The 5 Best Salad Shops in Singapore’s CBD


Nowadays, with the fast pace of life, we always rush to do things. No matter how hectic the life is, we all know that we have to maintain healthy eating habits.

Things become more practical to health-conscious people when a large numbers of salad shops have grown in the city to cater for our various dietary needs. And the prices have been altered to make this type of healthy food reasonable to be consumed as much and frequently as one wants.

All the 5 salad shops introduced in this article are located in Singapore’s CBD. You now have no excuse for not having a healthy lunch with your colleagues.

1. The Salad Corner @ Amoy Street

The Salad Corner @ Amoy Street Image: The Salad Corner


  • The most affordable salad in CBD: At The Salad Corner, a salad bowl just costs slightly higher than a meal at food courts. A salad choice with five toppings and one dressing starts from $4.90. You can choose to up-size your meal by paying $0.50 for one additional basic topping and $1.00 for one premium topping.
  • Pre-Order via SMS: Feel bored of waiting in a long queue in front of the shop at lunchtime? Or sometimes when you pass the patience test in the queue, your favorite salad ingredients are sold out. Don’t worry! At The Salad Corner, pre-order your food via SMS is a good way to save hassle. Notice that the pre-order service is available between 8.00am to 10.30am and you are able to collect your salad one hour later.

2. The Green Bar @ Millenia Walk

The Green Bar @ Millenia Walk Image: The Green Bar


  • Creative salads: At The Green Bar, creative combination of ingredients defines its standout bowls of salad. The salads are fresh, jazzed up with amazing homemade dressings and served in charming wooden bowls for a refreshing feeling.
  • Nice ambience for enjoying salads: The ambience of The Green Bar definitely lifts the mood with the unique and pleasant interior décor complemented with soft classical music played at the background. The Green Bar at Millenia Walk is more spacious than its sister outlet at Hitachi Towers.

3. SaladStop!

SaladStop! Image: SaladStop!


  • There are plenty of choices: If you choose to go with a potpourri of salads fashioned by SaladStop!, you can pick one from 12 impressive signature salads or from 3 classic ones. Whatever they offer in bowl, they do serve in wrap.
  • Mix your own salads at S$9.50: If you want to have all your favorite salad ingredients in one bowl, then be your own chef. There are more than 50 toppings and 20 dressings for you to choose from. You can pay S$1 extra to get meat and premium ingredients like almonds and rocket.

4. Sumo Salad @ Shenton Way (Closed)

Sumo Salad @ Shenton Way (Closed) Image: Sumo Salad


  • Made Fresh To Order: It is a good choice for those who are creatures of habit. You love a salad recommended by chef in the menu, just tell the staff a name, he will make it fresh right in front of you.
  • Fresh Food Fast: If you want something tasty and healthy that can be grabbed on the way to your office, you can go with fresh-food-fast items. Salads, pastas, wraps, long rolls and more are made fresh daily and ready for you to pick up and run. Impressively, you can combine two salads out of over eight different options for your bowl.
  • Design your own salad: It is a chance to get just ingredients that you love. You can choose 5 free toppings among numerous of them and unlimited types of dressings and herbs.

5. The Salad Shop

The Salad Shop Image: The Salad Shop


  • Good selection of salad ingredients: Unique in the concept of “creating your own salad”, The Salad Shop is dedicated to being a “friendly supplier” by providing a huge range of high quality salad ingredients for you to be your own chef. There are three types of leafy salad bases, sixty three types of toppings and twenty three types of home-made dressing for you to choose from. And the salad comes in three sizes, namely Rabbit (S$8), Zebra (S$10) and Elephant (S$12).

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