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Captain Mathematica

  • Captain Mathematica Image: Captain Mathematica
  • Operation
    >5 years
  • Level
    Junior College
  • Class size
    7-10 students
  • Trial lesson
    Can be arranged
  • Tutors
    6 maths tutors
  • Teaching modes
  • Address
    587 Bukit Timah Road
    Coronation Plaza #03-01
    Singapore 269707
  • Phone
    +65 9270 0049
  • Opening hours
    Mon: 16:00-20:00
    Tue: 15:30-19:30
    Thu & Fri: 15:30-21:30
    Sat: 09:00-13:00
    Sun: 09:00-19:00
  • Website

Mr Tim Lim, the founder of Captain Mathematica Tuition Centre, became a Maths tutor in 2007. He has not only an aptitude for the subject but also a love of coaching others. Over his 14 years working as a tutor, he has guided over 400 students through their math learning journey.

Mr Lim's numerous qualifications include a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from NUS.

At Captain Mathematica, Mr Lim is assisted by a team of 5 tutors. The top 3 associate tutors are:

Mr Gareth, who began tutoring his peers right from Junior College. He enjoys aiding others by sharing knowledge with them. He has a degree in Applied Mathematics and computer science from the National University of Singapore.

Mr James is a tutor with 7 years of experience. He specializes in GCE ‘A ‘levels H1/H2 mathematics.

Mr Isaac is an associate tutor who believes in the need for understanding the basic concepts of Maths. He is pursuing a Master’s degree in Maths at the National University of Singapore.


  • At the centre, mathematics is simplified to make it relatable to students.
  • Concise notes and past year papers are shared and discussed.
  • Students are assisted on-site as well as through online recordings and via WhatsApp
  • Students who join late in the year are offered supplementary materials to assist them to catch up.
  • The centre offers a financial assistance scheme.


Over a period of 11 years, more than 400 students have been assisted to master the subject of Maths and develop a love for it. 95% of the students have achieved a 2-grade improvement after 6 months of tutoring. A good number of them score B’s and A’s at GCE ‘A’ Levels. 


The figures below represent the range of fees payable for 2-month sessions depending on the months of the year.

Level     Amount
J2 H1$295-$330
J2 FM$375-$440
J1 H2$295-$340
J1 H1$260-$295
J1 FM$320-$375
Sec 4$260-$295
Sec 3$250-$260
Sec 2$210-$240
Sec 1$180-$210

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