The 5 Best Online Pet Shops in Singapore 2023

Image: Kohe Pets

As we know, a pet is often associated as a loyal friend, a good teacher, and a member of our family. And with special love, we always do the best things for our cutie pet. So, it’s essential to treat our pets with the right foods and care products. However, it may be time-consuming to look for reliable pet shops supplying our furry friend’s qualified stuff.

For your convenience, we have compiled below a list of the five best online pet shops in Singapore [updated 2023].

1. Bubbly Petz

Bubbly Petz Image: Bubbly Petz


  • Eco-friendly products: Range of selected ethical pet foods, accessories and grooming products here are free of cruel laboratory testing on animals, free of materials from animals but still safe and healthy to pets. For those want to find vegetarian pet food, Bubbly Petz is definitely a good choice.
  • Studio grooming service with big love and surprising styling for pets: Staff here is kindness and has good skills in making friend with pets. Our furry friends, regardless of aggressive, sick or old ones, are provided a happy grooming experience by UV sterilized tools and natural grooming products in transparent room so that we can observe our pet grooming session.

2. Pets’ Gantry

Pets’ Gantry Image: Pets’ Gantry


  • The wonderland of small pets and their owners: If you are a parent of cute tiny pets like rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla, bird, reptile or fish, just stop by Pets Gantry because small pets are the shop’s striking. At Pets Gantry, numerous of pet supplies are displayed neatly and clearly in a friendly space in both website and outlet. Their small pet grooming service is also worth a try.
  • Voted as the top favorite pets shop by teachers through their good job called “School talk”: Pets Gantry is attentive to develop young kids’ love and respect to their pet friends, then towards their family and community. Going to school to talk and inviting school kids to visit their shop to play with, care for and feed small animals are the two ways they touch children.
  • Pet Cremation service: What, if loosing pets? It’s hard to bid a farewell and find a resting place for the poor pets. Pet Gantry with their Pet Cremation service will be there to ease pet owners’ pain and choosing a final resting place for the dead. This pet shop provides island-wide service-collection of dead animal for Cremation or Simple Cremation.

3. Kohe Pets

Kohe Pets Image: Kohe Pets


  • Wide selection of products: With a huge range of 2500 products, you have a chance to diversify your choices. Kohe Pets specially supplies foods with healthy recipes focusing on the whole foods from farm, field & sea. They store most popular brands as well as some unique brands hardly get in Singapore. Their products are really good with true descriptions.
  • Kohe Pets’s free sample strategy makes it easy to decide what to buy through: Another good point proves the right choice of customers is that Kohe Pets is happy to give away some free samples in a wide range of dog & cat food and treats. It really helps in deciding the right foods and treats for your fellow.
  • Always offering good promotion: Kohe Pets is generous with their promotion; some pet supplies are set a promotion at Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Their sale category is always full of products with discounts ranging from 10 to 40 percent off. Big sale is definitely a highlight on special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, etc. so don’t miss it.

4. Pets’ Station

Pets’ Station Image: Pets’ Station


  • Vast selection of multiform pets needed items: Over 10,000 products are available at rival prices including hundreds of premium pet supplies exclusive only to Pets’ Station. With particular items which are uneasy to be found, you can contact them through email or hotline to get more information. Besides, their staff is always ready to recommend an alternative.
  • Pets transport service designed to help busy pet owners take care of their pets better: When your pets are sick and you can’t bring them for a treatment, Pets’ Station staff will transport your pets to the veterinarian and discuss symptoms with the doctor per your instructions. After that, they carefully note diagnoses and instructions and pick up medications to keep your pet healthy and happy.

5. Doggy Friend

Doggy Friend Image: Doggy Friend


  • One of the cheapest pet shops in Singapore: Focusing on selling pet supplies only, Doggy Friend has a wide product selection with difficult-to-find-elsewhere items. Their new, clean and reliable products are available online at budget-friendly prices.
  • Gift registry allows customers to create a registry of products for their family and friends to view. Their friends can purchase the products selected for the registry and ship them directly to the registrant’s address.

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