Kaya (Coconut Jam)

Kaya (Coconut Jam)
Kaya (Coconut Jam)
Image: Ya Kun
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    Edible gift
  • Top Brands
    • Ya Kun Kaya Toast
    • Chin Mee Chin
    • Killiney Kopitiam
    • Fairprice
    • Heavenly Wang
  • Prices
    S$3.30-S$13 per jar
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    Food enthusiasts
  • Kaya is a sweet and creamy coconut jam that is commonly enjoyed on toast or as a topping for several desserts and cakes. It is made from a few simple ingredients, including coconut milk, eggs, sugar, and pandan leaves, which give it a distinct green color and a fragrant aroma.

    Kaya jam is often served as part of a traditional Singaporean breakfast known as kaya toast. This delicious dish consists of toasted bread generously spread with kaya jam and slathered with a thick slice of butter.

    Kaya toast is commonly enjoyed with a cup of hot tea or coffee and has become a beloved staple in many Singaporean coffee shops and breakfast spots.

    Kaya spread is available in jars for you to bring home.


    • Killiney Handmade Kaya 280g: S$6.80
    • Killiney Eggless Kaya: S$9.50
    • Ya Kun Kaya 290g: S$6.30
    • BreadTalk Nyonya Kaya 100g: S$3.60
    • Glory Nyonya Kaya 400g: S$3.70
    • FairPrice Kaya 410g: S$3.30
    • Heavenly Wang Kaya 270g: S$3.93
    • Tong Heng Nyonya Kaya 280g: S$7.20
    • Violet Oon’s Artisanal Kaya 270g: S$13


    • Ya Kun Kaya Toast shops islandwide
    • Changi Airport souvenir shops
    • Supermarkets islandwide

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