5 Best Laksa in Singapore That Every Local Love

  • 5 Best Laksa in Singapore That Every Local Love Image: 328 Katong Laksa

Don’t leave Singapore without trying laksa.

You can find both curry laksa and assam laksa in Singapore. But for the truly local version, go with the curry gravy option.

A bowl of curry laksa can only deliciously shine with the help of spicy coconut-based soup, which is the soul of this Peranakan dish. And fishcakes, prawns and cookles atop thick bee hoon noodles play their role well to give laksa a strong ocean notes. You can pair the dish with otah, a grilled-in-banana-leaves fish cake, to double that ocean flavor.

Since the noodles are always cut short before serving, you will no longer need a pair of chopsticks to wolf them down. Use a spoon to scoop out all the goodness.

Continue reading to know where Singaporeans have our best bowls of Laksa.

1. 328 Katong Laksa

  • 328 Katong Laksa Image: Ashley Rahee Hong-Kwon

When it comes to finding the best Laksa in Singapore, many locals wouldn’t look beyond East Coast Road. It doesn’t help that beating celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay in a 2013 cooking showdown has made 328 Katong Laksa extra famous. What made it so special to its fans and curious foodies is its extremely delicious and aromatic coconut based curry soup.

What are so special

  • Offers the best Katong-style laksa gravy: This gravy is the epitome of balance in taste and texture coming from all of the ingredients such as coconut milk, chili, dried shrimps, and herbs. It somehow reminds Singaporeans of home and the grandma's laksa.

  • Delicious otah to whet appetite or to complement the laksa: This grilled-in-banana-leaves spicy fish cake is the perfect appetizer or side dish to go with the creamy laksa. Imagine how aromatic Otah must be, and what a way to whet your appetite for yet another seafood-intensive noodle soup.


  • It also has multiple outlets across the island such as in Queensway, Westgate, and Thomson Road.
  • The menu is small, consisting only laksa, otah, nasi lemak and lime juice.
  • Air-conditioned dining area available

PRICES: $5(small), $7(big)

OPENING HOURS: Daily: 10:00 – 22:00

Address: 51 East Coast Road, Singapore 428770
Tel: (65) 9732 8163

2. Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa

  • Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa Image: Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa

Those who love clay pot dishes might find Depot Road’s spicy noodle soup the best Laksa. If you frequent Alexandra Road and a sudden urge to chomp down a bowl of laksa dawns on you, it’s either you might end up with katong laksa at Queensway Shopping Centre or the clay pot version by Depot Road at Alexandra Village.

What are so special

  • Laksa in clay pots: Yes, clay pots retain heat well – perfect for those who always eat with a friend or two. Be sure that your laksa is still hot and flavorful over chatting.

  • The thickest and creamiest version of laksa in town: Cooked in a clay pot, the laksa here tastes thick and rich as it is by appearance. Think carbonara, but only doused in spicy seafood and coconut-based gravy and garnished with coriander. Topped with fish cake, prawns, shredded chicken meat, and cockles, the laksa at this store is something to die for.

The store opens as early as 8:30 AM so it makes a great breakfast place for the early birds. If you want to power up your day big time, order a medium or large-sized laksa, but if you’re looking after your diet, a small clay pot will do.

PRICE: S$4(Small)

OPENING HOURS: Daily 08:30 – 15:30

Address: Blk 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-75 Alexandra Village, S150119
Tel: (65) 9088 9203

3. Janggut Laksa

  • Janggut Laksa Image: Jerome Tay

From the original makers of Katong Laksa, Janggut is a rebranded food stall whose quality and authenticity of the original noodle dish remains the same. It competes against 328 Katong Laksa for having the original and best laksa ever produced in Singapore. And what makes the rivalry even more interesting is their close proximity to each other at Queensway Shopping Centre.

What are so special

  • Mildly spiced soup base but still full of flavours: This means that the curry soup does not leave an overwhelming taste in the mouth, so it is ideal for those who dig saucy food with the right amount of tanginess. Plus, the serving is great for one person so eating this dish down to the last bite does not require hard work.

  • Tasty sambal chili: Because the soup is mildly spiced with chillies, you may opt to add a spoonful of the shop's tasty sambal chili to add depth to the sweet flavour of the curry.

NOTE: The chicken curry offered at this stall is as equally good as the laksa.

PRICES: S$4(small), S$5(medium) and S$6(large)

OPENING HOURS: Daily 10:00 – 21:00

Address: #01-59 Queensway Shopping Centre, 1 Queensway, S149053
Tel: (65) 9622 1045

4. 928 Yishun Laksa

  • 928 Yishun Laksa Image: Shirley Kong

Known for having the best laksa in the North, 928 Yishun is a must-visit destination for laksa fans being around Yishun area. However, brace yourself for the long queue that can seem endless because this place is just downright popular.

What are so special

  • Generous amounts of ingredients: For some, the best laksa should have generous amounts of ingredients, and this laksa doesn’t disappoint with each bowl being loaded with delicious stuff. A small bowl is already filled with fried beancurd, hard-boiled egg, beansprouts, fish cakes, and cockles/crab sticks, so no need to pay more for additional toppings.

  • You can add your own chili paste and laksa leaves: If you prefer your curry to be extra savoury, the homemade sambal chili and laksa leaves are on the tables for you to help yourself.

  • Choose your own type of noodles: Choose among thin bee hoon, thick bee hoon or yellow noodle depending on your own preferences. This is definitely a must-try for food explorers who are keen to find the most suitable laksa for their taste.

  • Homemade chilli sambal: Prepared by the owner, this stall chilli sambal celebrates the sweetness from shallots, the savoriness from dried shrimps and the spiciness from chillies. Let this condiment complement your bowl of laksa.

  • Economical prices at S$2.80 – S$3.30: Always on budget? This laksa shop is perfect with its reasonably priced food items. A small bowl of laksa costs S$2.80 and is available for upgrades, if you have a big appetite. Yishun’s pricing is definitely much cheaper than most laksa shops in Singapore.


  • You may ask the chef to replace your cockles with crabsticks.
  • During the hot summer days, you might want to order your to-go Yishun laksa. The dining space is too small and ventilation is quite poor.

PRICES: S$2.80 – S$3.30

OPENING HOURS: Daily 10:00 – 19:00

Address: #01-155, 928 Yishun Central 1, Singapore 760928
Tel: (65) 9731 9586

5. Wei Yi Laksa and Prawn Noodle

  • Wei Yi Laksa and Prawn Noodle Image: Lai Loong Fong

West siders take pride in having the best laksa through Wei Yi. It is one of the few hawker stalls that allow customers to actually choose their favorites from various sets of ingredients. The serving may vary depending on sizes but the meaty toppings always come in generous amounts.

What are so special

  • Build your own laksa: Unlike other laksa stalls serving their bowls with fixed sets of ingredients, Wei Yi lets diners build their laksa meals by choosing their favorite stuff. You can mix and match cockles, chicken, prawns, and fried bean curd depending on your mood.

  • Deliciously intense flavour: If you’re used to Katong laksa, then you might probably expect that laksa in the west or in the north is no different – mildly spiced, creamy, and looks like flaming sunset in colour. Wei Yi’s laksa does look darker in curry colour but surprisingly, it is neither overly tangy nor sweetened.

  • Open as early as 05:30 in the morning, so you now know your place for a delicious bowl of laksa when the early bird in you wants this dish for breakfast.


  • Wei Yi also offers very good prawn noodles.
  • 15-to-30-minute waiting time should be expected.

PRICES: S$3(small), S$4(medium) and S$5(large)


  • Tuesday to Thursday: 05:30 – 14:00
  • Saturday and Sunday: 05:30 – 14:00

Address: 48 Tanglin Halt Road, #01-20, Tanglin Halt Market, S142048
Tel: (65) 9782 1012

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