The 5 Best Spanish Restaurants in Singapore

Image: Esquina

Travel around Singapore in search of the best places to have tapas, paella and sangria?

Stop at Esquina to marvel at the haute-cuisine version of tapas.

Visit Binomio to embark on a mini culinary journey, from the posh tapas bar in front to the elegant fine dining at the back, and whet your appetite with an interesting list of tapas then complete the trip with the most authentic paella one can find in town.

Seafood lovers will be pleased with the beautiful ocean flavours infused into most of the menu items at Ola Cocina del Mar.

Need a magnificent backdrop for your Spanish meal? Catalunya at The Fullerton Pavilion is your place.

For those who love to sample a bit of everything, the affordable weekend brunch buffet at Don Quijote is a real treat with all the foods and drinks you are longing for.

Now you know where is your next Spanish culinary destination.

1. Binomio

Binomio Image: Binomio


  • An interesting blend of casual tapas bar and fine dining restaurant: This unique two-in-one combination is a total knock-out. Both sections have their own dazzling menus. If you want to sample a bit of everything, sit at the tapas bar in front. Want a more formal dining experience? Head to the elegant dining room at the back. And nothing can prevent you from enjoying both places at one visit.
  • Tapas bar with varieties of scrumptious Spanish bites: Binomio’s tapas bar is really popular among trendy people for its lively atmosphere and a fabulous variety of appetizers. There are more than 20 delicious tapas dishes on offer. While they are equally good, the mushrooms croquettes are a true standout.
  • Best place to have authentic paella: When it comes to paella, Binomio gives you a real taste without flying to Spain. Try the classical chicken and seafood paella or the famous squid ink paella with clams and calamari. Delicious, moist and fragrant.
  • Set lunch menu at S$35 is a good value for money: An ideal place for business lunches where elegant setting and good service complement the food perfectly. At this price, you will have a three-course meal (starter, main and dessert) with coffee or tea. And those items are some of the beautiful ones you can see on it’s a la carte menus.

2. Esquina

Esquina Image: Esquina


  • Haute-cuisine tapas: At Esquina, the tapas look exceptionally creative with the way the chefs have prepared them. You can clearly see the high-level of cooking done to those bite-size tapas dishes, and this alone is the remarkable highlight that sets Esquina apart from other tapas bars in the country.
  • Bespoke set lunch and dinner menus: As Esquina does have a variety of dinner and lunch set menus, you will have lots of options to explore. In fact, you could have a taste on certain dishes that are not available on a la carte or other pre-fixed menus. For example, a bunch of canapes are only made ready upon the arrival of supperclub diners. With this, you could say that each menu at Esquina is custom-made in accordance to the appetite of its customers.
  • Watch the chefs in action: Marvel at the chefs and cooks from the open-kitchen bar as they work wonders on your food. At the bar, there is enough space between the chefs and the diners to encourage interaction and camaraderie, especially if ever you are curious to know their secrets to making exceptional tapas dishes. The chefs would also cater to special requests like creating a vegetarian version of the Spanish breakfast.
  • Private, quiet and elegant dining room upstairs: Esquina 2.0, that is. Located upstairs of the restaurant, you can get a hold of this lovely place and try its bespoke tasting menus by reserving a private dinner. It is capable of seating 25 persons and is arranged with a long dining table, which definitely calls for a cosy feast.

3. Ola Cocina del Mar

Ola Cocina del Mar Image: Ola Cocina del Mar


  • A Spanish restaurant for seafood lovers: If you love coastal delights, this Spanish restaurant will hit the right spots for you. Right from the fisherman’s soup, to squid ink black noodle paella, clams cooked in seafood stock and dishes made of lobsters, prawns and veal, there are plenty of seafood options to fulfill your cravings.
  • A unique menu of Spanish cuisine with a Peruvian twist: While the restaurant stays true to its Spanish roots with most of its cuisine, a few dishes draw inspiration from Chef Daniels’ Peruvian heritage. Enjoy delicious Peruvian flavours with fish ceviche, Hokkadio scallops and absolutely divine Pulpo a la brasa (grilled octopus with smoked paprika, tomatoes, peas and black olives) along with Spanish favourites.
  • Dining at the counter overlooking the open kitchen: What can be more exciting than watching skilled chefs tossing one delicious dish after another? Enjoy your meals right where the action is while freely interacting with the chefs.
  • Ola Counter set lunch at S$28: A scrumptious lunch of cold tomato and cucumber soup, fried potatoes and a main course sits light on the wallet. You can enjoy a glass of wine, Sangria or a fresh juice at an additional S$7.

4. Don Quijote

Don Quijote Image: Don Quijote


  • Extensive menu: Don Quijote has something for everyone. With over 100 dishes listed on its menu, you will be spoilt for choice. It is worth noting that Spaniards often have a tight-knit family, so they are used to eating in a large group of setting. As a result, the dishes may vary from greens, meat, to seafood. At Don Quijote, fans of seafood or meat will be pampered, and even the kids can find a menu that fits them perfectly.
  • Affordable weekend brunch buffet for adults and kids: This is the perfect time to go on a tapas spree without breaking the bank. Laid out on the buffet table are the 16 tapas dishes plus a couple of soups, pasta, meaty dishes, salads, and desserts. You can pair the foods with juices and soft drinks (S$38++). At the price of S$58++, your meal will be complemented by free-flow supply of beers, wines, and sangria.
  • Cook-to-order live seafood: A Spanish restaurant wouldn’t be complete without its seafood fare but what sets Don Quijote apart from its competitors is its cook-to-order fresh from the market style. Pick amongst baked live whole snapper, baked Boston Lobster, Clams in white wine jus, and Gambas al Ajillo. The seafood market menu is only available on weekends.
  • Tomahawk steak for sharing: Recommended to meat lovers, the steak meat is of 400-day grain-fed Australian Wagyu variety and does come in premium cuts (bone-in rib steak). However, it must be pre-ordered one day in advance as Don Quijote lives up to its promise of serving you with fresh food only.
  • Spain-only wines and other wine selections: Over 100 Spanish wine labels to choose from, which is a nice touch for Spanish expats who do miss having their regular glass of local wines back home. The list includes vintages from Arzuaga and Vega Sicilia wineries as well as sommelier and red/white wines from other countries. Wine pairing recommendations are also available upon request.

5. Bam! Restaurant

Bam! Restaurant Image: Bam! Restaurant


  • Cleverly crafted Spanish-Japanese Fusion tapas: The marriage of Eastern and Western flavors comes from the clever collaboration of chef Derrick Lim, a sake specialist, and chef Pepe Moncayo, providing the European touch. The ever-changing menu will always leave you intrigued to keep coming back. Whether you are looking for Asian salmon sashimi, pineapple gazpacho, or Canadian Oyster, Bam! offers a dizzying selection of tapas to treat those taste buds.
  • Daily fresh menu designed by the chef: Since June, Bam! has turned fully omakase, meaning that the chef chooses what to serve that day, depending on availability/freshness of ingredients. This is an excellent concept, ensuring that every tapa dish you order is 100% fresh and bursting with flavor. It also means that every dining experience will be different, so you’ll never get bored of the menu!
  • Great value set lunch menu (40$++): The set lunch menu offers a generous selection of tapas to choose from, including ama ebi, duck & water chestnut dumpling, Chorizo Rice, and more. To put the cherry on top of a fine-lunch meal, they also offer a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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