7 Best Cocktail Bars in Singapore for a Shake-me-up

Image: Anti:Dote Bar

Ready to explore a more quiet yet sophisticated side of Singapore nightlife? With 2 cocktail bars in the World’s 50 Best Bars list, our city boasts a delightful profusion of alcoholic beverages. Allow these top 7 marvelous spots to lure you in, and reward yourself with a drink or two after an exhausting day at work.

1. 28 HongKong Street Bar

28 HongKong Street Bar Image: 28 HongKong Street


  • New York style surroundings with mouth-watering cocktails worth dying for: Don’t be fooled by the shabby entrance door, look behind it to unravel its many secrets. Once you step inside, fall in love with the immaculately stylish lounge setting. The darkness and privacy of the room brings us back to New York cocktail bars – perfect for a discreet date! When you are seated, you will be handed a very lengthy cocktail & spirits list, accommodating for every taste. 28 HongKong Street takes pride in its amazing hospitality, and top-quality drinks that are handcrafted with care, every single time.
  • Nonchalant ambience and fine music for a laid-back Friday night: Reserve a table for post-dinner drinks with friends, or perhaps a private hot date! Expect a dynamic mix of urban swing and hip hop classics pumped out of the speakers for an old school American style vibe. Bop your head to the beat and savor the innovative cocktails in this secretive spot.
  • Constantly evolving menu for brand-new cocktails: Never get sick of the cocktail menu at 28! With three revamps a year, the menu features up to 25 new concoctions each time. Explore the unusual cocktail names, fanciful ingredients and harmonious flavors with the ever-changing menu.

2. Manhattan Bar

Manhattan Bar Image: Manhattan Bar


  • Upscale interiors for an evening of extravagance: Rest your signature cocktail on the polished marble tables, sit back into the Chesterfield couches and enjoy the luxurious antiquity of this carefully designed bar. This lavish spot attracts high-class clientele, such as businessmen, hotel guests and special occasion groups.
  • Exquisite cocktails and superb dishes specially-selected by Nicholas Trosein: The beverage menu compliments the vintage American-style atmosphere with 25 seasonal cocktails that will set a memory-print on your taste buds. Ladies, try the Princess Cut cocktail (28$) for a delicately refreshing drink. For the gents, order an Eigth Ward (24$) for an oaky whiskey with hints of invigorating zest. Feeling peckish? Nosh on the multitude of shareable dishes crafted by the head chef.
  • Sunday Cocktail Brunch for a true indulgence: While champagne lovers could easily get a bubbly brunch in many hotel restaurants around town, cocktail fans didn’t have that luxury. Only when Manhattan combined cocktails with the best meal of the day in its Sunday cocktail brunch, then we can enjoy unlimited cocktails with Maine lobsters, hand-rolled bagels and BBQ braised short ribs.
  • Private rooms for group events: Make your pick from three exclusive private rooms for your next corporate event or fancy occasion. Choose from the ‘Rockfeller Room’ for an uber-luxe space with a dedicated champagne station, the ‘Library Room’ for a secluded intimate experience behind a secret door, or the ‘Private Salon’ for a cozy gathering amidst plush American leather seats and hand-crafted wool rugs.

3. Anti:Dote Bar

Anti:Dote Bar Image: Anti:Dote


  • Chic surroundings with various seating areas to match your mood: Wow your eyes with this spectacularly swanky spot, with its sleek furniture and mysterious lighting. After a long day of work/sightseeing, sink into the comfortable plush couches, or sit back into a high-chair if you’re feeling a burst of energy. Let the jazz band set the mood while you click-glasses with your date.
  • Reinvented cocktails for a one-of-a-kind experience: With its constantly evolving menu come exquisitely revamped classics to refresh your taste buds. These crafted-to-impress cocktails include the ‘Sparkling Collins Royale’: featuring Veuve Clicquot and a hint of lemon juice, ‘Pomegranate Paloma’ for a fruity twist for the tequila lovers, or the ‘Aqua Fresca’ for a revitalizing drink.
  • Tapas with an innovative modern twist: You will struggle to share these delicious mini-dishes with your friends! Sensationalize yourself with beautifully reinvented tapas, such as the ‘tajima steak & port-wine glaze (28$), or the zesty cod croquettes (14$).

4. Jigger and Pony

Jigger and Pony Image: Jigger and Pony


  • A world of vintage and classic cocktails: Combining spectacular Japanese bartending and a lengthy list of cocktails in vintage and classic styles, you are bound to discover a new favorite that is artfully created to match your taste-buds. Enjoy a French 75 for a bubbly celebration, or an Old Fashioned for the Bourbon taste. Out with a large group of friends? Drink up from a massive punch-bowl ($190) that offers up to 20 drinks for an unforgettable party.
  • Multi-cultural ambience bursting with global décor: Take a trip around the world, in just one bar! Prop up on the booth seating with Spanish-inspired colors, sip on an ice-cold beer from the Italian beer taps while being surrounded with French alcohol posters that accessorize the walls. This eclectic mix of styles along with the classic jazz music creates a comforting and laid-back vibe.
  • Happy hours (daily 18:00 to 20:00) for signature cocktails at an unbeatable price: This is a chance to enjoy their amazing cocktails for just 14$. Double the cocktails without stretching your wallet? Count me in!

5. The Library Bar

The Library Bar Image: Alaine Chen


  • Eccentric venue closeted behind a secret door at a tiny suit-shop: Once you unravel the password, enter one of the hottest ‘top-secret’ bars in Singapore. Confuse your senses as you wander inside a mirrored chamber, and touch around to find the second hidden door, leading into the dimly-lit wonder bar.
  • Vivacious ambience with funky melodies: This bar cozily packs a maximum of 55 people, with little room to maneuver. With walls stacked with bottles of alcohol, the dark atmosphere and the buzzing hip-hop, jazz and blues soundtrack, The Library is the perfect spot to spend your Saturday night.
  • Top-quality cocktails with wacky concoctions to intrigue your taste-buds: This cocktail haven is far from boring. Where else can you find a horseradish-infused vodka? Enjoy the ‘Bloody Andy’ with a yellow pepper twist to the famous ‘Bloody Mary’, or ‘Rye N Air’ for a sweet blend of peach and rye whiskey. Take in the eclectic mix of flavors, which surprisingly work well in synchrony!

6. Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall

Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall Image: Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall


  • A cocktail bar with a local touch: This buzzing little place breathes, speaks and smells local. Everything from the simple furnishing, linguistic name, local delicacies and cocktails oozes with Singaporean authenticity.
  • Quick-stop worthy cocktails in a homey and casual setting: Don’t let the simplicity of this bar drive you away. With only a few wooden seating areas around the standard-looking bar, this place’s interior far from fancy. However, it is the perfect stop for a carefully crafted top-of-the-line cocktail after a stroll on the Singapore River. From splendid martinis to gin-filled bevvys, the bartender will gladly whip up and customize any drink you crave. Try ‘The Final Gift’ for an ultimate kick – created with strong liquer, red dates and dried longan, this concoction is not for the faint-hearted!
  • Highly-recommended bites to satisfy your hunger: This spot features some of the best hawker dishes in Singapore. The Hokkien mee ($12) combines wok-fried shrimp, noodles, squid and chili-lime sauce. Fancy something different? Try the ‘har jeong gai’ featuring fermented prawn paste and chicken for just $10.

7. Maison Ikkoku Bar

Maison Ikkoku Bar Image: Maison Ikkoku Bar


  • Sophisticated venue with ultimate class: Maison Ikkoku cleverly combines cosy and mellow with class and prestige. The white-brick walls are lined with a plethora of alcohol bottles and fresh herb pots and winding vines. This swanky venue is the perfect mix between antique and modern-crisp, with its wooden high chairs and contemporary ceiling lights.
  • All-day breakfast menu complimented by a cocktail of your choice: Where else can you enjoy a vodka martini with a plate of smoked salmon & eggs? Maison Ikkoku is a brunch and cocktail lovers’ dream come true. Indulge in a hangover omelet ($18) for an incredibly filling breakfast that will keep you going for hours. Promotions are constantly run here. Order a glass of Bloody Good Mary on a Sunday, and receive a complimentary Irish Live Oyster!

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