The 5 Best Taiwanese Restaurants in Singapore

Taiwanese Restaurant
Taiwanese Restaurant
Image: Shin Yeh Restaurant

Although Taiwanese cuisine is influenced from mid to southern provinces of China, it still has its own flavours. Native Taiwanese dishes are prepared by using common ingredients like pork, beef, chicken, seafood, rice and noodles and numerous seasonings such as soy sauce, sesame oil, rice wine, fermented black beans and chilli peppers. Popular Taiwanese dishes are oyster omelette, oyster vermicelli, minced pork rice, braised pork rice, beef noodles and bubble teas.

Having Taiwanese food is like tasting new flavours yet close to yummy home-cook food. Singaporeans mostly choose Taiwanese cuisine for a family meal or friend reunions.

Despite limited number of Taiwanese restaurants in Singapore, you can still find places to have this cuisine at its best flavours. The below list introduces 5 best eating spots serving delicious Taiwanese food.

1. Din Tai Fung Restaurant @ Marina Bay Sands

Din Tai Fung Restaurant @ Marina Bay Sands Image: Din Tai Fung


  • Outstanding dumplings: Steamed pork dumpling, also known as Xiao Long Bao, is the main draw of Din Tai Fung. No doubt diners come to this Taiwanese style restaurant for its delicious dumplings and the restaurant is always successful in keeping dumplings lovers inspired with the freshness and harmony in each little art piece. There are several types of dumplings to choose from, each of them has its own tasteful flavors to make people unforgettable.
  • Prime location: The restaurant is located at Marina Bay Sands, a shopping and entertainment paradise in Singapore. It is a convenient and recommended place for both shoppers and hotel guests to have a yummy meal while patronizing MBS.
  • Best value dining experience: Although everything in Marina Bay Sands has high price tag,  the pricing at Din Tai Fung here is similar to other branches. It means that the dining experience you get at the restaurant is worth more than what you pay for.

2. Shin Yeh Restaurant

Shin Yeh Restaurant Image: Shin Yeh Restaurant


  • Excellent food: Food is definitely a main highlight of Shin Yeh. All the delicious and tasteful dishes are well prepared by its skillful chefs using freshest ingredients and authentic Taiwanese recipes. New dishes are periodically introduced to enable the restaurant’s loyal patrons to have more and more flavors from Taiwan.

3. Oasis Taiwan Porridge

Oasis Taiwan Porridge Image: Oasis Taiwan Porridge


  • Tasteful Food: Despite the name is Oasis Taiwan Porridge, the restaurant serves not only porridge but also a wide selection of Taiwanese dishes including meat, seafood, vegetables, rice and noodles. The food is delicious and well prepared using recipes that suit locals taste best. Having a meal at Oasis is like enjoying yummy traditional home-cook food. While preserving their signature dishes, the restaurant has also created interesting new dishes to cater to their loyal diners needs of new flavors.

4. 8 Degree Taiwanese Bistro

8 Degree Taiwanese Bistro Image: 8 Degree Taiwanese Bistro


  • Simple yet delicious authentic Taiwanese bites: Allow your eyes to wander through its large menu, and pick a few dishes to share and try with your friends. The dishes are budget-friendly, and the portions are hearty enough to pass around. Among the favorites are Golden Salted Egg Yolk Prawn Ball, crafted with a light, crispy batter coating the succulent prawns, and Stewed Pork Belly Rice.
  • Invigorating selection of desserts and drinks: Once you’re done with the mains, finish off with a sweet kick! Try the Shaved Ice with Red Bean for a smooth yet refreshing dessert to cleanse your palate. With drinks, 8 Degree features everything from bubble tea, to milkshakes, juices and beers. With prices starting at $3.00, drinks are an affordable addition to your meal.
  • Pop-themed décor and relaxed ambience: Inspired by the famous singer Jay Chou, 8 Degrees is heavily themed after his album, with everything from hanging guitars on the walls to some pictures plastering the walls. The ambience is very laid-back, and provides the perfect atmosphere to catch up with an old friend for dinner.

5. Lai Lai Taiwan Casual Dining

Lai Lai Taiwan Casual Dining Image: Lai Lai Casual Dining


  • Serving the best bowls of Taiwanese beef noodles in town: Beef noodles are the main draw of Lai Lai Taiwan Casual Dining. Their noodles bowls have the right combination of fragrant soup, smooth and tender braised meat, springy noodles, enhanced by pickled mustard greens and chilies.
  • Tasty kid’s menu for the fussy eaters: Lai Lai is the kind of restaurant that one can take the whole family out to for a satisfying dinner. There is food for adults, and there are special meals for the little ones. Their kids menu includes four colorful, appealing options at prices ranging from $6.90 to $7.90.
  • Value for money lunch express set meals: Lai Lai has been famous for offering value for money weekday lunch sets for years. These sets ($8.90 – $10.90) include a large portion bowl of rice or noodles, and a glass of red milk tea or fruit juice. There are more than 10 options of rice and noodles to choose from – Unagi Egg Rice, Braised Pork Belly Egg Rice, Taiwan Vermicelli, and Smoked Bacon Ramen, just to name a few.

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