Nonbei Izakaya

Nonbei Izakaya
Nonbei Izakaya
Image: Nonbei Izakaya
  • Best for
    Authentic Japanese cuisine at reasonable rates
  • Address
    282 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058831
  • Phone
    +65 8112 8028
  • Opening hours
    Daily 11:30 - 14:30, 17:00 – 00:00
  • Website
  • Nonbei Izakaya is a relaxing spot in Singapore where you can indulge in some delectable sashimi, assorted yakitori skewers, crispy fried treats, and perhaps even some hot sake to satisfy your cravings. It was created by the team behind the thriving George Town Tze Char & Craft Beer.

    Located in Chinatown, Nonbei Izakaya’s casual and vibrant ambiance provides an excellent venue for post-work gatherings with your friends and colleagues.


    • Authentic Japanese cuisine at affordable rates: The food and sake at Nonbei Izakaya are all reasonably priced without compromising the taste. It is best recommended for the budget-conscious.
    • Air-flown fresh fish from Japan: Nonbei Izakaya takes pride in serving the freshest catch from the seas of Japan. The wide array of fresh sashimi options will surely stimulate your taste buds.
    • Daily happy hour specials: Nonbei Izakaya offers 1-for-1 specials on Japanese beer every day. They also offer other promotions from time to time. Do watch out for their regular promos so you can get a better bang for your buck when dining in.


    • Appetizers: S$4-S$10
    • Grilled dishes: S$12 – S$22
    • Fried dishes: S$10 – S$15
    • Sashimi: S$8 – S$18 (3 pieces)
    • Sashimi sets: S$38 – S$58
    • Other dishes: S$10 – S$22


    • Sake: S$10 – S$228 per bottle
    • Beer: S$12 – S$15
    • Wine: S$45 – S$142 per bottle
    • Other alcoholic beverages: S$10 – S$12
    • Non-alcoholic beverages: S$3- S$4


    • Asari Butter Yaki
    • Beef Tataki
    • Kushi Yaki
    • Grilled Yellowtail Collar
    • Sashimi

    LOOK & FEEL: The inspiration for Nonbei Izakaya stems from the infamous Drunkard’s Alley, also known as Nonbei Yokocho, located in Tokyo. This renowned area is recognized for its narrow, lantern-lit passageways and lively drinking establishments. Nonbei Izakaya provides both indoor and outdoor dining options. While the indoor space offers a comfortable, air-conditioned atmosphere, the outdoor seating area is undoubtedly the prime location, particularly during the cooler climate. It allows you to immerse yourself in the lively ambiance and historic charm of Chinatown while also enjoying a picturesque view of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

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