise for your Mom. But if you want a bigger “wow”, you can choose to send over a box of 18, 24, or even 25 stalks. Colors are available in red, bright pink and pastel pink.

Want to spoil your Mom? Couple the flowers with chocolate, or rose diffuser and you can rest assured that the gift makes her day.

Delivery can be done from 08:00 to 18:00 on the Mother’s Day itself.

4. June Florist

June-florist-mother-day-2018 singapore
June-florist-mother-day-2018 singapore
Image: June Florist

The beauty of June Florist’s bouquet selection lies in the refined designs fit for the ladies of different styles and hobbies. The amount of bouquets available for ordering is kept limited to make sure each bunch is a sophisticated offering.

Their e-commerce store is brighten up with the beauty of roses, spray roses, tulips, peonies, eustomas, hydrangeas, carnations and lilies. These familiar flowers make up a safe and classic choice to bring a smile to the face of any mother. Popular choice doesn’t mean it is boring, June Florist always freshens up each bunch by using an assortment of seasonal little fillers that can remind the recipients of a wild flower field.

When it comes to payment methods, things get so flexible. You can opt to settle the bill via PayPal, bank transfer or even cash upon collection.

5. Smile Floral

Image: Smile Floral

This Mother’s Day, Smile Floral takes pride in having a separate lovely section of flowers and gifts to inspire you with ideal presents for Mom.

With this Mother’s Day corner, there is something for every shopper. From cute sets of Mason jars featuring pink roses and white carnations, a beautiful collection of rose, tulip, gerbera, carnation, baby’s breath, sunflower and lily bunches to dramatic 99-rose bouquets and indulgent flowers & gift sets.

Every Mom will like the loveliness and creativeness of the three hand-painted Mason jar set sweetly saying the word “ M O M”. These sets are one of the most loved gift ideas this Mother’s Day.

Those looking to bring a wonder and a dramatic moment for Mom should get your pick from Smile Floral’s 99-rose offerings. Your S$195 can make dream come true, a super good price, right? You can’t find these 99-rose bouquets anywhere else in Singapore at a better price than that.

Want to pamper Mom more? You can easily do this by adding an elegant Jack’s Place cake to your order.

Smile Floral offers free delivery for order from S$60 and above. Those choose to do self collection can enjoy S$10 off.

6. Floral Garage

Image: Floral Garage

Floral Garage is the florist for those who like variety when shopping. Whether what you want is more bouquet designs, more flower types, more price tags, or all, they have got you covered. Their e-commerce store is like a tree in bloom, covered with more than a hundred bouquets of carnations, gerberas, hydrangeas, lilies, roses, tulips, cymbidiums, and sunflowers.

Want something different this Mother’s Day? Find inspiration in their vegetable bouquets and boxes. A colourful bunch of fresh fruits and veggies to surprise Mom, why not? She may surprise you with a mouth-watering bowl of salad later.

7. Flower Factory

Flower-Factory singapore
Flower-Factory singapore

What is so good about Flower Factory is that their flowers are there for joy, not for burning anybody’s pockets. You will find in their e-commerce store a wide selection of wallet-friendly bouquets with plenty of bunches at the prices ranging from S$32 to S$55.

This Mother’s Day, Flower Factory drenches each and every bunch in the Mother’s Day collection with the beauty of carnation flowers, helping you convey love and admiration to your Mom. This traditional flower choice is still the most popular.

But that is not all, the “Everyday Bouquets” are always there to serve those looking for a more modern symbol or simply a flower that their Mom love.

If these are not enough after all, don’t hesitate to communicate with their team through email or WhatsApp, they are only too glad to customise an order for you.

8. Craftway Floral

Craftway-Floral singapore mother's day 2018
Craftway-Floral singapore mother's day 2018
Image: Craftway-Floral

Searching for flower bouquets with inexpensive price tags? Visit Craftway Floral’s online store to be fed with choices of pocket-friendly flowers. Starting from S$30 for a sunflower bunch and S$38 for a mini rose bouquet, Craftway Floral’s prices are among the cheapest you can find on Singapore market, especially on Mother’s Day occasion.

That reasonably-priced bouquet selection is wide, with more than 50 options nicely and neatly presented on the site for you to browse through easily. Though their floral designs are simple, the store is still very eye-catching. Bold in a contrasting way are the words to describe Craftway Floral’s bouquets. If that is also what your Mom likes, then this is your right florist on the coming occasion.

Roses, Lilies, Sunflowers, Gerberas, Eustomas, Hydrangea and baby’s breath are the beauties live in most of their bunches.

9. Bloomdale

Bloomdale florist singapore
Bloomdale florist singapore
Image: Bloomdale

Bloomdale is well-loved for their bright and youthful selection of hand bouquets. Those flower designs shine with joy and excitement.

This Mother’s Day, they have a small corner on their website dedicated to bouquets and flower boxes for motherhood – celebrating day. Carnations, roses, hydrangea, and eustomas are chosen to be the angel sending love message over.

Prices start as low as S$30 for a small carnation bouquet.

10. Happy Bunch

Image: Happy Bunch

Famous for the concept “one day, one bouquet design” created to surprise ladies with the freshest flowers of the day. Thing is kept simple the same way this Mother’s Day, Happy Bunch is going to win your heart with their lovely rainbow baby’s breath bouquets – or as they more affectionately call, bunches.

A baby’s breath bunch for Mom, why not? “No matter how big I grew up, no matter how far I go in my life, I am still your little baby” are the sweet words a baby’s breath bunch can help you say to your mother.

Aside from this heart-warming message for Mother’s Day, one among other things Happy Bunch can do for you is adding convenience and pleasure to your shopping experience. No delivery fee charged, despite the occasion. Same day delivery is provided, despite the festive period. It is so good for those who almost forget the day. This kind of “last minute order” won’t cost you any extra pennies if you place it with Happy Bunch.

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