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5 Best Buffet Caterers in Singapore

  • 5 Best Buffet Caterers in Singapore Image: Neo Garden Catering

With the help of professional food catering services, hosting a party becomes easier than ever.

You can be a guest at your own party by leaving all logistic jobs that may cause a lot of hassle in professional hands of the best caterers. Worry no more about preparing food, decorating the party room or tidying up the party area after the leave of the last guest, you can use your time and creative brain to make you become the star of the show.

Some may think that catering food are not as tasty as restaurant food. With the best party food caterers, that thought turns into a myth. The top buffet catering services introduced in this article are able to provide you a pleasant experience with delicious foods that is not far from restaurant standard.

1. Neo Garden Catering

  • Neo Garden Catering Image: Neo Garden


  • Buffet express: Neo Garden is the caterer to take if you need express catering service. In some cases, you need to urgently arrange an event or order additional foods at the last minutes; it is time to give Neo Garden a phone call. This caterer has confidence to provide you a smooth catering service within just 3 hours from order confirmation for up to 500 pax.
  • Food at restaurant standard: Food is definitely a highlight of Neo Garden. Tastiness, nice presentation and good portions are commonly rewarded to Neo Garden by those who did engage services with this caterer. With Neo Garden, there is no borderline between catering food and restaurant food.

2. Orange Clove

  • Orange Clove Image: Orange Clove


  • A perfect caterer for the young: Young ladies and men, are you looking for a great caterer for your birthday party, graduation celebration or even your big events like engagement and wedding parties? And want your special event must be fun, creative and stylish to leave a memorable time on you and your guests? Let Orange Clove fulfill your dream. This caterer knows how to blow your guests away with dazzling thematic setup, perfectly fit your hobbies and taste.
  • Wonderful selection of desserts: If you or your guests have a sweet tooth, Orange Clove will surely make your party melt with its wide selection of delicious desserts. An array of beautiful and yummy dessert items served in small glasses, mini fruit tarts and cakes on the tables will delight the whole party. The sweetness level is just nice to make everybody want more.

3. Purple Sage

  • Purple Sage Image: Purple Sage


  • Beautiful setups: Setups done by Purple Sage are surprising and impeccable. All you need to do is share your desired themes with this caterer's staff. They will give you many creative suggestions. Beyond impressive ideas, Purple Sage has sophisticated approaches to make your events unforgettable. They never forget to adorn your tables with vases of fresh flowers even if your parties are on small scale.
  • Wide range of menu options: You can choose from plenty of menu options listed under categories of lunch/dinner buffet, birthday/baby full month, wedding catering, BBQ/steamboat, bento and sit down dining. Don’t be overwhelmed by the presumably high pricing at Purple Sage because package deals are always available to suit your wallet and be value for your money.

4. Mei Hao 99 Catering

  • Mei Hao 99 Catering Image: Mei Hao 99 Catering


  • Generous food portions: The food portions delivered by Mei Hao 99 Catering are described as “huge”. They are bigger than expectation and more than enough to make every of your guest pleased.
  • Tasty dishes: Their home-style dishes are delicious, which are still warm upon delivery and nicely presented on your tables. The good thing about Mei Hao’s cooking style is the grease level kept minimal.

5. Mum’s Kitchen

  • Mum’s Kitchen Image: Mum’s Kitchen


  • Broad range of menus: Mum’s Kitchen has a special menu for every occasion. There are menus for buffet, tea & cocktail, fusion buffet, corporate events, bento, butler & banquet, barbeque BBQ, church wedding, anniversaries, baby full month, kids party and Christmas menu.
  • Efficient and friendly service: Your food will be delivered promptly and the caterers will arrive on time. They are also very polite and will cater to all the needs of your guest adequately.
  • Nice decorations: Mum’s Kitchen uses real flowers and other beautiful ornaments to ensure that their tables are always well setup and impressive.

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