• Chatterbox Image: Chatterbox
  • Address
    Level 5 Mandarin Orchard Hotel, 333 Orchard Road
  • Phone
    (65) 6831 6291
  • Opening hours
    Sun – Thu: 11.00 – 01:00
    Fri, Sat & PH: 10:00 – 02:00

Being an award-winning restaurant for Hainanese chicken rice, Chatterbox has proudly called itself “Home of the Legendary Mandarin Chicken Rice”. When Mandarin Orchard Singapore started its operation in 1971, Chatterbox has been opened to serve this traditional dish in modern atmosphere.


  • Chicken rice at a 5 star hotel: Situated on level 5 of Mandarin Orchard, a 5 star hotel in the heart of Orchard, Chatterbox offers a high-end dining experience for a local's everyday dish. It is a place to treat oversea guests a traditional meal in a posh ambience.
  • A wine list to go with chicken rice: For those who love to have either red wine or white wine to enhance the dish and the dining experience, Chatterbox offers a wine list to satisfy such needs. And if you want something more, the hotel bar is at your service.

How is the chicken rice?
Chatterbox’s chicken rice is one of the best in town. The portion is generous. The soup is praised more than any other components of the meal. The chicken meat is lean, tender and juicy. Generous amounts of chilli sauce, ginger paste and dark soy sauce are separately served in three small containers. These condiments are fresh and full of flavor.

Other Dishes
Aside chicken rice, Chatterbox serves a beautiful selection of Asian delights such as lobster laksa, king prawn fried hokkien noodles, satay, beef kway teow and roasted Wagyu beef sandwich.

Must Try
– Hainanese chicken rice
– Lobster laksa
– Nasi lemak
– Herbal bak kut teh
– Mandarin coconut ice cream

In a prime location for accessing anything, Chatterbox is there for chicken rice, a dish is normally seen at food courts and coffee shops. Spacious and modern, Chatterbox features a posh ambience for traditional fare. The place is often packed with oversea diners. Sitting by the windows, you can have a great view of energetic Orchard.

Average Price/pax: S$32 (including service fees and GST) for a set of chicken rice

The 5 Best Chicken Rice in Singapore

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