Fabric Stores on Arab Street

Fabric Stores on Arab Street
Fabric Stores on Arab Street
Image: Royal Fabrics

Just as the name suggests, Arab Street is believed to have been an area owned by an Arab merchant back in the days. The street since then has been a place where spices, basket making supplies and textiles used to be sold. These days, Arab Street is still one of the best places to buy fabric and fabric essentials in Singapore.

What people like:

  • Wide variety of fabric supplies
  • Textile shopping with a blend of history and culture at a quaint old street of Singapore
  • Lively street shopping environment
  • Easily accessible by MRT and bus

1. Royal Fabric
With the exact location being, 84 Arab Street Singapore 199756, the Royal Fabric store is a major stop for all your fabric needs, especially Asian and traditional fabrics. Among others, it stocks silk, linen and cotton fabrics. In addition it sells ready made clothes made using those fabrics.
Operation hours are as follows: Mon -Sat: 9am – 6.30pm and on Sun: 10am – 6.30pm.

2. Mahaco Impex
Found at, 51 Arab Street, Singapore 199748, Mahaco Impex shop operates both retail and an online store from where its customers are able to get a wide variety of fabric. Mahaco boasts of its professionalism, in terms of testing the fabric before stocking it for sale. Silk fabric is the epicenter of the store although other types of fabric are also found in the shop.
The store opens everyday from 9.30am- 7.30pm.

3. Teng Joo Textiles
Teng Joo Textiles is another major store along Arab Street, 102 Arab Street to be specific, with a wide stock of fabrics of Asian origin. It is a major competitor along Arab Street, both in terms of quality and prices. Other than the fabrics, the shop also offers sewing and textile related supplies, which means you can get everything you need inside Teng Joo.
The store opens from Mon-Sat: 9.00am-6.00pm.

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