Grey and Sanders

Grey and Sanders
Grey and Sanders
Image: Grey and Sanders
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    Top-notched and sustainable furniture
  • Address
    315 Outram Road, #06-02, Singapore 169074
  • Phone
    +65 8371 8864
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  • With a motto of "life's too short for boring furniture", Grey and Sanders are passionate about their craftsmanship and unique ability to transform natural materials into most loved furniture items. Their staff carried years of experience and ensured excellent finishing of the furniture. They have two showrooms across Singapore and can be accessed based on your convenience.


    • Provide top-notched and sustainable furniture: Environmental sustainability and climate change are certainly a growing concern of consumers across the globe. If you are also on the list, don’t worry, as Grey and Sanders ensure their products are carbon neutral without compromising their quality and performance.
    • Every piece of furniture has a story to tell: The accurate assessor of furniture and art will understand that each item of furniture comes from its past and its design reflects a complete story. Staff at Grey and Sanders is passionate about their skill and craft each item with utmost interest and enthusiasm to deliver you unparalleled quality.
    • Offer free delivery with a minimum order of $500: If your order has a value of over $500, they can deliver the furniture at your doorstep in safe and sound condition without charging you anything extra for that. Even if the order value is lower, they provide the facility at a minimal charge.
    • You can customize the furniture: Grey and Senders is also a retailer of wooden slabs, and you can contact them to purchase those as well. With this, you can either do your customization if you’re a techie, or you can take their help to craft that raw wood into a masterpiece for your home.


    • Sofa
    • Chairs
    • Dining room furniture
    • Living room furniture
    • Storage material
    • Accessories


    • Sofa starting from $75
    • Chairs starting from $200
    • Dining room furniture starting from $250
    • Living room furniture starting from $180
    • Storage material starting from $90
    • Accessories starting from $50
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