Laksa Paste

Laksa Paste
Laksa Paste
Image: Ayam Brand
  • Category
    Edible gift
  • Top brands
    • Killiney Kopitiam
    • New Moon
    • Golden Chef
    • Sing Long
    • Prima Taste
  • Prices
    From S$1.60 per pack
  • Portability
  • Best gift for
    Food enthusiasts
  • Besides bakkwa and kaya, Laksa Paste is another edible gift that leaves recipients wanting more.

    Laksa is a traditional Peranakan noodle soup, originating from a fusion of Chinese and Malay cooking styles. The tantalizing soup is made with ingredients such as coconut milk, prawn paste, lemongrass, and laksa leaves.

    To provide convenience for visitors to take home, the laksa soup base is frozen and sold as a ready-to-cook paste.


    • New Moon Singapore Laksa Paste 100g: S$2.50
    • Golden Chef Laksa Paste 220g: S$5.30
    • Sing Long Singapore Laksa 120g: S$1.60
    • Prima Taste Laksa Paste 80g: S$2.22
    • Dancing Chef Laksa Paste 100g: S$2.87
    • Heavenly Wang Laksa Paste 250g: S$3.89
    • Tungsan Laksa Paste 1kg: S$8.75
    • Killiney Laksa Paste 250g: S$8.80


    • Changi Airport souvenir shops
    • Supermarkets islandwide

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