The 5 Best German Restaurants in Singapore

Image: Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café)

The beauty of German cuisine in Singapore doesn’t lie in the quantity of eat and drink places but shines in the quality of the specialties on offer. Pork knuckle, bratwurst, currywurst and beer are as delicious as those offered in Germany.

The settings of the best German restaurants in town are varied, from posh restaurant in the heart of the city to food stall at a neighborhood kopitiam, but you can always expect a lively atmosphere at those culinary destinations.

Remember to take your friends along to enjoy the hearty food portions together.

1. Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant Image: Brotzeit


  • Menu is predominantly derived from Bavarian cuisine: Even the restaurant name itself is of Bavarian origin, which is a local expression for bread and time. Popular Bavarian dishes like homemade pate with herbs, pretzel, cold cuts salad, honey Bavarian pork ribs, and the oven roasted pork knuckles are all available in Brotzeit. It does sound like the perfect companion to beer, doesn’t it? So if you really want to take a break from Asian food, this good German restaurant can give you a great time-off.
  • A place to try a piece of everything till late-night: A platter of sausages, fish, or Brotzeit’s finest anyone? Swing by with your friends to make sure you have someone else to share these delectable dishes with. In this manner, you can experience how Germans eat back home which might even remind you of Spain’s tapas style of eating which is meant to be shared by groups of people over lunch and dinner.
  • Germany’s seasonal specialties in Singapore: Being an authentic German restaurant, Brotzeit does offer some select ingredients such as the white asparagus which is available only every May and June as well as maibock for the Oktoberfest celebration. Needless to say, Brotzeit tends to have a very festive atmosphere in October and it is really the best time to binge on the best Bavarian beers.
  • A wide variety of German beers: You can’t talk about German food and culture without highlighting the quality of its beers! Deutschland even plays host to one of the world’s biggest beer festivals, in which Paulaner is a contributor. Thanks to Brotzeit, locals can have a taste of Paulaner’s draft beers, Hacker-Pschorr’s bottled beers, and beers mixed with fruit juices. All come in different beer styles such as dark and pale.

2. Paulaner Bräuhaus

Paulaner Bräuhaus Image: Paulaner Bräuhaus


  • Extensive menu of Bavarian cuisine: The menu options aplenty will leave you spoilt for choice. The best way to experience it all is picking the restaurant’s best sellers like crispy pork knuckle, Paulaner Sausage Pan with 5 top picks in a platter and classic currywurst.
  • Grilled-to-perfection crispy pork knuckle: Served with sauerkraut and bread dumpling, the crunchy golden crackling and the juicy, tender meat are simply awesome. Melt in your mouth experience, it is no wonder the most popular dish in the restaurant.
  • In-house microbrewery serving fresh beers is the highlight of the restaurant. All beers are brewed on site and are tapped at the bar right in front of you. If you want to know how freshly brewed Paulaner beer tastes like, pay this restaurant a visit.
  • Beer and sport: These two guys complement each other perfectly. If you love them both, Paulaner Bräuhaus is your place. The multiple large LCD screens at the bar showing major sporting events, the exciting atmosphere and the great beers will jazz up sport time.
  • Weekend offers: Start your weekend with an awesome Saturday Knuckle & Bier Lunch (with a crispy pork knuckle and a 0.5 L Paulaner beer) for only S$40. Or splurge on a hearty Sunday brunch with an impressive spread of traditional German and international delights (at S$48++/S$58 ++ for adults and S$12++ for kids). Kid’s corner and activities makes Sunday brunches an exciting dining choice for the entire family.

3. Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café

Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café Image: Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café


  • Authentic Blackforest cake (S$12/slice): Taste-wise, it is something you’d write home about. The cake is moist, light, layered with cream and then covered with chocolate shavings. But what truly gives this dessert the punchy flavour is its alcoholic content derived from the double-distilled cherry brandy. Definitely a quick fix for your liqueur-based dessert!
  • Plenty of beers and liqueurs: The beers are generally sourced from Black Forest and Stuttgart, not necessarily in Bavaria, so there’s a good break for you to catch up on other German beer brands, especially when it’s that time of the year again for Oktoberfest (Hello, free-flow of beers!). Although the prices don’t come cheap at S$10++/0.5L, the chance to drink up these imported goods first-hand is going to be worth it.
  • Unusual wine list: If you’re an adventurous wine-taster, rose and ice wines from Baden-Wurttemberg might struck a melody to your ears! But if you’re not there for the wine alone make sure to ask for the waiter’s recommendation if such a wine is indeed a good pair to certain dishes, as they might not complement each other.

4. Stew Kuche

Stew Kuche Image: Stew Kuche


  • Pork knuckles at reasonable prices: Available in either full (S$25) or half portion (S$15), the pork is marinated and deep-fried perfectly. This lets the crispy skin produce a great crackling sound upon every bite while the meat still tastes juicy and is succulent.
  • Achar sides to complement the local palate: The traditional sauerkraut dish is replaced with spicy pickled vegetables. Compared to sauerkraut (sour cabbage) though, Achar is more perfect for the tropical weather that Singapore has, as the local pickled vegetables is made up of cucumber and pineapple. And you will notice the difference when you dine alfresco on a hot summer day.
  • Great mix of Western fare: Stew Kuche’s wide variety of dishes could take you to Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy. This food stall has mixed grills, 8 types of sausages, pastas, stew dishes, Swiss rosti, salads, and traditional German sides.
  • Interesting selection of stew dishes: As the shop’s name implies, stew must be a highlight. There’s Ossobucco for veal meat lovers, oxtail stew for the adventurous, lamb shank for Mediterranean dieters, beef goulash for the avid German foodies, and seafood stew for those who simply love it.
  • A dedicated counter for craft and draft beers: Fresh off the tap, you can order pints of Schneider Weisse or Archipelago draft beers by the counter. More importantly, beers at Stew Kuche come with an affordable price tag, which starts at S$8 for the German, English and Belgian brands.
  • Far from your fancy restaurant: Definitely not for the posh guests, but could be the right place for those who want to dine in a very public setting with a cool and hippy atmosphere. It’s a kopitiam so expect to see lots of people dining alfresco and everything is done self-service. It is also worth mentioning that Stew Kuche is open for reservation.

5. Werner’s Oven

Werner’s Oven Image: Werner's Oven


  • One of the first German bakeries in Singapore: Werner’s Oven has been around for over 20 years, proudly serving some of the most delicious rustic German dishes in Singapore. Although quiet and unpretentious, this place has established a large customer base, with fans from all around Singapore. Being one of the first German restaurants to open in Singapore, they are not new to the game!
  • Generous and hearty food portions: Looking for a hearty meal on a cold rainy day?  If the smell of the bread lurking around the store does not lure you in, then the portion sizes surely will! Werner’s Oven serve excellent portion sizes for the price, and are packed with rich flavors, the freshest ingredients, and savor-worthy bites.
  • Good service and warm hosting: The hosting in Werner’s Oven is simply superb. The welcoming staff will take your order, accommodate for menu changes, and serve the food within minutes. Best of all, they do not charge for service.
  • Extended opening hours:  Whether you are groggily walking in at 8:30am for your morning coffee and sourdough, catching up with friends with a hearty lunch, or dining with your wife for dinner, this German spot is suitable for any meal due to the extended opening hours. Come in (and bring your appetite) from 8:30am until 10pm for an authentic European meal.

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