Image: 2am:dessertbar
  • Address
    21A Lorong Liput, Holland Village
    Singapore 277733
  • Phone
    +65 6291 9727
  • Opening hours
    Tue – Fri: 15:00 - 02:00
    Sat – Sun: 11:00 - 02:00
  • Tucked away in the quaint Holland Village, 2am:dessertbar is a modern chic dessert place serving artistic sweet items. This marvel is run by a young and very talented chef, Janice Wong, who has been awarded Pastry Chef of the Year 2011, at the 2011 World Gourmet Summit.


    • Desserts with a touch of haute cuisine: What we can find at 2am:dessertbar are a talented celebrity pastry chef behind the dessert counter and her beautiful creations on our tables. Each sweet plate is an art piece that will please both the eyes and the palate. But most importantly, the taste and quality of 2am:dessertbar’s innovative sweet items are as fine as those in the five star establishments. This dessert place is not a venue to pig out on sweet stuff. It is a place to enjoy the artistic desserts in appreciation.
    • Dessert and wine: 2am:dessertbar is serious about dessert and does a good job in suggesting the best match for all of its sweet items. A few examples include Shades of Green with Crios Torrontes 2011, Mediterranean with ABK6 Ice Cognac, and Purple with Mumm Champagne Kir Royale.
    • Magic is shown at its open kitchen: Get the seat by the bar counter and watch the chef in action, preparing and plating your wonderful sweet delights. With so much passion going into plating, it is no wonder that each dish comes out as a beautiful piece of art.
    • Savoury delights to accompany delicious desserts: This place is not just about sweet things. A range of small and big plates of delicacies such as burgers and tempura is provided to complete the gastronomic experience.
    • A late night dessert place to head to after a dinner in Holland Village: As the name would suggest, 2am:dessertbar is open till 2am. For those who look for high-end dessert and delicious cocktails to indulge in after a meal in Holland Village, this sweet venue is the right place.

    2am: Dessert Bar features a menu of classic and contemporary desserts. It also offers a range of savoury dishes along with an impressive selection of red and white wines, champagnes, cocktails and beers. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are also included on the menu.

    Recommended dishes
    – Shades of Purple
    – Shades of Green
    – Popcorn
    – Chocolate H20
    – Mediterranean
    – Hot Chocolate served with Homemade Churros
    – Basil White Chocolate

    Soft and warm lighting lends the coziness to this stylish dessert place, making it an ideal setting for an intimate romantic date. You can either choose to sit along the bar or sink into the plush sofa for a relaxing chill out session with friends.

    Price range
    Desserts: S$15 – S$20
    Wine per glass: S$16 – S$23
    Savoury: S$12 – S$15

    Note: Reservations is highly recommended

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